New Internet Cat Probably Going to Get Movie Deal Too

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If there’s one thing the world loves perhaps far more than it should, it is Internet-famous cats with distinctive faces. There was the tongue-lolling Lil Bub, who did the talk show circuit, had a bourbon cocktail named after her and even became the subject of a documentary, Lil Bub & Friendz, which premiered at the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival.

Then, there was Tardarsauce, aka “Grumpy Cat,” who became a meme, a symbol of equality, the subject of thousands upon thousands of parody Twitter accounts and even has a for-real (fur-real?) movie deal of the family comedy sort. It’s enough to make you hope that at least there’s some sort of Feline Actors’ Union to ensure these cats-turned-memes-turned-moneymakers get the compensation and catnip money to which they are entitled.

Well, America, meet your new cat to obsess over. Hamilton, aka “The Hipster Cat,” is a local celebrity in his hometown of San Francisco and gaining fans the world over with his distinctive facial patterning, which looks like an old-timey handlebar ‘tache. How charming! A cat with a mustache! Now two things the Internet drools over are together at last!

In keeping with his “Hipster Cat” branding, his humans frequently photograph him with things like Whole Foods trucker hats and PBR cans. Get it? Hipsters! Cats! The Internet can’t look away! And guess what? He already has an Urban Outfitters shirt deal. He’ll probably get a movie deal now too, or at least a cameo on Portlandia as another cat with a band. It won’t be long now (meow) before these celebrity cats start getting TV endorsements and, you know, over-sharing on Twitter and having celebrity beef with each other. Yikes. 

Watch Alison Brie Do Impressions of Internet Memes

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I can imagine the hearts (and other things) belonging to men across the internet swelling as I watch this video of Paul F. Tompkins directing Community and Mad Men‘s Alison Brie as she recreates popular internet memes. Is there a better, more beloved actress who could possibly do this sort of thing? If Tumblr has told me anything, it’s that the internet loves Alison Brie. And, apparently, Alison Brie loves the internet. 

[via Vulture]

Cats With Bad Attitudes Now Grumpier Because of Cute Cat With Eyebrows

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I can imagine the Grumpy Cat isn’t too pleased today now that there’s another feline star on the internet breaking the heart of any dummy with WiFi. Meet Sam. He’s a cat. He has what appear to be eyebrows. Sam, you dumb, cat, you’re not supposed to have eyebrows! Eyebrows are for people! Ugh, when will cats ever learn? Well, I suppose we, as a human race, should keep taking pictures of them when they resemble us. And then sell them! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to the pound because I’d much rather monetize my cat pictures than blog about them. [via Gawker]

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Internet’s ‘Grumpy Cat’ Gets Booked on ‘The Today Show’

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It’s early, the work week is just beginning and everyone’s got a bit of a Monday grump going on more than usual. It might be the weather, or it might have something to do with the appearance of Tardar Sauce [sic], the notorious Internet-famous "Grumpy Cat" of the blog of the same name, on The Today Show over the weekend. Take note, other people with weird-looking pets looking to exploit their Internet popularity. You can get on a pretty major daytime television program! 

The notoriously sour-faced feline appeared with her "pet parents" (at The Today Show, they don’t like to use the word "owner") Tabby (no, really), Bryan and Crystal Bundesen, who explained the cat’s sudden rise to fame and its mostly having to do with Reddit because of course. As for the appeal of her expression? "We think it’s because she looks so grumpy that you can’t help but be happy when you look at her," Bryan Bundesen told The Today Show. "She’s like a stress reliever."

Bundesen assured the crowd that Grumpy Cat is actually quite docile and playful despite the less-flattering brand to which she is attached. The Bundesens also hawked some Grumpy Cat merchandise (with some proceeds going to animal rescue charities), including Christmas cards, mugs and t-shirts in case you’re still looking for something for the slightly-unhinged cat lover or full-time Redditor in your life. 

Not to be outdone by his wildly popular Internet-famous cat counterpart, Lil Bub will grant an exclusive, tell-all interview to Katie Couric to air later this week. Watch Tardar Sauce’s appearance below.

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