Popular Show Previews Deleted Scene, Internet Explodes

Arrested Development! New episodes! Netflix! Blue Man Group! Banana stand! Annyong! Motherboy! Illusions! STEVE HOLT! Are we doing it right? Are you hyped? Are we at peak Tumblr yet? Arrested Development is back, and if you thought ravenous Community fans were grating on social media when awaiting new episodes, then wait’ll you see how the entire Internet reacts to the return of Arrested Development until the new episodes air on Netflix in May. Did I mention the new episodes, all 14 of them, will air on Netflix in May? That’s the important thing. 

Today marked one of the most anticipated panels of the Television Critics’ Association tour, which from (very) afar just seems like Comic-Con with blander outfits, the Arrested Development panel. Now, Arrested Development is a very funny television show, and it’s an almost comforting presence in reruns, but if today is any indication, we will all be sick of hearing about the new episodes of Arrested Development on the Internet long before the May Season 4 premiere, at least those of us who aren’t already. 

The TCA panel ended with a clip of a now-deleted scene from the new season featuring Tony Hale’s Buster and Jessica Walters’ Lucille Bluth,. Everyone got giddy on Twitter about it (Variety‘s Stuart Levine said it was so funny "my eyes were watering"). Apparently there was another one too involving Gob Bluth on a cross. Intriguing. To recap: some people saw a thing in a room, lots of people are excited about this thing, and you are going to hear a lot about this today, tomorrow, and probably through 2014. Have fun, and remember, there is always an "Unfollow" button when you need some sweet release. Also, prepare for a lot of impending trend pieces about AD, Netflix and the future of television, wherein parallels are drawn between Netflix and the banana stand. In that there is money in both of them. 

The clip will probably surface to non-TCA attendees soon, but in the meantime, if you’re still on board or need an AD fix in the meantime, have some Tobias.