5 Highlights From Last Night’s Gotham: ‘Under the Knife’

Selena has no remorse for the murder that happened on last week’s episode. Following that shameless murder, young Bruce can’t seem to fathom that the girl who remains his fantasy would do such a thing. “What happened tonight…You tell no one.” Selena orders young Bruce. Selena and Bruce have some tumultuous grounds to cover. He’s rather distressed, but to some extent seems to realize Selena is looking out for him. When she says something like: “If I had to do it again, I would, and it wouldn’t bother me one bit,” that becomes a bit disconcerting, no?

Detective Gordon becomes frantic as he slowly begins to realize the Ogre’s murdered victims are the loved ones of anyone who’s investigated the case. Detective Gordon suggests that Dr. Leslie Thompkins, his love, get out of town—but she strongly suggests that’s the wrong idea. I mean, after all, it does suggest she can’t take on this case. Come on Gordon! Respect her. (I’m starting to believe Gordon isn’t relationship material. He treats his women like they’re never safe. Not so comforting!) 

Barbara, Gordon’s ex, is getting involved with the Ogre. The Ogre comes for Barbara, and things begin to escalate when he calls Gordon himself, which results in a press conference where Gordon furiously stares headfirst into the news camera. The funny thing is that “the Ogre” actually attends the Wayne Gala with Barbara. (He even donated $10,000!) “Once you saw the ‘real me’ you would run off just like everyone else…” Barbara warns the Ogre. Only, this time, there seems to be some vapid air of whether or not these two may team up or not? He really does seem to like her and the two were spotted at the Wayne Gala canoodling. Hmmm? That last minute of this episode featured the “pleasure room” that we’ve heard about way too much this year after America’s strike of BDSM awareness. Thanks Mr. Grey! JK! It doesn’t scare Barbara. It makes her smile. Where will this take us? 

There are two stabbings in one episode! First we have our favorite forensics expert Edward Nygma lose his cool when he’s faced off with the cop who’s involved with hurting his love interest. He stabs the man underneath the subway bridge and switches from laughter to fear faster than a bolt of lightning. After Gertrude Cobblepot (Carol Kane) becomes further concerned with her son’s current business endeavors, after an unpleasant sit-down with Don Moroni, she later questions the truth behind the nightclub business. Of course, being a mommy’s boy, he makes her tea and sends her off to bed. That’s when an unexpected visitor with a standard bouquet of roses arrives. Immediately, this becomes a flashing Don Moroni sign that translates to “BE AFRAID. BE VERY AFRAID” for our oily-haired tweaker. Oswald loses it. He breaks the vase, grabs that glass, and, yes, slits Moroni’s poor minion’s throat.

The investigation in this episode was more intricate than the other episodes. Detective Gordon and Detective Bullock really investigated the Ogre here. Judging from what we’ve seen on Gotham, investigations are rather dull, short-lived, or even unnecessary because the story arches jump all over the place. That’s sooooo Gotham! However, this episode gave audiences a pleasant rollercoaster of investigating the suspect’s father and even a plastic surgeon that happened to transform the suspect’s face into something entirely new. (Scratched faces on framed photos were clues in the episode. That was a nice touch.) Hopefully, Gotham’s second season will play this up a bit more. I mean, we do have two detectives leading the show.

The 5 Most Important Moments From Last Night’s Gotham

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Gotham has three episodes left until its first season is complete! Which characters will go? Will the Joker ever be part of this season? Will the romance continue blossoming between Selena and Mr. Master Bruce? We shall see…For now, let’s take a look back at five pivotal moments from last night’s episode.


“I’m the new assistant to the doctor, Fish….” Suddenly, a man known as “the Catcher” arrives unannounced and the entire operation the Doctor has concocted seems to ascend, well, instantly. She begins to recruit all the delirious inmates to revolt against the Doctor’s will and manages to break into his office, grabbing his private stash of keys. Next thing you know, she’s making her way off Asylum Island via a helicopter. Then, suddenly, she gets shot, but it’s not that climactic or suspenseful…It’s a wimpy letdown. Judging from what Jada Pinkett Smith has said in interviews about Fish Mooney not returning, this would be a gravely disappointing way to end her character. Let’s see what happens next…


His target? Women who go to “speakeasys” in South Village. Funnily enough, it feels like some mock of 50 Shades of Grey when we look at the killer named Jason, dressed up in his tie and suit trying to be all suave. That hair gel is just way too much. Of course, there are many a’ speakeasy the police didn’t even know existed, but thanks to Ed Nygma we have that sorted out. He finds all the establishments via liquor licenses listed.


