Beauty Junkie: Turn Off The Lights and Glow

It’s Friday, the end of a long week. You are likely sitting at your desk trying to figure out what plans you are going to follow through with tonight. The evening looks like it’s going to be a clear one with no sign of rain for at least a few days. Those cold winter days are behind us and you’ve probably hung up your puffy coat for the season. The layers are shedding and if you are looking for a way to captivate the masses tonight (which you should be), take a look at this week’s Beauty Junkie for all the right tips to glow and flow around this city tonight. After you have jotted down everything you need to pick up at Sephora, sink in deep with the mesmerizing video shot in conjunction with this story, featuring the track "The Hours" by London-based artist Lapalux. Lapalux just released his first full length LP Nostalchic, so while you’re prepping to hit the town you might want to throw this on as well. 

Hallelujah! ‘Never Sleep Alone’ Returns to NYC Friday

NYC’s fuckability factor just rose 60 points – and it’s not just because you moved here. With the return this Friday of Never Sleep Alone – the hit show that helps get you laid – countless New Yorkers are now on their way to never sleeping alone every Friday night, from now until Nov. 2nd, so please plan accordingly (i.e. wash your bed sheets). And in celebration of the special opening night performance, this Friday’s 9:30pm show at Joe’s Pub is Black Tie-optional, and includes luxury limo service for the entire audience to the after-party at a very secret and sexy new club.

Just to re-cap: Never Sleep Alone is The New York Times-acclaimed show led by sexual psychologist and music therapist Dr. Alex Schiller. The Dr.performs sex-infused pop songs, dispenses golden advice from her book Get Laid or Die Trying, and encourages mingling and on-stage make outs between all the rows and legions of single people in attendance. If you’re feeling timid or you’re with a date, just sign up for the more expensive “voyeur” seat in the back and watch the action unfold while you wish you were single again.

The details of this special opening night performance mean several things:

  1. It’s Black Tie-optional, ensuring that already hot people are going to look even hotter
  2. Free limo service from Joe’s Pub to The Very Secret and Sexy New Club ensures optimal bonding time and rendezvous in the leathered corners, and
  3. The cocktails from both the show and after-party locations make every bit of this all the easier!

So if you’re ready to share your bed and get laid in it too, buy a ticket, get dressed up, and make your way to Joe’s Pub this Friday. And if you’re not ready to do that yet then, well, you’re selfish and deserve to be alone. Forever.

Your Daily Guide To Trending Topics

Every day there are some topics that are trending. Since many of them don’t make sense, we provide easy contextualization. Also, this way, you won’t actually have to know anything about anything.

John Edwards

Google searchers are feeling real political this morning as they seek out news about one-time Presidential hopeful and hot-for-politics bad guy John Edwards. The news they’re after is about how Edwards was acquitted Thursday on one count of corruption and had the good luck that a mistrial was declared regarding five other counts. Also, it’s unlikely the philandering haircut enthusiast will be retried. "I want to make sure that everyone hears from me and from my voice that while I do not believe I did anything illegal or ever thought I was doing something illegal, I did an awful, awful lot that is wrong," the disgraced pol said. "And there is no one else responsible for my sins." 

National Donut Day

For a country supposedly at war with obesity, we’ve got a funny way of doing things. But nevertheless, it’s National Donut Day and people are searching the Internet to find out what that means for them. Mostly it’s a free donut with the purchase of any beverage at Dunkin’ Donuts and the opportunity to talk to coworkers about moronic imaginary holidays. Still, enjoy yourself—they’re donuts, not fountain soda

Star Wars 1313

We’d say that nerds have taken over Yahoo!, but they’ve really always been there. It’s just that today they’re searching for news about Star Wars 1313, a video game supposedly set to be announced at the big E3 gaming conference. The game allows people with bad social skills to focus on the Star Wars character of Boba Fett, a bounty hunter, while never changing out of sweats.

Rebecca Black

Remember “Friday,” the song that took the web by storm and made a martyr and sensation out of remarkably untalented singer Rebecca Black? Well, it wasn’t enough for her. Now the Californian is getting involved in, what else, the Mexican presidential elections. I personally think that it is very important for youth and teens to be so involved in politics," Black said in a promotional video for Institutional Revolutionary Party candidate Enrique Peña Nieto. "Even though I’m only 14 and won’t be able to vote for another four years, you don’t want to be 18 and not know anything about what you are going to vote about."


