A Drink With A View: NYC’s Best Bars On The Water

A drink with a view? Yes, please. When you can find a place in New York to sip a beer outside, gaze at the skyline on the rivers, and not pay $4,000+ rent for it – you hold on to that seat for dear life. Here are NYC’s best bars on the water.

The Frying Pan: this former lightship, now anchored by Chelsea Piers at Pier 66a, is a true "dive" bar, having spent years shipwrecked at the bottom of Chesapeake Bay. Resting right on the Hudson River, Frying Pan grants you crisp beers and cocktails, and some One World Trade Center, Empire State, and Hoboken eye-candy. 

Watermark Bar: new and just-opened, this bar on Pier 15 at South Street Seaport comes equipped with frothy strawberry margaritas, Vermont-cheddar bacon cheeseburgers, and a view of the crystalline-lit Brooklyn Bridge and East River. It’s a backdrop for falling in love, so enter with caution.

STK Rooftop: Do you like lobster rolls and Hudson River sunset views? At the Meatpacking’s most in-demand rooftop at the top of its sexy steakhouse, you get watermelon cucumber cocktails, and a view of the Hudson, the majestic Standard Hotel, and the cobblestone, stiletto-ridden streets below. 

Boat Basin Café: This circular bar on the Upper West Side is like a Shakespearean theatre-in the-round, offering stone, vaulted walls and ceilings, a fountain, and a far-off look at the George Washington Bridge on the stone terrace.

Beekman Beer GardenOh, for heaven’s sake. A bar in South Street Seaport with an actual floor of sand, white couches, ping-pong, and an up-close view of the Brooklyn Bridge? Let’s stay the night.

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All Points West Hangover: What We Learned from Liberty City

All Points West, and all of its muddy, stylish, musical glory, has ended. What’s left of Liberty City can only be described as a term Chris Martin coined during his closing set: “a mud jacuzzi.” It’s only the second year for the young festival, and already we’ve witnessed vast improvements, including more booze options, interesting sponsor gimmicks, and a continued growth in lineup quality. I could sit here and wax poetic on the Rita’s Italian Ices, Twix breaks, the H & M golf ball shaped tent, feeling at one with nature (and whatever else was in the sludge) and basic spiritual awakenings, but I’ll let other concert goers who also got down and dirty, do the dirty work.

Ben Barna Who were you most excited to see? Jay-Z. Best performance? Jay-Z. Perks to having a VIP ticket? I didn’t have a VIP ticket, but the media pass got me backstage, partly I think, because security just didn’t care enough to stop me. Most memorable part of the festival? Eating Karen O’s leftover salad. Beers. Food. Reasonably priced? No. $6 for a slice of pizza and $7 for a small cup of bud is in no way reasonable. Thankfully, $7 for a pint of Smirnoff is. Worst thing about commuting to the park? Nothing. The ferry ride was much cheaper this year and very convenient. What needs to improve for next year? Just the lineup!

Eiseley Tauginas Who were you most excited to see? Arctic Monkeys. Best performance? The Ting Tings. Worst performance? My Bloody Valentine. The sound system sucked on the main stage for this performance. I think I busted an eardrum and I wasn’t even relatively close to the stage. Most memorable part of the festival? People went nuts during Tokyo Police. Great crowd response. Also, people watching. More goth freaks this year. Strangest festival fare? Butterfly Fries. They were not fries at all! It was a giant plate of potato chips. Best festival food? Chicken fingers. I’m a traditionalist. Worst thing about commuting? The ferry line on the way back (but we skipped, because I was backstage like a baller). Did go out after? Tried to go to Frying Pan, to keep the “I’m on a boat” energy- post-ferry, but almost fell asleep at the bar. What they improved on from last year? Beers! Seven beers rather than five like last year. Also, it was easier to locate APW volunteers and staffers to ask questions. Last year I walked around for what seemed like hours wondering, “Who works here?” What needs to improve before next year? The “designated drinking area”. Ridiculous.

Cayte Grieve Who were you most excited to see? Jay-Z. Best performance? Coldplay. I felt like I really connected with the audience, and I felt like the band really connected with us. Surprisingly good show? Silver Sun Pickups. Their show was great, but the mosh pit that broke out for them made it especially wonderful. It set the mood for the rest of the day. What surprised you overall about the festival? That it was even better in the rain. It was way too hot on Saturday. Friday was just a muddy shit show. Sunday was a nice mix. Beers. Food. Reasonably priced? I sussed out some good deals. The vegetarian lo-mein was only $4. But then again, who eats Chinese food at an outdoor festival? Meanwhile, I expected the beers to be more expensive than $7. Perks to buying a VIP ticket? When I arrived solo on Sunday, there was a 45 minute wait to get in. With the black wristband, I got to breeze right in. Most memorable part of the festival? Karen O. She’s just magic to watch. I rocked out harder than I did for anything else. Also, Coldplay’s cover of Billie Jean, and Jay-Z’s freestlye. Worst thing about the commute? Does the ferry have to be so expensive every day? They should sell a 3 day pack. Did you do anything before? Baogette Did you do anything after? The novelty of being covered in mud was just too much fun, so we decided to go to fancy places. We had a martini at Delmonico’s although it was pretty much closed. One night we went to Hudson Bar and Books. What needs to improve before next year? More sponsors. I found the free Twix, free American Spirits, and the cool H & M tents to be a refreshing way to break up the day- and it made the products memorable.