Mac x Rodarte No More

About a month ago controversy began brewing as a result of Rodarte having launched a makeup collaboration with MAC that took its inspiration from an unlikely place: Juarez, Mexico. Having cited the same town as an influence on the luxury fashion brand’s SS10 collection, Rodarte came under a firestorm of criticism for having referenced a factory town notorious for its violence and aggression against women. The Frisky was the first to call foul, but the call to arms became so robust that MAC and Rodarte eventually issued an apology and vowed to put proceeds towards the betterment of Juarez. But now it seems the controversy has become too much: MAC has pulled the line entirely; it will not be produced and it will not be sold in stores.

In other makeup collaboration news, actress Gabourey Sidibe is apparently hopping on the bandwagon with Bobbi Brown. The actress is rumored to be in talks to design her very own line of makeup. (Although, the catalyst to these rumors was merely Sidibe visiting Bobby Brown’s offices so it may be just as likely she’ll play spokesperson for a Bobbi Brown line as well.)

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Can Gabourey Sidibe Make SNL Good Again?

Precious star Gabourey Sidibe is set to host Saturday Night Live this coming weekend, and the promos look, well, decent. Unfortunately, in the current era of SNL suckage in which even Tina Fey’s episode contained minimal laughs, that is saying something.

Said promo features Sidibe and cast member Andy Samberg in a variety of cute comedic set-ups: Andy wants to marry Gabby, Gabby wants to kidnap Andy, Gabby uses an offer of emotional support as a ruse to get Andy to take off his pants, and Gabby does her best Bruce Willis impression. These would be decent enough jokes, if she could stop herself from smiling at the camera. Gabby, look: I know you are stoked to be playing yourself and not a superbummer character whose life sucks the most, but the joke is only funny if you commit.

And as glad as I am that Sidibe’s getting a chance to prove Howard Stern wrong about her career prospects and show off her funny side, I also fear the writers aren’t up to the task. After all, it’s not easy to come up with sketches based on a movie about rape, incest, child abuse and AIDS, which, taken together, are probably the least funny things in the world. I’m hoping the humor will stem more from playing the movie’s seriousness against Sidibe’s sunny personality and less from fat/black/whatever jokes, because those kinds of jokes are not usually good. But if they cast Sidibe in “Tiny Hooker: Part II“, I’ll watch it for sure.

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Gabourey Sidibe’s Prospects Surge After Oscar Loss

Last night, Gabourey Sidibe lost the Oscar for Best Actress to Sandra Bullock for her work in Miss Congeniality 3: When Orphans Strike. And although Sidibe’s name was clearly etched all over that $500 gold man, losing the Oscar for Best Actress is actually the best thing that could’ve happened to Sidibe. Her post-Precious prospects were always tenuous. Such territory tends to be so for any niche performer after Oscar season blows over and all we’re left with is the agonizing interim during which these sort of movies are chucked out to fill up studio coffers gone empty from a half-year of Oscar campaigning. Hollywood has imagined and reveled in someone like Sidibe in a critical context. But now they have to imagine her in a commercial context–the type which governs the box office nine or so months out of the year.

Essentially, an Oscar win for Sidibe last night would’ve been a double-edged slab of gold. On one hand, the Academy would’ve been saying, “Well done, Gaby. Your performance was the best, even more so than Meryl’s or Helen’s,” and on the other they’d be saying, “What’s that, Gaby? Oh no, you can’t do comedy! You do tortured and abused so well!” This award would’ve been Hollywood’s way of turning Sidibe–much to the disappointment of fans and spectators everywhere–into facsimiles of the single character that transformed her into such a breakout, but this time to make easy money.

Unlike Precious co-star Mo’Nique–whose cult-like status makes the Oscar something of a trinket to her, if anything–Sidibe’s newcomer status is not so unfamiliar. Performers like Whale Rider‘s Keisha Castle-Hughes and Maria Full of Grace‘s Catalina Sandino Moreno are cautionary tales for young breakouts who win Oscars for nichey roles. Mostly that, at their station in life, said performers can’t expect a flood of success. Sandino had to wait six years to join the Twilight franchise, which becomes her first commercial vehicle when Eclipse is released later this year.

