Cult Artist Clayton Patterson on His Folk-Futuristic Collaboration with Siki Im

For cult Lower East Side artist Clayton Patterson, collaborating with designer Siki Im was a natural fit. Patterson’s work in embroidery requires a certain level of craftsmanship, it’s hands on and impossible to mass produce — one guy in Jersey is overseeing each individual stitch.

“That’s a big part of [Siki’s] aesthetic, is the craftsmanship,” says Patterson. “I know his style and his look, he has that sort of Asian, almost martial arts, kind of working people’s clothing, and high fashion, so it was an honor for me to work with him.”

Im’s all black collection receives punches of hyper bright colors — all Patterson’s own threads — done, as Patterson mentioned, by his guy in New Jersey. Patterson, along with his partner Elsa Rensaa, has been using this artisanal chainstitch embroidery method as a social commentary on the changes and gentrification of the neighborhood. This is their folk art.

“It’s interesting because [Siki’s designs are] sort of pre industrial in a way. This kind of embroidery is more like a craft, like folk art. Nowadays things are most things are all computer and are sort of just mass manufactured. This is a lot of hands on, craftsmanship, individually made,” said Patterson.

The two were introduced by a mutual friend who put together a recent show of Patterson’s on 9th Avenue, when Patterson and Im realized they had similar interests in the Lower East Side, skaters, hardcore bands, and Patterson’s LES imagery. The collaboration kicked off from there.

“Siki’s clothes remind me of traditional Asian clothes. I think that combination of ideas of ancestors, antique, preindustrial craftsmanship, handmade, all of that is part of this whole aesthetic.”

Siki Im’s collection is, as usual, completed in only natural materials. Cashmere, wool, cotton, and silk from Japan and Italy in all black allow Patterson’s vivid chainstitch embroideries to really pop and speak on Im’s collarless, lapel-less designs. Oversized, and cropped wide trousers paired with kimono overcoats, and crew necks with elongated sleeves create new, super elegant silhouettes. There’s an ease of movement to Im’s designs that allow the wearer total control over his immediate environment. The clothes speak for themselves as always, but this season they’re saying something extra.





Images courtesy of Siki Im


Behind the Scenes Photos of Anna Wintour, Nicki Minaj, Kendall Jenner + More Backstage at Marc Jacobs

Photos: Tracy Bailey Jr./

Sometimes life looks a little better in analog — not that the Marc Jacobs show needed any help. Check out eight polaroids of the shenanigans and love backstage at the Marc Jacobs show, exclusively from BFA, featuring Kendall Jenner, Anna Wintour, Sante D’Orazio, Hanne Gaby Odiele, Nicki Minaj, and Marc Jacobs himself.

Polaroids BTS at MARC JACOBS FW15 Show
Kendall Jenner

Polaroids BTS at MARC JACOBS FW15 Show
Nicki Minaj

Polaroids BTS at MARC JACOBS FW15 Show
Anna Wintour

Polaroids BTS at MARC JACOBS FW15 Show
Marc Jacobs

Polaroids BTS at MARC JACOBS FW15 Show
Edward Enninful

Polaroids BTS at MARC JACOBS FW15 Show
Hanne Gaby Odiele

Polaroids BTS at MARC JACOBS FW15 Show
Sante D’Orazio

Polaroids BTS at MARC JACOBS FW15 Show

Steal These 3 Styling Tricks from NYFW to Instantly Update Your Look

Eleonora Carisi on the street at NYFW. Photo: Julien Boudet/

Why wait for the fall collections to hit stores in 6-9 months? Grab the reigns and a pair of scissors — with these stylings tricks you’ll be so next season.

*As seen at Wes Gordon, Coach, and Pyer Moss
The bandana is back. Fasten one around your neck for an instant, Wild West-style update.
Courtesy of Coach

Wes Gordon New York RTW Fall Winter 2015 February 2015
Courtesy of Wes Gordon

*As seen at Jason Wu, Creatures of the Wind, Ohne Titel, Rodebjer, Donna Karan, Suno
The fur stole in two steps: 1) find a fur scarf then 2) throw it over your shoulder. Now you are ahead of the trends. And warm. Want bonus points? Belt it.
Courtesy of Creatures of the Wind

*As seen at Rosie Assoulin, Rodebjer, CG, Opening Ceremony
Pants were cropped and many were flared. Get the look now by taking a pair of scissors to an old pair of flared or wide leg denim jeans.
Courtesy of CG

Courtesy of Opening Ceremony

What You Need to Know About Peter Copping’s Oscar de la Renta Debut + See All 55 Looks

When was the last time you saw a French twist on a girl and thought, “How modern! So chic!” The phrase has images of business women of the ’90s in pinstriped skirt suits bouncing through my head. But then, with his debut collection at Oscar de la Renta, Peter Copping changed all that.