Selena Kyle pushes a man outside the window! Master Bruce, as he always does, goes about the town in pursuit of finding Selena Kyle because they obviously still have business to attend in finding who killed the Waynes/question Reggie Payne. When Reggie starts talking down to both of them calling them “silly children” part of Bruce wants to push Reggie out the window but instead Selena does the deed. It’s a major “OMG!!” for Bruce as he witnesses death out the window. I’m just not entirely sure if it made Bruce weak at the knees or not…


FLASHBACK! This Jason Lennon guy has a Tribeca high-rise loft and the first victim we see is so impressed by his luxurious space. “There’s some wine in the kitchen. Open anything you like,” Jason replies to such compliments. It’s not until he takes her to the “playroom” that things get way twisted. He takes a Polaroid photo of the victim beforehand and places the photo alongside the previous photos before the chosen victim in an open locked case of torture devices. IN ANOTHER FLASHBACK! The second victim gets in trouble gets in trouble because she cooked his lamb the wrong way… Are you furrealll? Should’ve gone with the sautéed vegetables.


Our dearest Penguin has always had a knack for framing people and manipulating situations to get what he wants (as we have seen with this Moroni drama). This instance- Penguin wants serious payback so he cuts off some bar musician’s fingers to secure the place for welcoming Moroni into his trap. The finger literally drops on the floor without a drop of blood.

‘Gotham’ Episode 3: Writers, You Must Be Trippin! Show Me Better!

Penguin has arrived back to Gotham, and as if that wasn’t enough drama, we now have our latest villain, the “Balloon Man.” Yes, that’s right, he hustles with balloons, sadistically and ritually conducting balloon-carrying shenanigans with federal folk or Detective Gordon’s crew or whatever. Oh, wait, I don’t think I explain that well enough.

Well, Gotham really has gone crazy since the Waynes have died. People that have access to balloons have access to murder? Wow. Okay, so we have this crazy new villain that’s short-lived and only for this episode—please, dear writers, don’t allow such short-lived villains on this show, it’s cheap, and cheap is cheap…(referencing that quote from Midnight in Paris, which was such a chill Allen movie).


The truth is, the villain in this episode only serves as a motif for an fucked up government. I asked myself, “Really? Why not give more attention to Penguin?” He’s yet our favorite villain! I already told everyone in the last review he was so Saint Laurent circa 2009! This show better showcase Penguin….because we’re in love with his darkness.

Cat (IMDB credited as Selina Kyle, not the young Hollywood actress, the character), gives Detective Jim Gordon some information and it’s basically the true evidence that Cat had suggested from the previous episode. He finally believes in her when his shoes are plucked with mud and an identification card is spotted in the midst of the location where the Waynes were killed. The information she gives him is true. Of course it’s true, it’s CAT! She’s one we’re rooting for. I pray that Cat and Bruce lock lips in a future episode.

We love Cat because she’s a true fighter and and she seems to actually care about Lil Bruce Wayne. We all do! We all know he’s becoming what we all need in our government: Batman. That’s what he is! What he is to become! He’ll become president because he serves justice. That’s what a president does, right? I don’t know, actually. If he doesn’t become Batman what will he become…..Will this show fail? Will Fox executives become distraught knowing they could’ve done better? 


Tonight, Jada Pinkett Smith’s outfit appeared as if a slippery snake had been wrapped around her neck. She was, basically, being such a cold hard bitch, like the previous episodes, except for less dialogue. Dear WRITER(S) : allow Jada more dialogue because she’s working this shit. This is huge. Sorry, writer, or writers, I didn’t like this episode that much.

I wasn’t even interested in looking up the credits of this episode. After the model-look-a-like waiter came back bruised from that Italian mafia crew last week, Jada, sorry, I meant MOONEY, was not happy. I’m sorta being a fan girl here with Jada on this show. So Mooney wasn’t happy and probably had a breakdown, but that was, obviously, not allowed. This writer or writers or whatever, they didn’t give two shits about Ms. Mooney. It was cut short. Snooze…

Penguin also feigned a foreign *cough* *cough* Russian accent that was so not believable. He said he was from Odessa when an obvious spectator of the television media decided to punch that one guy he saw “convicted”, which was Oswald aka Penguin, duh. He’s literally working through some random Italian mafia restaurant business in Gotham. It absolutely reeks of Mulberry Street stereotype, but like, in a super fake set of Gotham way. Wow, so just how fake can we get with this episode? Anyway, Penguin’s questioned about such Italian authenticity and he’s obvi not Italian. It’s sort-of funny but, then again, this humor being used is sorta contrived. 


