Morning Links: ‘The Situation’ Clears Up Rehab Rumors, Katy Perry Joins The Marines

● Clearing up rehab rumors, Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino explained yesterday in a Facebook post that he has sought treatment to help him "take control" of his exhaustion related prescription medication use. And as his father ("The Confrontation") points out, this is not his first go-around. [HuffPost]

● We will have to thank Shepard Fairey — the street artist behind those Obama "Hope" posters and the man who brought the project to LBI and Imagine Entertainment — if George Orwell’s 1984 gets a much-deserved turn on the big screen. [THR]

● Katy Perry chops her hair off and joins the Marines in the video for her not-divorce song, "Part of Me." [Vulture]

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo DVD packaging — just a blank DVD with the title scrawled in magic marker, as if you burned the copy yourself — is throwing buyers and Redbox renters for a loop. [Telegraph]

● Apparently producers toyed first with the idea of a Hunger Games television series. No doubt they are happy they took the full-feature route that they did. [NYDN]

● With hook specialist Ester Dean as a guide, The New Yorker goes behind the scenes of the pop song sausage factory to see what it takes to make a "smash." [New Yorker]

Morning Links: Michelle Williams Next Big Role, Beyoncé Gets a Monument

● Michelle Williams’s next big role is to be somewhat less glamorous than her last. With no big projects on the horizon, she says that she "just [wants] to go back to being a mom for a while." [Huff Post]

● Kim Kardashian has made good business of her nearly 13 million Twitter followers, earning upwards of $10,000 per endorsed tweet for brands like CVS and And although she’s tops, she’s not alone in the tweet-for-pay game: Snoop Dogg makes $8,000 and Whitney Port makes $2,000 per 140 characters. [NYM]

● LeBron James straight-up jumped over a guy to complete an alley-oop at last night’s Heat/Bulls game. [TMZ]

● Another weekend, another award show! Last night’s Screen Actors Guild awards were dominated by The HelpBoardwalk Empire, and Bridesmaids’s drunk cast. [THR]

● The city of Houston has apparently lent their support to a monument/mini-museum being built in honor of hometown hero, Beyoncé. “We wanted to construct, like, a massive hall so as the doors open, if you donated to the monument, you’ll have a separate nameplate,” say the two men behind the plan. “There will be clips of Beyonce with Destiny’s Child and wardrobe like a mini museum.” [MyFoxHouston]

● With David Fincher unwilling to budge on the rather brutal sex scenes, Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is struggling to get release in other countries like India. [THR]

● Amber Rose seems to have gotten a tribal face tattoo, a la Mike Tyson. Cute? [MTO]

Afternoon Links: Drake’s Most Dedicated Fan, Mitch Winehouse Thinks Lady Gaga Would Make A Fine Amy

● This woman got Drake’s name tattooed on her forehead because her love is real. [Vice]

● In case that you suspected otherwise, this video proves once and for all that Saturday Night Live‘s staff has more fun at work than you do. [Jezebel]

● Mitch Winehouse thinks that, assuming she could get the English-Cockney-Jewish accent down in time, Lady Gaga would make for a fine Amy in any upcoming biopics. [Mirror]

● For Rooney Mara, star of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, the nipple peircing was a must. "Nudity is such a huge part of the character in the book, so I never thought twice about it," she says of her decision to skip the clip-on in favor of the real thing. [Us]

● Matisyahu shaved his beard, and it’s like we don’t even know him anymore. [TMZ]

The Hunger Games‘ Katniss would kick-ass on Glenn Beck’s new post-apocolyptic reality show, Independence USA, don’t you think? [MediaBistro]