Michael Moore’s New Prediction: “Trump is Gonna Get Us All Killed”

Photo: Nicolas Genin via Wikipedia

Michael Moore’s latest essay, titled ‘Donald Trump is Gonna Kill Us All,’ begins with two disturbing sentences:

“A week has gone by since Donald Trump admitted he’s only been to “two or three” of his daily presidential national security briefings. There have been 36 of them since the day he secured enough electoral college votes to be appointed president next Monday when the Electoral College meets.”

Trump’s disregard for national security, in Moore’s words, “boggles the mind.” He writes:

“When the next terrorist attack happens — and it will happen, we all know that — and after the tragedy is over, amidst the death and destruction that might have been prevented, you will see Donald Trump acting quickly to blame everyone but himself. He will suspend constitutional rights. He will round up anyone he deems a threat. He will declare war, and his Republican Congress will back him.

And no one will remember that he wasn’t paying attention to the growing threat.”

His essay proceeds to draw parallels between Trump’s behavior and that of George W. Bush’s before the 9/11 terrorist attacks, which Bush had been warned of five weeks before planes crashed into the World Trade Center towers in Manhattan. Moore wrote another essay back in July titled ‘5 Reasons Why Trump Will Win.’ That frightening prediction, of course, has already come true.

Moore concludes his essay with these words:

“To you, Mr. Trump, I say this: When this next terrorist attack takes place, it is YOU who will be charged by the American people with a gross dereliction of duty. It was YOUR job to pay attention, to protect the country. But you were too busy tweeting and defending Putin and appointing cabinet members to dismantle the government. You didn’t have time for the daily national security briefing. Don’t think we’re going to let you use a modern-day burning of the Reichstag as your excuse to eliminate our civil liberties and our democracy.”

You can read the entire thing here.

The Oscar-winning filmmaker and author is responsible for such documentaries at Fahrenheit 9/11 (a critical look at Bush’s presidency and the War on Terror and the highest-grossing documentary of all time) and Bowling for Columbine (about the Columbine massacres, and winner of the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature).

MTV RE:DEFINE Auction Focuses The Art World’s Attention On Dallas

MTVs’s RE:DEFINE exhibition opens this weekend at Dallas Contemporary; it’s on view through the closing auction and party on April 4, with all works also hosted online via Paddle8. A fundraiser to benefit the MTV-helmed HIV/AIDS charity Staying Alive Foundation, as well as the museum itself, RE:DEFINE kicks off a weeks-long spree of art events in Dallas: Julian Schnabel, Richard Phillips, and Paula Crown at Dallas Contemporary; Fredrik Vaerslev at The Power Station; David Bates at Nasher Sculpture Center;  and the Dallas Art Fair,  April 11–13.

RE:DEFINE is curated by The Future Tense and Peter Doroshenko, working in conjunction with the Goss-Michael Foundation. Artworks being auctioned include Chris Levine’s fluorescent-screenprint-with-Svwarovski-crystal portrait of the Queen, above, as well as sculptures by Sarah Lucas and Nicolas Lobo; painting by Josh Abelow,  Angel Otero, and a (seemingly very undervalued) Chris Martin; a huge photograph of Lindsay Lohan by Richard Phillips; and much, much more.

Oh, and here’s where I really bury the lede: Yours Truly has a small painting in RE:DEFINE as well, marking perhaps the only time something I’ve made will share a room with something that Damien Hirst made. (Mine costs about 1/100th of what Damien’s costs. Also, it’s better. Just saying). You can bid on it here, starting March 21. I fully expect my market to expand quite rapidly (think Oscar Murillo + Lucien Smith, on steroids AND cocaine), so your investment is more than sound.

Visit the MTV RE:DEFINE site here for more information. And if you’re visiting Dallas in April, don’t forget George W. Bush’s debut solo exhibition at the George W Bush Presidential Library and Museum (a shockingly sympathetic institution). The man may have blood on his hands, but I’ll admit he has a knack for painting dogs and cats, not to mention shower self-portraits.

George W. Bush’s Paintings Revealed

Months ago, we related the earth-shattering news that George W. Bush had gotten into painting, at least in Major League Baseball’s off-season. Back then it was noted that Bush favored compositions involving dogs and landscapes. Now we can say that the truth of the matter is much, much funnier.

The Smoking Gun yesterday ran a story titled Audacious Hack Exposes Bush Family Pix, E-Mail.” Indeed all sorts of sensitive material would seem to have been unearthed for prying weirdos to enjoy, including info about Bush Sr.’s most recent hospitalization and security codes. But I’d wager that none of it is so fascinating as W.’s self-portraits.

We may never know exactly why W. likes depicting himself in the bathroom. If you ask me there is something of a simple allegory to the moments chosen here: the discredited former leader trying to wash himself clean of the long failure that was his life. Yet even under the shower’s cascade of purifying water, he can see himself—his very soul—in the mirror. “There is no escape from our past but the grave,” his eyes say. “Even with back muscles like mine.”

