Mutual Appreciation: Ellie Goulding and Fun. Cover Each Other

It turns out all of the people that the kids are listening to these days are listening to each other. Grammy winners fun. (Fun.? Or, I dunno, how about just Fun) covered Ellie Goulding’s "Anything Could Happen," while Goulding covered the trio’s "Some Nights." Both renditions are stripped-down versions of the original songs, and I can tell you that Goulding’s "Some Nights" is about forty percent less annoying than the original. Listen below.

[via VH1 Tuner]

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Things We Will Probably Read on the Internet Today About the Golden Globes

So the Golden Globes happened. We laughed, we cried, we rolled our eyes, we got really judgey about some people. And now, you’re probably gonna read about it. Here’s what you should probably be prepared to read about. For best effect, this can be turned into a fun scavenger hunt for your lunchtime reading/Internet browsing.

– 5,000 Words About How I Feel About Lena Dunham
– 5,000 Words Telling You How You Should Feel About Lena Dunham
– 5,000 Words Equating Lena Dunham With The Entire American Population Ages 18-29
– A Brief History of Lindsay Lohan’s Award Show Livetweets (Slideshow) 
– Some Really Ill-Conceived and Hasty Pitch Paralleling Jodie Foster’s Coming Out/Not Coming Out to Frank Ocean’s
– Really, E!? A Mani-Cam? 
– It’s The Year of Strong Female Characters… Again! Who’da Thunkit? Women! 
– Why Do People Love Anne Hathaway So Much?
– Why Do People Hate Anne Hathaway So Much? 
– Did You Know Lena Dunham Is Dating The Guy From fun.? 
– Tina Fey and Amy Poehler Were Gravely Underused
– Tina Fey and Amy Poehler Fan Fiction (YOUR MOVE, TUMBLR)
– Gossip Blog Interprets Taylor Swift’s Side-Eye to Adele As Bitchy Cat-Fight Between Two Pop Megastars Because LADIES, AMIRITE?
– Damian Lewis, Jessica Chastain and the Year of the Redhead 
– Does Tommy Lee Jones Ever Smile?
– We All Know Zosia Mamet Is The Real Star Here Let’s Stop Kidding Ourselves
– Something Something Something Lena Dunham
– An Oral History of the Movie Nell
– 25 Other Times Jodie Foster Has Trolled Us About Her Sexual Orientation (Slideshow)

And a whole lot devoted to this:

It’s December, Which Means It’s Time For End-Of-The-Year Mixtapes

End of the year listicles are a weird double-edged sword—yeah, they can be seen as agenda-setting and the discourse around them mind-numbing (“Where is [Album I Liked]?” “Why is [Album I Hated] on this list?”), but they’re also a great way to catch up on the good stuff you might have missed over the past year. For those who can’t stand all that clicking and reading, end-of-the-year mixtapes are a tolerable and dance party-ready substitute.

Hype Machine, instead of doing the whole end-of-the-year listicle thing, enlisted a pair of popular dance party curators to do their 2012 mixes, Major Lazer and the Hood Internet. The former, in addition to the international jamz with which Major Lazer are associated, features hits from Kendrick Lamar, Usher, TNGHT, and Hot Chip, as well as some of their own tracks from this year, including a sped-up “Original Don” and the wub-happy collaboration with Flux Pavilion, “Jah No Partial.” Chicago duo The Hood Internet feature Kanye West, Usher, Nicki Minaj, Future, and Chief Keef, among others, and both mixes feature iterations of M.I.A.’s “Bad Girls.”

DJ Daniel Kim takes a more pure pop approach to his end-of-the-year mix, which features some of the biggest singles of the year, with videos to match. More than 50 tracks from the forgettable (“Payphone,” that Flo Rida whistle song) to some particularly choice jams—you may have forgotten “Call Me Maybe,” Grammys, but the Danthology certainly did not. Fun.’s “We Are Young” gets mixed with tracks from Katy Perry and Nelly Furtado, and what’s amazing is how immensely improved all three become.

The only end-of-the-year mix that seems conspicuously missing is DJ Earworm, who has been delivering a mega-mashup pop music State of the Union of sorts for years along the lines of Danthology. But we’re sure he’ll have something along soon. In the meantime, put these on your New Year’s Eve playlist.

Don’t Worry, Everyone: That Louis C.K. ‘SNL’ Episode Is Still On

Prior to the onslaught of Hurricane Sandy, many artists and comedians, including Louis C.K., canceled gigs so that people would, you know, stay safe in their homes and not drown to go to a gig. In the wake of the storm though, the "show must go on" mentality is returning, and quite a few late-night TV show hosts continued with their late-night shows, even without their studio audiences to marvel at their topical humor and musical guests. 

