The Dish: Georgica’s Gorgonzola Mashed Potatoes

What: Gorgonzola mashed potatoes, a strong, stand-on-its-own side dish. Where: Georgica Restaurant & Lounge, East Hampton’s resident gourmet eatery turned nighttime hotspot. Ideal meal: Open Thursday to Sunday, so plan accordingly. The perfect pre-game dinner for a big night out, beachy style. Because: Chefs Robert Hesse & Seth Levine of Hell’s Kitchen fame knows how to keep a menu in check, and owners Antonio Fuccio and David Schulman will make sure you’re dining with the upper echelon of the Hamptons set. Tastes like: Gorgonzola has an unusual bite that makes these mashed taters far from dull. Bottom line: $10 as a side. No complaints here.

Georgica Awning-Gate: Matt Levine on Premature Retraction

imageAnother rainy weekend had people deploring summer and its summery traditions — with the Hamptons at the top of the seasonal hitlist. Some would even go as far to call Manhattanites’ favorite weekend destination “the universe’s vortex of suck,” and with the recent velvet-rope antics at Matt Levine’s Hamptons outpost Georgica, that seems to be a growing sentiment. Levine, best known for his tight door at The Eldridge in the Lower East Side, called for Georgica’s awning to be rolled up, allowing potential patrons patiently awaiting entrance to get left out in the pouring rain. Seems heartless, but Levine has an explanation. PlumTV’s wet video and Levine’s take after the jump.

Says Levine:

The awning was pulled up as a request by security, and the entire door staff – it was pulled up at 11:00pm (was there all night prior, and then put back down) after dinner reservations were sat to help control the entrance for safety, security and causing a major fire hazard. The awning was then put back down at around 12:00am (after the dinner / late-night rush came head to head). Between a smoking section, valet, people exiting, as well as people wishing to gain late-night access it caused a hazard, a huge clutter at the front entrance – so what we did, per security requests – we set up a seperate umbrelled smoking section, took care of valet in the lobby, and between security + door staff – they were umbrelling people. Everyone was taken care of, and even with the rain, the night was extremely successful, every table was reserved and in the future guests wishing to stop by should make a reservation at And the rope by the entrance was put their because the parking lot was full, they should have left via the exit.

The Hamptons: Top Hotspots for Memorial Day Weekend

Lily Pond (East Hampton) – The 1Oak family will be hosting this Saturday and will have special events here all summer. The Grand Opening on Saturday has DJ Lee Kalt on the decks, and Sunday kicks off “1OAK at Lily Pond Blue & Cream” with DJ Jus Ske. ● Dune (Southampton) – AXE Lounge features DJ Phresh Friday night, DJ Mel DeBarge on Saturday, and Kiss & Fly hosts on Sunday night with DJ Berrie.

The Maidstone (East Hampton) – Sunday evening Lisa Anastos, Amanda Hearst, Arden Wohl and other Hampton mainstays play host to the kickoff for the Watermill Concert 2009 (at the former Maidstone Arms). Invite lost in the mail? Crash at your own risk. ● Georgica Restaurant & Lounge (East Hampton) – The Eldridge’s Matt Levine launches summer with Naeem Delbridge at the door, giving you that familiar “I’m not going to get in here” feeling upon arriving Friday night when DJ Nick Cohen mans the deck. Try your luck on Saturday when DJ Ruckus spins, and if your tactics fail again, at least you have Sunday night with DJ Mel Debarge. ● Day & Night Restaurant and Beach Club (Southampton) – Those brunches of insanity made popular by the Mercato 55 crew, including Industry Insider brothers Derek and Daniel Koch, ship out to Southampton with a Saturday afternoon brunch with DJ Serebe Kironde spinning. ● Montauk Yacht Club (Montauk) – Saturday night, GoldBar shines in Montauk as their resident DJ Kiss takes up spinning. Sunday you can find The Box’s Jeffrey Tonneson taking over for their 80th anniversary celebration that will last all summer. ● Hampton Coffee Company (Watermill) – Never heard of Hampton Daze Magazine? well, I’m sure you’ve heard of wine, which will be complimentary for the celebration of this magazine’s launch this Saturday. ● Turtle Crossing (Amagansett) – Live music, two-for-one drafts, and more importantly, barbecue — this smoking BBQ joint with a backyard feel has the weekend covered. ● Dockers Waterside (East Quogue) – One word: lobsterbake. Or maybe it’s two words, but that detail wont matter when you are scarfing down lobster for $27.50 and enjoying two-for-one margaritas and mojitos this Sunday. I’d say by then it’s officially summer.