Jet Blue’s Terminal Gastronomy

One of the most dreaded aspects of flying (aside from Eddie Murphy movies and box-cutters) is having to consume the so-called “food” being served on board. Filling up in the terminal beforehand is a long-practiced strategy for avoiding airplane food, and with new top-of-the-line restaurants opening in Jet Blue’s (which is quickly becoming the H&M of airlines) JFK terminal, this dining option is looking better than ever.

The renovated terminal will include restaurants overseen by essential New York City chefs, including Mark Ladner of Del Posto, Michael Schulson of Izakaya Ten, Riad Nasr and Lee Hanson of Balthazar and Pastis, Alexandra Raij of Tia Pol, and Roberto Santibañez formerly of Rosa Mexicano.

This first-class dining experience is among the latest of the in-airport restaurants that have already taken off. JFK is currently home to Master Chef Todd English’s Bonfire, while “Hell’s Kitchen” villain Gordon Ramsay runs the aptly named restaurant Plane Food in London’s Heathrow airport. Wolfgang Puck is affiliated with a chain of Gourmet Express restaurants located in airports all over the US. Max in Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport has trans-fat-free made-to-order burgers, and the Oneworld lounge in LAX can not only sate a traveler’s hunger with its buffet-style dining, but also includes nine shower suites. Nørrebro Bryghus in Copenhagen Airport is a pre-flight imbibers paradise, serving up handcrafted seasonal beers. Winos can rejoice at the Cibo Bistro and Wine Bar, offering a selection of over thirty wines in airports in Philadelphia, New York, and Washington D.C. While flying is not something most people look forward to, these new options becoming available in airports worldwide are dulling the downsides of air travel.

Alexander McQueen Crafts Puma-Gator Hybrid

Alexander McQueen’s partnership with Puma is unleashing a wild (and wildly priced) shoe slated for sale in late August. The Puma AMQ line has most recently created a chocolate-brown crocodile leather kick that manages to combine urban style (note the high-top build) with high fashion — plus a little bit of a jungle vibe mixed in. “There is a part of me that is very couture, and a part of me that is very street,” the designer explains. A street sneaker that doubles as a dress shoe made from gator hide. Why didn’t I think of that? Although the three-grand price tag may seem hard to swallow, the shoes come in a handmade wooden shoebox with a complimentary pair of crocodile leather flip-flops. If you plan on getting your claws on a pair of these, act fast, as only 28 pairs will be distributed in the United States.

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Rome Imposes Fishy Laws

The city of Rome has recently enacted a ban on eating and drinking near its famous monuments. In a place where gelato is plentiful and wine is as cheap as soda, this new regulation just seems cruel. Violators face charges of up to $80, and several people have already been slapped with hefty fines for savoring food and beer on the iconic Spanish Steps. While the ban seems a bit extreme, this isn’t the first time the Italian capital has gone ban-anas.

In 2005, city officials banned goldfish bowls, the giving away of goldfish at fairs, and keeping goldfish in bowls. To this day, Roman officials still don’t have a reason for this fishy rule, although Roman newspaper Il Messaggero cites the round bowls as a cause of blindness in fish. City councilor Monica Cirinna took a more noble approach. “It’s good to do whatever we can for our animals who in exchange for a little love fill our existence with their attention. The civilization of a city can also be measured by this.” Nevermind history, gastronomy, or art — Rome’s legacy will be the curbing of fish blindness.

The Golden Standard of Cocktails

Meatpacking District hotspot Buddha Bar is upping the ante in the cocktail wars. They’ve introduced a seasonal cocktail, called the Gold Digger, a mix of Zuidam Gin and Dry Vermouth, and it’ll set you back a cool fifty bucks. The extravagance doesn’t end with the price: the cocktail includes gold-encrusted olives and a golden designer toothpick by Rick Toscano. The Gold Digger is the latest addition to the array of novelty cocktails, and actually seems cheap compared to the former Guinness World Record-holding Ritz Side Car cocktail.