A French twist is exactly what hair stylist Guido Palau fashioned for the models in the fall 2015 collection show. Tight to the head with slight volume at the crown, the look ended up feeling easier and younger than expected. Simple, out of the way. Better than a messy bun.






The hair contrasted nicely with the makeup by Diane Kendal — a black, thick, exaggerated cat eye. Together with the hair, models like Kendall Jenner, Anna Ewers, Binx Walton, Caroline Trentini, Fei Fei Sun, Kati Nescher, Lindsey Wixson — it was a star model studded show — looked youthful, fun, and poised.

Copping’s debut was one everyone was watching — from the new guard seated on one side of the aisle, like Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift, to the OG socialites on the other, think Barbara Walters and Oscar’s widow Annette de la Renta. Copping, who came to the Oscar’s house from Nina Ricci, found a familiar face in stylist Alex White, who has styled Oscar de la Renta and also worked with Copping on styling his collections at Nina Ricci. White styled Copping’s debut for Oscar de la Renta as well.

The collection was beautiful — true to Oscar without bending too far into the category of straight tribute. It also felt like Copping, whose designs for Nina Ricci were feminine and pretty, just like Oscar’s. This collection felt tinged with a European air — there was more youth and sex than in a typical ODLR collection. The sheer lace panels did that. But you’ll find no complaints here. It’s a beautiful start.

1 ‘2






















































All photos courtesy of Oscar de la Renta

Backstage at Hood By Air: 26 Photos from Behind the Scenes

Photos: Leandro Justen/

The beauty and grooming at Hood By Air was as much talked about as Shayne Oliver‘s clothes for the fall/winter 2015 collection. Check out photos of the looks in progress, models posing backstage, and Oliver and crew getting ready for the show, below.

Check out our review of the show + runway photos here.

HOOD by AIR Fall 2015 Fall Show

HOOD by AIR Fall 2015 Fall Show

HOOD by AIR Fall 2015 Fall Show

HOOD by AIR Fall 2015 Fall Show

HOOD by AIR Fall 2015 Fall Show

HOOD by AIR Fall 2015 Fall Show

HOOD by AIR Fall 2015 Fall Show

HOOD by AIR Fall 2015 Fall Show

HOOD by AIR Fall 2015 Fall Show

HOOD by AIR Fall 2015 Fall Show

HOOD by AIR Fall 2015 Fall Show

HOOD by AIR Fall 2015 Fall Show

HOOD by AIR Fall 2015 Fall Show

HOOD by AIR Fall 2015 Fall Show

HOOD by AIR Fall 2015 Fall Show

HOOD by AIR Fall 2015 Fall Show

HOOD by AIR Fall 2015 Fall Show

HOOD by AIR Fall 2015 Fall Show

HOOD by AIR Fall 2015 Fall Show

HOOD by AIR Fall 2015 Fall Show

HOOD by AIR Fall 2015 Fall Show

HOOD by AIR Fall 2015 Fall Show

HOOD by AIR Fall 2015 Fall Show

HOOD by AIR Fall 2015 Fall Show

HOOD by AIR Fall 2015 Fall Show

HOOD by AIR Fall 2015 Fall Show


10 Dumb Outfits #NYFW Street Stylers Wore in the Freezing Cold

Photo: Julien Boudet/

New York during Fashion Week in February is exciting, glamorous, and…freezing. With arctic blast after arctic blast hitting the island like a wrecking ball, it’s hard to remember a time when a Moncler puffer was not needed. For these fashion loving street walkers, weather seems to not be an issue. If you’re truly dedicated to the art of wearing fashion, the elements of the world just seem to disappear! Impractical things miraculously become practical and freezing temperatures magically heat up. All jokes aside, we just hope that all of these #NYFW attendees don’t spend too much time posing for photos and get themselves inside by a fireplace stat. (Watch the faux furs, they are highly flammable.)

1. I guess we should just start saying “It’s spring somewhere” instead of “It’s 5-o-clock somewhere.” #NumbLegsNEW YORK FASHION WEEK #NYFW Street Style - DAY 4Photo: Julien Boudet/ 

2. We’re not in Beverly Hills anymore, miss Gigi my love. Cover up that amazing body. Sorry, it’s cold. NEW YORK FASHION WEEK #NYFW Street Style - DAY 2Photo: Julien Boudet/

3. We know the fashion industry is tough, but this takes it to an entirely new level.  NEW YORK FASHION WEEK #NYFW Street Style - DAY 5Photo: Julien Boudet/

4. Should’ve asked that Ouija Board on your clutch if you should’ve worn pants out. It would’ve say YES. #NumbLegsNEW YORK FASHION WEEK #NYFW Street Style - DAY 4Photo: Julien Boudet/

5. What beautiful intricate leather gloves…until you scuff a model and make her bleed. MADE FASHION WEEK presents: LEXUS Street Style - DAY SIXPhoto: Ryan Kobane/