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George W. Bush Has More In Common With Hitler Every Day

Joe Hagan at New York has a lengthy piece up about what we can expect from Jeb Bush in the coming years, but some of the best stuff in it concerns the older brother who may have destroyed his chance for the presidency. W. remains all sorts of weird and denial-ridden: he’s sure that “history will vindicate him,” for starters. But—and I’m not one to fulfill Godwin’s law cavalierly—in many ways, he’s beginning to resemble Hitler.

At first it seems coincidental. The former president has become increasingly “agoraphobic” and contemptuous of the so-called “eastern elite.” Hitler was a paranoiac who died hiding in a bunker and railed against the well-educated bourgeoisie. W. takes the blame for a cratered economy, as did Hitler, if posthumously. There’s a further similarity, though, that’s positively glaring.      

Indeed, George W. Bush, now 66, has spent the past few years living as invisibly as possible, working diligently on his golf game at the Brook Hollow Golf Club in Dallas, showing up at a Rangers baseball game, or being spotted eating a steak in one of his favorite restaurants. While the rest of the world judges his years in office, he’s taken up painting, making portraits of dogs and arid Texas landscapes. “I find it stunning that he has the patience to sit and take instruction and paint,” says a former aide.

You know who else liked to paint dogs and landscapes? THAT’S RIGHT: HITLER. (Oh, did you watch the season premiere of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia too?) The Führer, it’s said, had a bit of trouble with the human form, so he tended to favor animals and lifeless mountains. Sadly, we’ll have to wait until Bush’s work goes up for auction before judging him equally talentless. I don’t begrudge him the hobby, though—as Hitler knew, you’ve got to pass the time somehow when you don’t drink. 

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Dead Bush Head Forces HBO to Pull ‘Game of Thrones’ From Distribution

Temporarily, of course, because if routine incest and dismemberment can’t derail the show’s all-consuming publicity, then nothing can. But a row over the revelation that a prop head of former president George W. Bush was used in the background of a scene involving decapitated heads has caused HBO to pull copies of the episode from its rotation, from HBO Go to iTunes to DVD shipments. That means you won’t be able to watch the episode for the time being, not until the offending frame is cropped out. It also means your Blu-Ray and DVD box sets just got a lot more valuable.

Subconscious political intent aside, statements from the show’s creators and HBO Itself makes it clear that the head’s inclusion was more of a desperate measures thing, and nothing with any sort of pointed meaning. The scraggly wig on Bush’s head should prove that much, and the fact that no one noticed it until it was mentioned in the show’s DVD commentary. The spirit of bipartisanship means other people thought otherwise, but come on; no one could watch the show and think the former president’s governing style of "questions first, bad answers next, war anyways" wouldn’t fit nicely into Westeros.

Tony Bennett Says George Bush Admitted the Iraq War Was ‘A Mistake’

Tony Bennett has an impressive resume: 15-time Grammy Award winner, Kennedy Center Honoree, Japanese eyewear spokesperson. He might now get to add “investigative journalist” to that list. The 85-year-old crooner was on the Howard Stern Show Monday, where he revealed that while sitting next to George W. Bush during the Kennedy Center Honors in 2005, the president admitted to him that he regretted going to war in Iraq. “He told me personally that night,” Bennett said, “‘I think I made a mistake.’” Interesting, we always thought celebrities conducted lighthearted small talk during those types of functions.

Since launching combat operations in Iraq in 2003, George W. Bush has never even hinted that the war was a mistake. The bulk of his memoir is about deciding to invade Iraq and sticking to that decision. (Remember, he’s a decider!) So did he really undo two terms of unwavering commitment to the war in a conversation with Tony Bennett? A spokesperson for Bush told NBC News, “This account is flatly wrong … President Bush never said that to Tony Bennett or anyone else.” Tony Bennett, a World War II veteran, is outspoken against the war in Iraq. In the same interview, he told Stern, “But who are the terrorists? Are we the terrorists or are they the terrorists? Two wrongs don’t make a right.” Concerning 9/11, he believes U.S. foreign policy is as culpable as the terrorists themselves. “They flew the plane in, but we caused it,” he said, “Because we were bombing them and they told us to stop.” (Update: Bennett has since apologized for his 9/11 remark.) Could Bennett, who’s so vehemently opposed to the war, have had selective hearing when he thought George W. Bush told him it was “a mistake?” Possibly. Considering Bush is already denying the remarks, it will be his word against Bennett’s.

