Just Hours Away: Asellina’s All-You-Can-Eat Gelato Bar

When an Italian restaurant announces that they’re offering a one-night-only all-you-can-eat gelato bar in the midst of scorching summer, it’s a little bit like hearing a fresh-water lake is “just up ahead” after walking through the desert for five nights with only a Crunch Bar and a packet of miso soup. But then, when we hear that Asellina’s unlimited-gelato-and-toppings bar is TONIGHT (yes, in SEVERAL HOURS), well, the feeling is just – wow, did our birthday/Thanksgiving/ the season 5, part 2 premiere of Breaking Bad just arrive on the same day? Here’s the when/where/ and flavors lowdown you’ll need for tonight.

WHERE: In the Taverna, Asellina’s back bar.

WHAT: Lots of gelato, toppings, espresso, and affogato.

WHEN: Tonight, August 8th, 6pm-8pm.

HOW MUCH MOOLAH: $10 per person for unlimited gelato and toppings.

PROSPECTIVE FLAVORS: Stracciatella, chocolate, hazelnut, passion fruit, blood orange, & more.

PROSPECTIVE TOPPINGS: Crumbled biscotti, nuts and fresh fruit, drenched in espresso and cappuccino.

ADVICE: Call Asellina and book a reservation. Go. Eat too much. It’s worth it.

The Best Ice Cream & Gelato in the Hamptons

imageDespite East Hampton Village’s attempt to ban new joints from selling food and drinks to go — ice cream cones included — the East End is bustling with desserteries prepared to indulge every sweet-toothed patron within a five-mile radius. Here are our picks for the ones not to miss.

Based on classic Italian recipes, the 20-plus creamy gelati offered at Sant Ambroeus is prepared fresh daily. While nothing comes cheap at this uber-trendy spot, the scene — chock-full of euro eye candy — complements the cost.

The long-delayed and highly-anticipated opening of Grappa Wine Bar will satisfy more than just an alcohol fix. The swanky digs serve homemade gelati, and while the flavors change regularly, standouts include cappuccino espresso, white chocolate raspberry swirl, and mint.

Best bang for your buck — family-friendly Surf Shack serves up ice cream and alcohol blends, along with cover-free live music and an expansive patio.

Buy some earplugs to combat the sugared-up, screaming children at the Fudge Company, as the butterscotch praline pecan is worth every minute in line.

When it comes to the best staple Hampton dessert establishments, Scoop du Jour and John’s Drive-In take the silver spoon. Scoop du Jour rocks an everything-plus-the-kitchen-sink vibe; toppings include doughnuts, cupcakes, and candies galore. John’s is a former drive-in (and alleged Andy Warhol hangout) serving up 24 homemade flavors of ice cream; the perennial favorite is lemon coconut, and as a bonus, the sun-kissed Eisenhower-era furniture is a kitschy respite from typical Hampton glitz and glam.