Also, how could we forget how Gotham introduces a lesbian plot twist? It’s funny, in my last review I mentioned  that I thought Detective Jim Gordon had minimal passionate chemistry with Miss Barbara. But, literally, she’s head-over-heels (obvi) with a past lover, who’s also a detective associated with Gordon. OMFG! This is juicy! But, the episode suggest something that’s short-lived. Why get a wide audience on Fox such little hope for a lesbian relationship? Could this be a ploy for viewers to tune in? Nuh-uh…. Not in my house, Tay says!

Okay also, Barbara, Gordon’s supposed golden girl, totally smokes weed way too much. Yeah, right…. Come on past lover Renee….. (Wait, do we love Renee?) According to Renee, Barbara, her (past fling?) girl, she does indeed smoke way too much weed. That’s intense. So, basically, like, these two characters really know each other from the past? DAMN! I love a good lesbian twist that respects the lesbian community or, at least, entertains such demographic. That’s, literally, like, so hard….trust me. So yeah, wonder why Barbara suckers up to Mr. Gordon at the end of the episode…”I love you!” Hmm, maybe you should suggest a menage á trios?

The plot has become lost. Why introduce sexuality, particularly a lesbian plot twist?  It almost seems minor. What are you going to do with the lesbian plot twist? At this point, the lesbian plot twist almost stinks of some artistic ploy. But, if you’re reading this third episode review, you have indeed followed my train of thought correlating with this series. Is the lesbianism going to be momentarily serviceable for the show or is this developed relationship with Barbara going to be major?

So Penguin shows up at the door when Barbara is totally dressed up to please Detective Gordon after all the drama. Oswald is absolutely not happy about Gordon shooting him into the river. I wouldn’t be either. Okay, so basically the sex scene we could’ve witnessed between Gordon and his girl was cancelled? What’s going to happen with them? Writers, where are you taking us in this Gotham journey?

It’s not that I’m absolutely apathetic about this episode, it’s just that I didn’t think the “Balloon Man” suggested such a motif of corrupt government enough. Sorry, I hope this review made sense. But, secretly, I’d rather eat a burrito from a Taco Bueno drive-thru in Dallas, Texas than watch this episode. SNOOOOOOOZE, YOU LOSE! This episode wasted my time. The only part that I looked forward to was, and I mean this sincerely, was Penguin showing up at Detective Gordon’s front door at the end. Not enough Jada….Not enough Cat…..Not enough…Hm…Not enough Lil Bruce Wayne…Not enough of what I wanted.

And to all New Yorker Gotham fans or readers:

Wait, it was actually so funny they (the whole production) shot on White St. I have many inside jokes about White St.—you know what I mean? Don’t act like TriBeCa isn’t funny….It sort of is….

I feel bad, like I’m discouraging readers to not watch this show, because I’m not! I just hope you enjoy my GIFS. Gotham is a good show. Why would I be reviewing it every week? It’s going to get crazy! 

Debunking ‘Batman’ Casting Myths

imageIt’s understandable: Some hack flack somewhere was so giddy about Heath Ledger’s Golden Globe and SAG nods that they probably ran his/her mouth at a pub somewhere. Then a nearby drunk reporter cobbled together this bit of tattle from his hearsay for UK tabloid The Sun about Christopher Nolan’s third installment of Batman. In said report, all the major roles of Gotham, as it’s apparently titled, are outlined, with even a teaser as to how the film might or might not end. Excellent reporting, Sun! Here are a few reasons why, aside from Christian Bale and Michael Caine, this cast list is phonier than Katie Holmes’ portrayal of Rachel Dawes.

Shia LaBeouf as Robin – Although director Christopher Nolan said something about previous castings of the character being old. Although a certain je ne sais quoi (some may suggest an inclination towards douchebaggery) makes him tailor-made for the role. Although Emile Hirsch is looking like the smarter option. ● Eddie Murphy as the Riddler: America hasn’t forgiven Murphy for his sleazy deadbeat antics regarding a former Spice Girl-turned-Dancing With the Stars alumna. More importantly, the viewing public is still traumatized from having accidentally seen Norbit. But then again, the Riddler was always a self-involved sociopath; here’s hoping Murphy doesn’t feel typecast. ● Rachel Weisz as Catwoman: Even if Dark Knight was a bit rambling and uneven, it brimmed with critical darlings cast in unusually mainstream roles. Weisz seems like a sensible pick, but still a miscast, as other talented thesps have mastered the art of the calm, collected, but neurotic (Selma Blair? Perhaps Parker Posey?). Whoever fills in these stilettos will have a lot of damage control to handle on this character, shamelessly eviscerated by Halle Berry. I’m sorry too, Eartha Kitt.