Morning Links: Lady Gaga Wears Egg to Grammys, Charlie Sheen’s Porn Star GF Is Pregnant

● After the jazz bassist Esperanza Spalding beat out Justin Bieber for Best New Artist, someone took to her Wikipedia page for vengeance: we don’t know much about the new Grammy-winner, but it seems unlikely that her middle name is “Quesadilla.” [Gawker] ● The Health Department is taking a close look at the Playboy Mansion after 100 party attendees came down with a respiratory infection. The fog machine is being cited as a possible cause of the outbreak, but there’s really no saying what’s to blame. [NYDN] ● In case you hadn’t yet noticed, Lady Gaga arrived to last night’s Grammy’s encapsulated in an egg. [Hollywood Reporter]

● Porn-star Kasey Jordan texted Charlie Sheen that she was pregnant, but, “I don’t believe it’s yours, but I’m going to Oregon to take care of the situation.” Looks like Charlie Sheen’s porn-star family dreams won’t include any little ones just yet. [TMZ] ● Superbowl seating arrangements painted an interesting portrait of America, with Ashton Kutcher sitting just over ex-President George W. Bush’s shoulder. Kutcher wasn’t really feeling the love, though: “He just was not very nice to me. He just kind of snubbed me a little bit.” [HuffPost] ● James Franco previewed his musical career this weekend, debuting “I Love You,” a duet with partener-in-crime Kalup Linzy, for the audience at Cynthia Rowley. An initial listen ranks Franco’s musical career somewhere behind his acting but ahead of his fiction writing. See you at next year’s Grammy’s, boys. [NYM]

Links: President Bush’s Book Starts with Him Drunk, Charlie Sheen’s Hotel Escort Pressing Charges

● George W. Bush’s upcoming autobiography, Decision Points, begins with the sentence, “It was a simple question, ‘Can you remember the last day you didn’t have a drink?'” The wars come later. [Drudge Report] ● Audrina Patridge’s mother went on a drunken rant to paparazzi cameras, cursing Lauren Conrad and reminding the world, in reference to her daughter, “Fuckin’ A, she’s a Polish-Catholic, full on Italian, and she was raised right.” [Vulture] ● Stars of MTV’s Teen Mom make between $60,000 and $65,000 per season, which in some cultures translates to “a lot of diapers.” [Life & Style]

● Capri Anderson, the woman found hiding in Charlie Sheen’s hotel room, says she locked herself in the bathroom because she feared for her life and that she will press charges. She probably couldn’t stand another Two and a Half Men read-through, especially with Sheen naked. [TMZ] ● Three years after her death, the late Anna Nicole Smith’s last boyfriend, Howard K. Stern, was found guilty of using fake names to get her prescription drugs. Dr. Conrad Murray is not alone. [HuffPo] ● Kelsey Grammar’s wife Camille thinks her ex-husband may have encouraged her to participate in Real Housewives of Beverly Hills so he could philander behind her back. Famous people even cheat elaborately. [Us Weekly]

Denis Leary On What Smart Is (Hint: It’s Not Bush)

Smart. We are surrounded by smart: Smartfood. Smartphones. Smart bombs. Smart houses, hotels and helicopters. Smart planes, trains and automobiles. Smart dogs. But we’re also surrounded by very, very, very stupid people. One of the reasons so many countries and people overseas have been bitching and moaning about America for so many years now is because of our tunnel vision about the outside world, not to mention the morons we’ve chosen to run this great democracy.

George W. Bush has meant many things to many Americans, but what he symbolized to the rest of the planet was our own navel-gazing ineptitude. We elected a self-professed alcoholic. Still, most of the citizens polled said they voted for him because he seemed like the kind of guy you could have a beer with. Yeah, you could have a beer with him. But after you left, he’d have another case of cold ones and then open up the bourbon cellar.

This is the man who famously uttered, “There’s an old saying in Tennessee—I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee—that says, fool me once, shame on… shame on you. Fool me—you can’t get fooled again… ” He segued from a well-worn bit of wisdom to a lyric written by Pete Townshend of the Who in less than one paragraph. Sixteen years after his last drink. Now that’s what I call one hell of a hangover.

The Republicans are also offering up the spectacle of Sarah Palin running for president in 2012. This is a woman who recently said she thinks the country should be run according to laws “based on the God of the Bible.” What does that mean, exactly? That our economic recovery would depend on 10 million jobs in crucifix construction? Sarah Palin is an excellent argument for separation of church and brain.

This is why I look to the shining example of President Barack Obama. Love him or hate him, and whether you voted for him or for “true American hero, John McCain,” one thing you cannot argue against is the man’s ability to speak. Obama speaks well, he speaks deep and he has a finely tuned and highly self-deprecating sense of humor.

In the end, that’s perhaps the most important element of being the president: It’s not just how he feels about particular issues, but also the rock-solid guarantee that he will stand up and speak, no matter when and no matter where, and not end up quoting the Who when he meant to reference a famous saying.

When our chosen leader looks like a moron, we look like the meatheads we sometimes are. But when a smart and well-spoken leader strikes a chord and we respond, it sends a message of real hope to the rest of the world—hope that we actually do have hearts. And a sense of caring. And a desire to do something other than sit on the edges of our couches, watching The Real Housewives of New Jersey while we suck on salted pretzels and pork rinds. Come to think of it, that’s probably where George W. Bush is right now.