The 21 Best Songs of #NYFW: Your New Favorite Playlist

For this, we didn’t get half the photos we wanted because our batteries were drained from Shazaming everything good from shows and presentations. It was worth it. From Rihanna to Mø, FKA Twigs to Chris Isaak, Crowe-ther to Sbrtrkt, well you get the idea.

Just for you, with all our love — here is the best sounding 1 hour and 28 minutes of fashion week you’ll hear this season.

Garbage Performs ‘I Hate Love’ On Jay Leno

In case you needed a reminder that the ’90s were a better time for women in music, or that Shirley Manson is the only woman in America that should be allowed to wear leather pants, here’s Garbage performing I Hate Love on Jay Leno’s show last night. 

I Hate Love is off Garbage’s newest album, Not Your Kind Of People, their first in seven years.

Garbage has always been one of those bands that I don’t regularly think about being great but any time I hear Stupid Girl playing on the radio, I remember, ‘Oh, yeah, they’re pretty rad.’  


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Ten Perfect Rainy-Day Songs

It’s a particularly crappy day in New York with what feels like a unending downpour already ruining our happy hour plans. With our socks and pants still soaked from running the four blocks from the subway to our office, it’s hard to forget the terrible weather outside as we sit in the toasty BlackBook offices. Never fear! We shall order our lunches to be delivered (and, yes, we will give generous tips), and we’ll spend the day listening to our favorite rainy-day songs. Come on, gang! Don’t let the miserable weather outside ruin your day! 

Garbage – "Only Happy When It Rains"

Gene Kelly – "Singin’ in the Rain"

The Carpenters – "Rainy Days and Mondays"

Elvis Presley – "Kentucky Rain"

Led Zeppelin – "Fool in the Rain"

Bob Dylan – "A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall"

Creedence Clearwater Revival – "Who’ll Stop the Rain"

Adele – "Set Fire to the Rain"

Tom Waits – "Rain Dogs"

Eurythmics – "Here Comes the Rain Again"

Madonna – Rain"

Garbage Is Latest Hotel Gimmick

We’ve seen a lot of hotel gimmicks in our time, from Pantone colors to lodging you pay for by performing. Now this: A hotel has opened in Rome made from 12,000 kilos of trash.

Euro trash get a token hotel in this publicity campaign by environmental group Save the Beach, which is trying to draw attention to pollution on Europe’s beaches. “It’s made of garbage,” said the hotel’s designer, H.A. Shult, “because where you go on this planet is garbage. We are living in the garbage time.” Prego?

The 12,000 kilos of trash used to construct the hotel are reportedly equal to the amount of rubbish found on three square kilometers of European beaches. The hotel has no room service or other amenities, but there are actual beds with sheets! The trash has been disinfected, which is probably more than you can say for most hotel duvet covers. No word yet on if there are plans to build an American counterpart constructed entirely of petroleum and broken oil well parts.