Choose Interesting Music With Grolsch on Thursday Night

Are you familiar with Grolsch beer? If you’re an American of a certain age you probably are. Back in the bad old days when American beer really was a joke, Grolsch, a Dutch brewery founded in 1615, was one of the few upscale imports to be found in stores on this side of the pond, alongside Heineken, Lowenbrau, and not very many others. You could always spy the Grolsch from a distance because the bottles had these cool old-fashioned flip-top caps. Well, Grolsch is still around, it still tastes good, and some of their bottles still have flip-top caps, so they’re trying to make inroads in the U.S. market with a series of funky events. Thursday night (March 21), they’re kicking off a yearlong program called the #ChooseInteresting Concert Series (presented with TurnStyle Music Group) which is dedicated to "bringing up-and-coming indie rock music acts to intimate downtown New York City venues." Supporting indie rock isn’t on quite the same level as saving the whales, but then again, the whales didn’t help me get through my awkward teenage years, so I say rock on, Grolsch.

Thursday’s event will be held at Drom on Avenue A in the East Village starting at 7pm, and it’s looking to be a serious party.  The evening will feature live music by Alberta Cross, The Candles, Marlowe Grey, and Massively Epic, and it goes without saying that Grolsch will be flowing in copious (but responsible) amounts. The cool thing about the whole series is that it’s designed to be cheap. Just ten bucks gets you in the door if you use this internet thing I keep hearing about to book it, and it’ll run you $15 if you just show up at the door like little Mr./Ms. Impulsive. For more info and to sign up to win some kind of VIP package, visit

If you miss Thursday’s show, don’t trip out, man. Just make plans for the next gig, which will be held at Brooklyn Bowl on May 22, featuring the tunes of the Stepkids and King Holiday. See you there. 

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