Twitter is lit up with donut news, of course, but its less hungry users are busy telling one another what it is that ruins the mood for them. As you can imagine, it’s illuminating.

Turn Off 4

Turn Off 3

Turn Off 2

Turn Off 1



Hello, Weekend! Friday Brunches Begin at Kingswood

Summer Fridays. Ahhhh. We get out of work earlier, we take more Fridays off, and we drink and dine outside until we’re kicked off the curb. In preparation for the season, and in celebration of spring, Kingswood has introduced the monster of all brunches: the THREE-DAY BRUNCH. 

Kingswood – a beloved little ivy-covered nook in the West Village – understands our want for leisurely dining in warm weather, hours/days off from work, and homemade banana bread. Starting March 23rd, this American-Australian earthy spot is opening its doors every Friday, extending their lauded brunch to three days and welcoming brunchers looking to start the weekend early – and right!
And by “right,” we do mean “with a Canadian lobster roll” brunch special; or perhaps "the pork fritter sandwich with watercress;” or maybe even our favorite: the fried egg sandwich alongside a basket of nutella and vanilla-sugared mini-doughnuts.
Does this sound like something that interests you? Yeah? Then head to Kingswood on Fridays from 11am-4pm, and start that weekend!

Rebecca Black Makes Cameo in Katy Perry’s ‘Last Friday Night’ Video

Katy Perry is taking a whack at comedy with her upcoming “Last Friday Night” video, wherein she adapts a nerdy alter ego, Katy Beth Terry. If you’re going to make a silly spoof video about a song with ‘Friday’ in the title, it would make sense to include the object of your derision, in this case tween hate-object Rebecca Black, right? Right. From Perry’s 35-second video teaser, we know that Black makes a cameo for approximately 5 seconds, and we can only hope there’s more Black to come.

Perry introduced her geeky 13-year-old alias in this short clip.

Then she gave a short preview of the “Last Friday Night” video in this even shorter clip. Look out for Rebecca Black on the couch at the 15 sec mark.

An Interview with Benni Cinkle, the Unsung Hero of ‘Friday’

A legend in its own time, the “Friday” video is most closely associated with Rebecca Black, its star and raison d’être. But the deluge of publicity surrounding the viral tune hasn’t been limited to Black alone; the girl who sits to her right in the car and wears pink is also becoming something of an Internet celeb. Benni Cinkle is the star of many an animated GIF, and I stumbled upon her website the other night on a friend’s Facebook wall. She also has a Tumblr and about 5,000 more Twitter followers than I have. After about 12 emails with her PR team and manager and three or four phone calls, I finally got the California eighth grader on the phone.

It seems like you’ve got all this Internet mojo now. I was looking at your website and your Tumblr. Whose idea was it to make those? My Tumblr first came about because when I went to school, people were telling me my face was on their dashboard, and they told me to make a Tumblr. And so I made one, and I got help starting it. And there were actually a lot of people who were reblogging my face and the picture of me dancing. We made a Facebook and a Twitter, and then we made the website because we just wanted a place for people to come and donate when I did my dance for Japan.

How many Tumblr followers do you have? I have just under 40,000.

That’s a lot! On to the “Friday” video: Were you and Rebecca Black friends before filming it? Yeah, she emailed her friends and asked us to be in the video.

So all the kids in the video are friends from school? Yeah.

Tell me about the shoot. We did it in just one day. We got to her house at 10 in the morning and shot the whole thing in one day. We finished around 8 o’clock.

Did you have fun? Yeah it was a lot of fun. If it wasn’t our scene we would just hang out in her backyard and talk. It was as if we were just hanging out, except every once in a while we’d have to go shoot a scene.

What was your favorite part of shooting? I think it was watching the other people do their scenes, because they kept messing up and had to do it over and over. [Laughs] I just liked watching them mess up, I guess. It was funny.

Are you and Rebecca still friends? We don’t talk as much anymore. Especially now because she dropped out of our school and she’s getting homeschooled. So I don’t really talk to her anymore.

But you’re still in school, right? Yeah, I’m still in school.

