New York: Top 5 Ways to Celebrate Bloody Mary’s Birthday

Blood flows in the in the streets of New York City today — Mary’s blood. It’s the 75th anniversary of the sanguine spirit, and to celebrate, TGIF’s Times Square location is selling Bloody Marys at 1933 prices — a recession-friendly 99 cents. But if you’re not game on pushing through crowds to get there, here are some other NYC spots guaranteed to satisfy your thirst for blood.

1. Prune (East Village) – Popular brunch spot with eleven kinds of Bloody Marys, including the “Green Lake” garnished with wasabi and a beef jerky swizzler. 2. Great Jones Café (Greenwich Village) – The Cajun Mary, a spicy ode to the blessed Virgin, will kick your brunch up a notch, Emeril-syle. 3. Madiba (Fort Greene) – With all that ‘Yes We Can” hoopla, you may be tempted to order the Obama Mamma at this South African Brooklyn spot, but he already got your vote, and that’s enough. Opt for Kiki’s Bloody Mary, a mix of vodka, horseradish, hot pepper sauce, lime juice, and the rest.

4. Tabla (Union Square) – I don’t know about you, a drink called the Masala Mary is a must-try. Secret ingredient is not so secret anymore: pickled onions. Sorry guys. 5. Hotel Delmano (Williamsburg) – There is nothing out of the ordinary about this Billyburg cocktail joint’s Bloody Marys, but the bar itself is so unbelievably chill that every drink has something flawless about it.