6. When it feels like -11 degrees outside the last thing you want to feel is your bare arms! In which case you wouldn’t if you were the girl on the right, because they would go numb. #NumbArms NEW YORK FASHION WEEK #NYFW Street Style - DAY 5Photo: Julien Boudet/

7. Lucky’s editor doesn’t need snow boots to play in the snow. She doesn’t even need pants! #NumbLegs NEW YORK FASHION WEEK #NYFW Street Style - DAY 3Photo: Julien Boudet/

8. I got a blank space baby, and ill write your name. #NumbLegs NEW YORK FASHION WEEK #NYFW Street Style | DAY 3Photo: Leandro Justen/

9. I get you’re trying to pull off the gladiator look, but gladiators wore a lot more armor than that! #NumbLegs NEW YORK FASHION WEEK #NYFW Street Style - DAY 4Photo: Julien Boudet/

10. Spotted: Lily Van Der Woodsen not wearing pants in below freezing weather with a mystery man who is NOT Rufus. #NumbLegs NEW YORK FASHION WEEK #NYFW Street Style | DAY 3Photo: Leandro Justen/

5 of the Chicest Brock Looks to Make You Feel Really, Really Good

Anyone who has been in the presence of truly sumptuous, smartly simple materials tailored and knit into beautiful, luxurious, wearable pieces knows that feeling, that sigh of relaxation; you’ve found it, this is what you’re meant to be wearing. That happens when I walk into the High Line Room at the Standard on Monday for Brock Collection‘s FW15 presentation. Wearable, comfortable looking, and completely chic.

After eyeing each piece up and down, I make my way for Laura Vassar, one half of Brock (the other is her husband Kris Brock,) to catch up.

“When I saw you I was pregnant but I didn’t know it!” Laura tells me. “We had a baby two months ago. We were creating the collection at the same time that we were having a child. And that was the most intimate experience that you can ever have.”

I can only think to myself how intense that sounds — these two are bonded in more ways than one.

“As we were going through having a newborn and creating this, it felt really intimate and close to us in a way that, you want to put on the most luxurious fabrics,” Vassar continued. “The quality of life — when you have a child, it puts everything into perspective. This is a life that we just created, that’s so special.”

Her takeaway from the experience?

“You have to value life. You have to be able to wear 100% cashmere. You have to wear the finest things that make you feel really good. That’s what inspired this collection — we wanted to make sure that women feel good in everything that they’re wearing.”

And that is a notion we can get behind. These are the chicest looks from the FW15 collection — make sure you take a closer look at the Mongolian fur coat, the leather shirting, those metallic tweed pants, and that 100% cashmere…






Photos by Peter Goldman/courtesy of Brock Collection

Ambisexual Dressing for Anonymous Pimps and Prisoners: Hood By Air Fall/Winter 2015

Photo: Leandro Justen/

As the lights went up in the stripped bare Wall Street setting on a frozen Sunday morning, the loudspeakers blared an audio clip from Empire, “I want to show you a faggot,” remixed over jazz and classical music. The Hood By Air FW15 show had begun, and first up was a semi anonymous model, face blurred and obscured by a stocking that smushed features together in an almost clown-like fashion, the association helped along by hair styling and tonal differences between stocking and skin.

For more fashion week coverage, click here.


This was not quite the affair Shayne Oliver showed for his label last season, with appearances by giant dogs and artists like Boychild. The scene was set this time by a custom floral Regimes de Fleurs fragrance wafted through the location, and the clothes spoke all on their own. Oliver’s inspiration stemmed from the pimps of the ’70s, prisoner uniforms (as evidenced by the color orange in the collection,) and as always, ambisexual dress.

Check out 26 photos from backstage at Hood By Air by clicking here.

Whether it was impressed upon the models to walk this way or necessitated by the stage, Hood By Air’s men and women walked with their eyes cast downward, shy, with in the case of one or two looks, with a little bit of difficulty.

The show featured both men and women, but either could have been anyone — most sported grills under lock and key (gimp mask-like,) stockinged faces, and the ambisexual cuts and tailoring for which Hood By Air is known. Slits in dresses shown on male models were taken to new heights. There were also mini skirts and mullet hemlines in the mix, and plenty of deconstructed fur — there was the pimp reference. Reference to bondage was there in details vaguely resembling corsetry, giant logos over layers of fur restricted movement. The knife pleated pants ballooned out nicely.




Watch Moncler’s Entire #LoveFactory Presentation, in Case You’re in Need of Some Extra Lovin’…

Photo courtesy of Moncler

Moncler is always a fashion week treat — whether it’s a flash mob in Grand Central or a symphonic treat at Hammerstein Ballroom — and this year’s show, which fell on Valentine’s Day, was no different. In theme with the holiday, the collection presentation showed Moncler-clad couples… even a winter bride and groom. Take a look below.