Top 3: Gabriella Marina Gonzalez

“When my first boyfriend and I split in my early teens, my father, instead of giving me a typical cheer-up chat, said to me, ‘Well Gabriella, what did you expect? You’re difficult and extremely outspoken,'” explains Gabriella Marina Gonzalez. “I’ve always had a strong point-of-view about the things I hold true to and can only see it getting more intense as I get older.” With 2010 collections titled “Clothing for the Emotionally Dispossessed” (Spring/Summer) and “Victorian Sci-Fi Surgery” (Fall/Winter), there’s no question the London-based designer’s P.O.V. is purely her own. Just 24-years-old, her indisputable talent supersedes any doubts about her credibility. “I’ve been designing and sewing since I was very young, about 11. It was primitive, but a start nonetheless,” she says. “As much as I tried to express myself creatively in other fields, I always came back to design and body expression. It’s like a gun: the bullet will explode and land in many places but it still came from the same barrel.”

Comparing her vocation to a weapon suits Gonzalez well, given her interest in hard-to-swallow details. Take her FW10 handmade accessories collection, which has the fashion world abuzz thanks to a pair of mega platforms you practically need a helmet to ride. “The shoes are an entity of their own. It’s scary; they design themselves and then refuse to stop manifesting in my thought process until they materialize into something tangible. They’re interpreted by the viewer in ways beyond my control.” The collection also includes cyber fetish gear, like cut-out harnesses, arm and kneepads, and wraparound earrings that those with fear of snags dare not wear. “Maybe it’s indulgent, but I use designing as a way to release all my energy so as not to inflict it upon my loved ones. I have to channel my efforts creatively so I don’t fall into a destructive way of living—but that in itself can be beautiful also.” Through her craft, G.M.G. has found pleasure in pain. Call us masochists, but we want more.


1. Dominic JonesGold Claw Knuckleduster – “Modern day decadence. I like the juxtaposition of nitty-gritty meets upper crust. Dominic Jones is the creative zeitgeist of our time, as far as I’m concerned.”

2. Dr. MartensMonkey Boot – “Very ‘Spasticus Autisticus’ by Ian Dury and The Blockheads. These suit me.”

3. Malcolm McLarenFans – “This album was introduced to me by a family friend when I was 15. She’s a crazy alcoholic lesbian who likes to play dangerous liaisons with people and well, it was scary and she stuck with me. Watch the Madame Butterfly video.”