Hollywood’s desire to pigeonhole Sidibe into tragic roles makes little sense. Which is why this loss goes a long way towards establishing Sidibe’s street cred without relegating her to the character actress class. Her bubbly confidence, the type which helped her deliver one of last night’s most memorable red carpet quips like “If fashion was porn, this dress would be the money shot,” goes a long way to that end too.

It also makes sense then that for future projects, Sidibe hasn’t been quiet about wanting to do projects that strike a balance between comedy and drama. Ideally, those would include a guest starring turn on ABC’s Modern Family and most naturally, anything by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. Thankfully, “Oscar nominee” is a résumé booster that easily could will such projects into existence.

The Supporting Actress Category: Oscar’s Token Race Card

When Sunday rolls around, you’ll likely find yourself face-down in a tray of seven layer dip, sangria pooling across the linoleum, with unattended Oscar Bingo cards being used to wipe up that mess. That’s because three hours these days is two hours too many for us to idly sit through any kind of Hollywood reach-around. But I’m not here to talk about coping mechanisms! I’m here to talk some more about the race card! It’s not a secret that the Academy Awards have a problem recognizing performers of color–but one can’t think the way they front-loaded the Supporting Actress category this year is their version of Affirmative Action: A too-late stab at course correction for a recent history of tokens in the Best Actress category. We should narrow our scope to Hollywood’s women, because it’s also no secret that the quality of roles for women generally suck more and further to nominees of the aughts because it’s the first era in our collective consciousness where we’ve become uncomfortably obsessed with political correctness (see Crash‘s unlikely upset.)

It’s not a lamentable trend that the Oscars are finally getting around to recognizing the work of actresses of color. This year, Penélope Cruz becomes something of an Oscar fixture, enjoying a nomination for her work in Nine, which compliments victories in the past: A 2008 win for Best Supporting Actress for her work in Vicky Christina Barcelona and a nomination as Best Actress for her work in Volver.

However, along with this good comes a new tide of bad: There are hints of a more unfortunate pattern emerging. Performers of color getting rewarded for pandering to stereotypical expectations. While their performances tend to blow you away, the material is often predictable.

This year’s most prominent example: While there’s no arguing Mo’Nique’s portrayal as Mary Jones in Precious was brilliantly terrifying, there’s also the fact that it’s the type of role that panders to the binary taste of the Academy: In the film, Jones is one-dimensional. She’s evil. In 2006, Jennifer Hudson won the award for essentially essaying a sassy underdog in Dreamgirls, but she was nominated alongside Adriana Barraza who played a beleaguered nanny threatened with deportation and Rinko Kikuchi who played a deaf-and-mute coquette–both in Babel. In 2003, the fantastic Shohreh Aghdashloo earned a nomination for a turn as a tragic, subservient Iranian housewife–a simplistic role she elevated to poetry.

All deserve every last accolade heaped on them. But ultimately, their performances become part of how the Academy may be creating an underclass for actresses of color: Where they are now legitimately expected to play stereotypes, with no one being held accountable for such negative progress.

A curious wrinkle this year: A Supporting Actress race this year that doesn’t include Avatar‘s Zoe Saldana. It’s a paradoxical role because while totally playing to racist stereotypes, it also calls for Saldana’s character to emerge as the film’s ultimate hero–in such a way that it almost emasculates Sam Worthington’s character in the last act of the film. More importantly, if you’re going to give Avatar the honor of a Best Picture nomination, you’ve got to recognize one of its principal players. And Saldana pulled off a miracle given such a soppy script.

But on the upside–and yes, there’s one!–there is some major progress happening across the Best Actress categories, albeit at a slow pace. As mentioned Cruz’s work for Volver earned a nomination in that category. As did Catalina Sandino Moreno’s turn as an unlikely drug mule in Maria Full of Grace. Most confounding though is Gabourey Sidibe’s nomination. Precious Jones is quite possibly one of the worst-written characters to emerge this past Oscar season. That said, Sidibe infuses such humanity, humility, and nuance into that character that it’s possible to get past the cliché and color and ruminate on the suffocating agony of the character itself.

It becomes clear then who should vault over Meryl Streep, Sandra Bullock, Carey Mulligan, and Hellen Mirren to collect the Best Actress prize.

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