Hot Hosiery That Makes Spending New Year’s Eve Outdoors Less Hectic

Now that you have a few NYE outfit options and party plans, it’s time to think about the little things, like what accessories to bring that will make you feel prepared for anything. You know that at some point in time you’re going to be outside, which means enduring the freakin’ freezing cold weather in your little dress and heels, secretly resenting all the boys walking around in their warm pants without a care in the world. The thought of getting really, really drunk to warm up crosses your mind, but remember what happened last year? You do not want to repeat that midnight kiss ever, ever again. So, what are your options? You could wear pants, but those Camilla Skovgaard heels you really want to wear look so much better with a dress. Hosiery is the next best thing, and although they’re not quite as supportive as pants, the thin layer of warmth really does make all the difference. See a few favorites after the jump.

From left: ASOS Lace Over-the-Knee and Sheer Tights, $17.24; House of Holland For Pretty Polly Super Suspender Tights, $20.69; Grey Antics Shirred Mesh Leggings, $78; Anna Sui Black Crochet Sweater Tights, $19.99; Anthropologie Daisy Chain Tights, $9.95.

Party Like a Nasty Gal

Saying “Nasty Gal” makes us feel dirty, and we like. The boutique’s in-your-face name demands your attention—and the awesome inventory keeps you coming back for more. Founded in 2006 by stylist Sophia Amoruso, Nasty Gal offers a spunky selection of both handpicked vintage wares and on-trend items from some of the hottest street culture designers out there. Given Amoruso’s interests (she enjoys “a good Salade Nicoise, a sturdy pair of platforms, and twirling around the studio every so often while blasting disco”), and musings on her blog, you can tell the girl lives and breathes the NG attitude and looks just like the girl she shops for. And that girl is sexy, fun, and always down for a good party—especially the party, New Year’s Eve. Here are a few dresses we’ll want to be in for the big countdown.

From left: Grey Antics Racer Mesh Dress, $148; Motel Drew Lace Shirt Dress, $68; Motel Nina Cage Dress, $88; Cheap Monday Cape Sleeve Dress, $70; Nasty Gal Striped Knit Maxi Dress, $118.

First Looks: No. 6 & Grey Antics For Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is continuing to roll out a continually impressive (and lengthy) roster of collaborators, which now includes No. 6 and Grey Antics. On the tail end of a collaboration with eco-friendly tote maker, Baggu, No. 6 is partnering with Urban Outfitters for the first time. The store and clothing label from downtown NYC has become synonymous with covetable clogs and killer vintage over the past few seasons. But, for its tango with UO, No. 6 is featuring “contrasting feminine silhouettes such as satin wide leg pants with masculine looks like jacquard structured jackets and oversized pieces,” as well as its signature wooden footwear, says Teen Vogue.

As for Grey Antics, its time for yet another collaboration with UO. “Spring ’11 is full of great body-con skirts and dresses, super cute fairisle-meets-tribal prints, sheer white cotton shirts, and simple cropped pants,” says Fashionista, who scored images of the line’s debut at New York Fashion Week. This collection won’t hit store racks until next year, when Grey Ant, designer Grant Krajecki’s higher-end endeavor, returns after a two-season hiatus. So this spring you’ll have not one but two very good reasons to thank the Urban Outfitters overlords.