Take Your Lavish Lifestyle On The Road With You This Holiday Season

Traveling to inhospitable guest rooms this holiday season? It’s easier than ever to take your lifestyle with you. Here are BlackBook’s picks for making your stay at the in-laws’, the family cabin, or Dad’s Winnebago as luxurious as a five-star hotel.

1. The J. PANTHER RUC TOTE ($590; jplc.com) is everything you could ask for in both an everyday bag and a long-weekend carryall. It zippers shut to keep out snow and rain, and the lightly waxed canvas keeps everything dry.

2. Make any musty or over-potpourried guest room your own with a scented candle from CIRE TRUDON. We love the woodsy Balmoral and the Havana-inspired Ernesto. Use their elegant long matches to rekindle the flame (candles $85; matches $12; both at ciretrudon.com).

3. Barnes & Noble’s SIMPLE TOUCH WITH GLOWLIGHT NOOK ($119; barnesandnoble.com) is barely larger than a phone, has a battery that can last a month, and allows you to trade day for night reading with The Touch of a button that backlights the screen.

4. A ready-made heirloom, THE JAMES DIXON FLASK ($550; sirjacks.com) is based on an early 20th century design—its upper half wrapped in rich brown leather and its orbed screw cap and removable cup made of sterling silver. We suggest filling it with a spirit as complex and mellow as TULLAMORE DEW’S 12-YEAR-OLD SPECIAL RESERVE WHISKEY ($40; tullamoredew-usa.com).

5. BANG & OLUFSON’S BEOLIT 12 PORTABLE SPEAKER ($799; bang-olufson.com) is a sleek update to the company’s classic 1960s transistor radio. It features a leather handle, and you can get eight hours of sound from the rechargeable battery.

6. No critters were harmed in the making of Restoration Hardware’s deceptively soft LUXE FAUX FUR THROWS ($99; restorationhardware.com). They come as portable as can be in a blanket roll with a leather handle.

7. Get the best shave your great-grandfather never had with The Art of Shaving’s BOCOTE WOOD STRAIGHT RAZOR and 4 ELEMENTS OF THE PERFECT SHAVE KIT (razor $225; shaving kit $115; artofshaving.com). Or pack even lighter with JOHN MASTERS ORGANICS 2-IN-1 FACE WASH AND SHAVE FOAM ($22; johnmasters.com).

Photo by Joshua Scott.

Three Beauty Gifts No One Will Sneer At

You’ve been there before: you know someone well enough to buy them a Christmas present, but not well enough to actually know what to buy them. It’s enough to tear your hair out. So if you have someone like that in your life, who lies on the fringe of friendship—maybe they’re your boss or your best friend’s girlfriend—here are three beauty gifts no one will return, all under $40, cheapskate. 

Kiehls – Musk Eau de Toilette Spray, $39
While perfume is the most difficult thing to buy someone you don’t know very well, this bottle is a best-kept secret. I know what you’re saying: "Who wears musk anymore?" But it’s a thoughtful alternative to perfume. Besides, this Kiehls musk has been around since the company’s inception, and it’s unisex to boot.    

St. Helena Olive Oil Company – Sacred Bath Kit, $38
Who doesn’t love a good bath? The St. Helena Olive Oil Company is based in Napa Valley where they produce food and beauty products from their own crops. This kit, which includes an organic bath tea, pink Himalayan lavender bath salts, and organic lavender bath milk, gives the gift receiver a luxurious and holistic bathing experience.

MAC – ‘Iced Delights – Rocking’ Nail & Lip Bag, $36
Every girl needs a good red lipstick. It’s a beauty staple. So this holiday, give someone you know MAC’s Nail & Lip Bag. Even if the Kanga Rouge is the wrong shade, there’s still the Golden Blanket Lipgloss and Asiatique Nail Lacquer. And if they don’t like those either, there’s always the snow globe-inspired carrying case. 

The Gift Guide To End All Gift Guides

Navigating the holidays can be a taxing affair. But don’t worry, someone has your back. Retailers are making it easier and easier to reap the benefits of Black Friday from the comfort of your bedroom, with many online sales beginning days before Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, they don’t do much in the way of helping you decide what to get for your loved ones. Enter Svpply–a social bookmarking site for retail.

Think of it as a ffffound or delicious for things you’d like to purchase. Adding the social network component, you can now see what your friends and family are bookmarking; there’s even a toggle for whether it’s an item they’ve purchased. And if you thought it couldn’t get any easier, Svpply has created holiday gift guides with amazing recommendations in every category imaginable (even booze). With hope, we’ll never see another fruit cake as long as we live.