Served exclusively at the Bar Hemingway at the Hotel Ritz in Paris, the Side Car sells for $515. While it does not include gold-encrusted olives, the cocktail is made with Ritz Reserve Cognac dating back to 1830, so you’re paying for a bit of history, or disturbingly old liquor, depending on the way you look at it. While the amateur connoisseur will settle for either of these lavish drinks, the seasoned (and obscenely rich) drinker will go straight to New York restaurant Duvet for their Platinum Passion, priced at the obscene $1,500. A mix of L’ésprit de Courvoisier (a rare cognac costing six grand a bottle), Ruinart Champagne, and a special syrup made of passion fruit, forest berries, wildflower honey and brown sugar, the Platinum Passion makes Buddha Bar’s Gold Digger seem like moonshine.

The Presidential Election Goes to the Dogs

The Democratic Donkey and Republican Elephant have long reigned as the animal kings of politics, but in a country where dogs wear more expensive clothing than I do, it was only a matter of time before the canine population had their barks heard in the political arena. Thanks to Lori Lambert, creator of

Introducing Hollywood’s Newest Darling: Mary Jane

The latest phenomenon to take over the silver screen is not a budding actor or actress. It’s just bud. According to, despite the perenially raging war on drugs, marijuana has been lighting up (pun intended) the screen a lot recently, making frequent appearances in movies and TV shows. Having a TV show (Showtime’s “Weeds”) take on its namesake seemed to served as a launching point for pot’s acting career, and the progression to movies was only natural. After being featured in films like The 40-Year-Old Virgin and Knocked Up, pot is now taking on starring rolls (homonym also intended) in the upcoming movies Pineapple Express and The Wackness, both opening this summer. Whether or not you are part of the 6% of Americans who actually smoke it, pot can now be experienced by anyone checking out the latest stock of THC-filled comedies. To find out more about Mary Jane’s onscreen appearences, check out the full article at

Jane Hotel Offers Tiny Prices for Tiny Rooms

Hotel rooms in the West Village for under $100? As a now-cynical American disillusioned by rising gas prices and pretty much everything else, the thought of cheap accommodations in one of the un-cheapest parts of Manhattan seems farcically impossible. And when something seems too good to be true, it’s because it is.

Originally built a century ago to house sailors in its cabin-sized rooms, the Jane Hotel is re-opening its doors during its ongoing restoration. The rooms are 50 square feet — just enough space to fit a bed, three Mini-Mes, and 193 Lilliputians. The downers of communal bathrooms and cell-sized domiciles are dulled by the luxury of wi-fi and flatscreen TVs in each room. Located above nightlife hot-spot Socialista, the Jane Hotel offers nothing much aside from location, location, suffocation. But at hundo a night, we’ll take it.


Vampire Weekend for ‘Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Undead’

Last night, the Plaza Lobby Bar in the iconic Plaza Hotel in New York was invaded by vampires, or at least by actors who play vampires in the upcoming comedy/horror film, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Undead. Stars of the film, including Jake Hoffman (“Arrested Development”), Devon Aoki (Sin City), John Ventimiglia (“The Sopranos”), and Danny Masterson (“That ’70s Show”), mixed and mingled with the other 100 guests in attendance, partying the night away to beats provided by DJ Equal. The cast party celebrated the wrap of Rosencrantz, a movie that manages to intertwine Shakespeare, the Holy Grail, and the undead, all captured through the lens of the revolutionary Red One camera. Perhaps the vampire theme rubbed off on the partygoers, who stayed out all night and departed when the sun came up.

Super Sketchy


It’s been hotter than a Jessica Simpson Maxim cover in New York City, leaving many of us yearning for relief. While we can’t promise heat relief, perhaps some comic relief will do the trick. If you’re looking to laugh, chuckle, guffaw, or perhaps smirk this weekend, be sure to check out SketchFest NYC. The fourth annual sketch comedy festival started Thursday, with performances continuing through tomorrow night. Over 30 comedy acts are due to perform during this three day festival, which is taking place at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater. Acts include the Onion News Network, a satirical web series and podcast launched by The Onion, as well as The Sound of Young America, a public radio show and podcast that interviews various people from the world of entertainment and comedy. The last time we were at a sketchfest was at a rave about six Halloweens ago. But SketchFest NYC promises to be good, clean, fun. Emphasis on the clean.