Morning Links: ‘The Situation’ Clears Up Rehab Rumors, Katy Perry Joins The Marines

● Clearing up rehab rumors, Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino explained yesterday in a Facebook post that he has sought treatment to help him "take control" of his exhaustion related prescription medication use. And as his father ("The Confrontation") points out, this is not his first go-around. [HuffPost]

● We will have to thank Shepard Fairey — the street artist behind those Obama "Hope" posters and the man who brought the project to LBI and Imagine Entertainment — if George Orwell’s 1984 gets a much-deserved turn on the big screen. [THR]

● Katy Perry chops her hair off and joins the Marines in the video for her not-divorce song, "Part of Me." [Vulture]

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo DVD packaging — just a blank DVD with the title scrawled in magic marker, as if you burned the copy yourself — is throwing buyers and Redbox renters for a loop. [Telegraph]

● Apparently producers toyed first with the idea of a Hunger Games television series. No doubt they are happy they took the full-feature route that they did. [NYDN]

● With hook specialist Ester Dean as a guide, The New Yorker goes behind the scenes of the pop song sausage factory to see what it takes to make a "smash." [New Yorker]

Elton John Sets George Orwell to Music

If you were educated beyond an 8th grade level, you’ve probably read George Orwell’s Animal Farm. A grim allegory of the Stalin era prior to WWII, it nevertheless features a cast of anthropomorphic barnyard animals, which made it suitable material for a 1954 cartoon adaptation, as well as junior high reading lists everywhere. Now it seems Elton John wants in on the action. The Daily Mail is reporting that after two years of rights negotiations, John will be penning the music for a new stage version of the story. Expect it to be a little more downbeat than The Lion King.

John never writes his own lyrics, and this won’t be an exception. His latest collaborator is screenwriter Lee Hall, with whom John previously worked on the stage version of Billy Elliot. Hall told the Mail, “Having worked with him on Billy Elliot, I know that Elton likes to have the lyrics done and have them in front of him so I’ll work on a batch before I give him anything to look at. I would think it’s going to take about two years before it’s all ready to go.”

Two years? Really? How hard could it be? Classic lines from the book like “some animals are more equal than others” already sound like the titles of songs Bono might have written. Just add on some cheeky verses in between et voila!

‘1984’ Gets the Sock Puppet Treatment

Often, it’s Friday at the office, and we’re all like, “Man, how great would it be if sock puppets were able to deconstruct Orwellian sexual symbolism and wax on about the lumpenproletariat?” Prayers, you’ve been answered. Here, a video created by Austrian art collective monochrom, poached from the fellas over at Boing Boing.