Chuck Bass to Scale ‘Wuthering Heights’

Because moviemakers the world over have mauled, mutilated, and basically wrung every last drop of integrity from Jane Austen’s repertoire dry, it’s nice to see them turning their beady eyes on another classic novelstress, and preying on her life’s work for sustenance instead. And in such a survey, it’s natural for one’s gaze to turn to the Brontë sisters. More specifically, to Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights. A filmic adaptation of the novel has cast, of all people, Gossip Girl‘s Chuck Bass, as its lead.

Such a role will probably find Ed Westwick relishing the chance to actually act. Because his guttural intonations on GG in between swigs of apple juice malt scotch while abstractly contemplating societal ills isn’t probably what Westwick visaged his craft would look like. To prepare for what will probably be his most challenging role to date, Chuck Bass should most definitely listen to Kate Bush’s tune of the same name — and work on comparable choreography. Bond girl Gemma Arterton co-stars. Anticipate a rip-roaring chat with the late Brontë on the terrors of turning books into films if she consents to a séance.