Those who have their power back by Saturday (knock on wood, as many of y’all as possible) will still be able to watch Louis C.K.’s awaited Saturday Night Live episode, which will still go on, with musical guest fun. This will probably involve an all-hurricane Weekend Update, which will hopefully give Seth Meyers another great opportunity to rip into Donald Trump. Anyway, SNL has released all the Louis C.K. promos, including one Sandy-themed one (with lots of wind tunnels and water and frustrated cursing), some cheesy Halloween-type skits and lots of Louie looking at the camera. 

New York’s Top Halloween Parties

All dressed up with no place to go? (Gasp!) That just might be one of the scariest things to happen this Halloween. This is your one chance to be someone you’re not, so you better get your partially-exposed butt and painted face out there to a party. Looking to hook up, get high, dance like mad, or party like a sophisticate? Then check out our list of New York’s top Halloween parties in 2012. They all have in common one thing: OPEN BAR. So go! Drink! Flirt! Dance! And completely become that which you are not – for a night.

Louis C.K. To Host ‘Saturday Night Live’

Louis C.K. is set to for his first-ever hosting gig on Saturday Night Live on November 3 with musical guest Fun, says The Hollywood Reporter.

All I have to say about this is that I hope he doesn’t sing and dance in the opening monologue, because that’s just going to be awkward.  It will be a sooner return to TV than waiting around for his FX show, Louie, which is on extended hiatus. "I don’t want it to be making the doughnuts. I want it to keep being something that comes from somewhere fun and important, and I want it to stay funny. It’s a luxury that I asked for, which is more time to create Season 4," C.K. told a reporter from the New York Times. C.K. has also been crisscrossing the country on a comedy tour.

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What Does It Mean That I Know Who Lena Dunham Is Dating?

For one thing, there’s officially no surplus room in my mind for additional information.

For another, it means my media diet is completely fucked. Do you want to know how I found out that Lena Dunham, the auteur behind a movie (Tiny Furniture) and TV show (Girls) I’ve never seen, and Jack Antonoff of the band Fun, whose name I refuse to quirkily punctuate and whose album I’ve heard maybe three times, are dating? It was a link from The New York Post’s Page Six, retweeted by the n+1 interns. That I clicked on. Willingly.

And what, knowing this shard of trivia, do I really know? That two people, somewhere out there, have had sex a few times and will continue to do so? Now there is an a priori truth—a fact quite empty of meaning. Sure, the names adhere to specific referents, but as I know nothing of the people themselves beyond what artistic traditions and recent trends they currently seem to represent, it’s symbols about symbols. There is no solid ground. I’m drowning in the void of reality.

Don’t save me.    

The Week In Covers: Sufjan Embraces His Inner Judy, ?uestlove Does Fela and More

Selections from the week in bands performing songs by other bands, for your weekend listening pleasure:

fun. – “Call Me Maybe”

The two most ubiquitous musical entities of your Memorial Day Weekend, together at last. Son of The Format fun. reworked Carly Rae Jepsen’s almighty earworm during a session for a Dutch radio station.

The fun (ironically) and bounciness of the original is lost here, but they get points for effort for using a synth to attempt to recreate the strings effect. The strings, man. 

Sufjan Stevens & Nico Muhly – “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”

“I used to think this song was about outer space, but after this week, I think it’s actually about Australia,” goes the intro for this appropriately atmospheric reworking of Judy Garland’s classic. If you ever thought The Wizard Of Oz needed more vocoder, well, this is the video for you, friend.

Bruce Springsteen – “When I Leave Berlin”

When 55,000 people come out to see your show, you’d better have something special planned. When you’re Bruce Springsteen, figuring out what to do wasn’t difficult: he opened the Berlin installment of the Wrecking Ball tour with a rendition of British folk singer Wizz Jones’ “When I Leave Berlin.” This one is worth sticking through to the end to watch The Boss’ high-energy, spiritual revival-meets-Bavarian folk outro.

Stooshe – “Waterfalls”

Stooshe is a new British teen R&B trio who were up for the BBC’s Sound of 2012 award. Citing TLC as an influence, they performed an acoustic rendition for The harmonies are very nice, but it doesn’t pack the emotional punch of the original. They’ve got time, though.

?uestlove, tUnE-yArDs, Angelique Kidjo and ?uestlove – “Lady”

The Roots’ drummer, a Pazz and Jop favorite, a Grammy Award-winning multilingual multitasker and a transatlantic emcee got together to record Afrobeat legend Fela Anikulapo Kuti’s classic “Lady” for [RED]’s “Rush To Zero” campaign.

The beat is typical Fela funk delivered finely, but what makes this one so fascinating is the variety of voices heard, blending together while each contributing their own added layer to Fela’s track—the interplay between Merrill Garbus and Angelique Kidjo is irresistible and Akua Naru’s rap just brings it home. The Black President would have been proud.