Powerful Yogurt: Greek Yogurt For the MegaBro In You

Greek yogurt has been around forever, and in vogue for a few years now, and is indeed great with all its probiotics and proteins and delicious with honey and whatnot. But apparently, Greek yogurt has been missing something this whole time. And apparently, that something is branding for the manly-man demographic (Grub Street beat everyone to the “Brogurt” pun).

You see, although people of any gender can enjoy Greek yogurt any way they please and see the benefits of this nutritious breakfast or snack item, the makers of Powerful Yogurt feel that the yogurt market, as “a niche typically dominated by female consumers” (and they’re not exactly wrong—see Megan Amram’s “Birth Control on the Bottom” for a proper skewering of this trend) needs a yogurt for dudes. One about manliness! And protein! And a packaging aesthetic that looks like it belongs on sport deodorant! The slogan? FIND YOUR INNER ABS.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m all for Greek yogurt being marketed to dudes or being highlighted as an excellent protein source. I just feel weird about Greek yogurt being branded the same way as, like, Muscle Milk or Axe Body Spray. Oh, and the PR copy is predictably brilliant:

"Our hope is that guys everywhere will find that this is exactly what they need for a healthy option in a world where it can be so difficult to eat right. We are not talking about Rocky Balboa but a regular dude like you and us, who works out now and then, who takes care of himself, who likes looking good but who also drinks beer and eats chicken wings."

Beer, wings and a Rocky reference? Is this ad copy for Greek yogurt or Buffalo Wild Wings? And does it matter? Also, there was a paragraph about increased fertility and zinc “improving the quality of a man’s sperm” on the website, but it has since been deleted, which is a shame.

Basically, the takeaway should be that Greek yogurt is delicious and good for you but man, gender-specific yogurt marketing (regardless of which gender) ends up being riddled with obvious stereotypes and advertising tropes and is sort of tacky. So you should eat it, but maybe not pay attention to the advertising.

[via Grub Street]

It’s Greek (Yogurt) To Me: GRK Opens Tomorrow in Financial District

We have frozen yogurt, we have Pinkberry, we have Tasti D-lite—but, aside from Ronnybrook Farm’s Milk Bar, what New York lacks is a place to get really good yogurt. Thankfully, George Nikas has brought his own version of Greek yogurt to the table at GRK, his restaurant that opens tomorrow in the Financial District.

"My goal with GRK is to introduce the best of Greece’s products, cultural and culinary standards with the community,” said Nikas. “The Financial District was the perfect location to start GRK, as it’s constantly evolving and has a fresh atmosphere that I was drawn to." 

The yogurt GRK offers comes frozen or fresh, and you can get the latter version savory-style with figs, olives, tomato, peppers, basil, cucumber, and pita chips. If you want to go for the sweet side, you can top your selection with flax seeds, almonds, rose petal preserves, honey, and fresh berries. Aside from fresh Greek yogurt, GRK also features the yeero, a wrap stuffed with spit-roasted meat, and in this case includes chicken, pork, or lamb and beef. Pair this Greek sandwich with hand-cut fries or their Aegean slaw, which has red and green cabbage, carrots, onions, and herbs tossed with a lemon dressing.

Nothing costs much more than ten dollars, and even that price is for the lamb and beef platter. Mostly they plan to offer take out, but if you are looking for a cheap, sit-down dinner or lunch, GRK seats about 75 people in their cozy dining room, which is equipped with furniture from Rhodes, Greece. Though we are used to Astoria being the Greek capital of New York, perhaps GRK is bringing cheap Greek where it has never gone before.