How did the kids at school react to the video? They were talking about if for the first week after it hit, and they would sing it to Rebecca and bring it up whenever they were talking to her. But now it’s kind of died down. I only hear it from a few kids I don’t really know. Like, that’s the only way that they know me. So every time I walk by them it’s like, “Oh you’re the Friday girl!” and I’m like yeah, you’ve known that for like a month now. It doesn’t bother me.

You’re very famous for your dance moves. What’s your favorite music to dance to? Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga.

Are you a big Justin Bieber fan? Oh yeah, I’m a big Justin Bieber fan.

Do you think you’ll make your own video? Yeah, I’m actually recording a song soon that I wrote a while ago. I don’t know if you’ve heard of the website Six Billion Secrets? It’s where people post their deepest darkest secrets. And it make me cry because a lot of them were about child abuse, so I wrote a song about it. I showed my mom the song and she was like, “Wow, that’s really meaningful” and so now we’re going in to record it soon and there’s gonna be a video for it.

Will that be with the same people who made Rebecca’s video? No, I don’t think so.

So you’re doing it with a different company. Yeah, but we haven’t chosen a producer yet.

Do you want to be in show business when you grow up? Yeah, it’s always been a dream of mine ever since I was a little girl that I wanted to be famous, that I wanted to be a singer. But I never really thought I would pursue that. Other than that I wanted to be a lawyer or psychiatrist. But now that this kinda hit, I’m taking on that dream that’s been in the back of my mind. I’m seeing where it will go.

What grade are you in now? Eighth? Yeah, I’m almost in high school.

That’s exciting. It’s scary!

What do you do for fun outside of school? I’m going to do volleyball in high school. I also paint a lot and take guitar lessons.

What’s your favorite day of the week? Oh my gosh, I get asked this a lot. You know honestly, my favorite day of the week is Saturday. I like Fridays but at school we have to run the mile on Fridays so that kind of brings it down.

That’s a bummer! In your FAQ on YouTube, you said that people on the Internet had asked you to marry them. What does that mean? Like on Facebook. I go through probably 3 or 4 husbands or wives a week. I told everyone I’d marry them all and i didn’t expect all these people to want to marry me! So now i have to keep my promise.

What’s the biggest way your life has changed since this video? Probably just that my schedule has been changed. When I come home from school, I go online and get on my Twitter, my Tumblr, my Facebook, and I talk to everyone. I didn’t used to have to do that. I used to go on Facebook and Twitter just because I wanted to, and I still want to, but now it’s more of a priority.

What do your parents think of all this? They support me. They’re really supportive of the things I’m doing. They help me when there’s something I don’t know how to respond to – they help me develop a response to something. I can’t stress enough how supportive they are.

Do you ever want to go back to the way things were before “Friday”? Not really. I really love going online and it’s so nice to feel all this love and I know a lot of people don’t have that, they don’t have people who love them. There are kids out there who don’t have a lot of love. I feel so grateful.

Rebecca Black Will Be Richer Than You

Here’s some heartening news: Despite the fact that feedback on her famously awful “Friday” video made Rebecca Black cry, the 13-year-old is now a millionaire. The song has gotten over 2 million downloads on iTunes and an astronomical number of YouTube hits. Forbes crunched the numbers. She’s crying all the way to the bank!

Rebecca Black is probably going to rake in over $1 million this year. Pretty good return on her parents’ investment of $2,000, and Rebecca’s investment of a video that will be absolutely mortifying in three years when her parents bring it out at parties.

Don’t get all snobby about Rebecca’s newfound riches — this is awesome. She deserves it for the all the nation-wide bullying she’s received since “Friday” dropped. Although, I sincerely hope there’s no contract with “label” Ark Music Factory that would sign over most of cash to them. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was.

Her mother has said that Rebecca’s first earnings will go to Japan disaster relief and school arts organizations. She’s also planning to record an acoustic version of “Friday” to show the world that her voice does not require aggressive AutoTuning. She told the Daily Beast, “I want to show people there’s more to me than they think.” I just want to give her a big hug and tell her that, soon, adolescence will be over, and she’ll realize that this singing thing is sort of silly and that she really wants to be a doctor or something.

Then again, if that duet with Justin Bieber works out, this could be an extended juggernaut. In the end, he’s not much less silly than she is. He just has better producers and a close personal relationship with Usher.

I leave you with my favorite “Friday” cover so far: