Emmanuelle Alt, Anja Rubik Sing Wham! for French ‘Vogue’

Just when you thought Emmanuelle Alt couldn’t possibly get any cooler, she goes ahead and does something spectacular like this. To promote the relaunch of Vogue.fr, the fashion rag released an awesomely ’80s-inspired music video that features the French Vogue editor-in-chief, fashion vet Mademoiselle Agnès, and models Anja Rubik, Karmen Pedaru, Jasmine Tookes and Kendra Spears performing “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" by Wham! Naturally, Alt channels George Michael in the clip, and does a superior job doing so. 

The fuzzy ’80s lighting, the French Vogue T-shirts, and Alt genuinely looking like she’s have a ball are some of our favorite things about this video. It’s always a treat to witness our favorite style influencers having fun with fashion. Feast your eyes below.

A Very ‘Vogue’ Holiday with Tom Ford

The fabulous Tom Ford is the guest editor of the December-January issue of French Vogue. According to WWD, French Vogue‘s editor-in-chief Carine Roitfeld invited Ford, who has recently plunged back into women’s wear, to take up the guest editing task a year ago and true to form, he embraced it fully, art directing the entire issue, writing articles, playing photographer and stylist. “I always say, ‘Tom has an eye like a scanner,'” Roitfeld says. “He took his role very seriously. He is truly multitalented.”

The cover has Ford posing with 15-year-old Dutch model Daphne Groeneveld, though the photo is not indicative of the issue’s contents, as Ford photographed 67-year-old style icon Lauren Hutton, 50-something curator and book publisher Lisa Eisner, and a host of other female muses of his who have chosen to forgo plastic surgery and age gracefully. Bravo, Tom Ford!

French ‘Vogue’ Turns 90: Gluttony, Cross-dressing, & Carine Roitfeld’s Karaoke

French Vogue is ringing in its 90th birthday with an issue that includes cross-dressing, gluttony, and no shortage of Lara Stone’s breasts. In light of the occasion, the New York Times‘ Eric Wilson sat down with the magazine’s iconic EOC, Carine Roitfeld. “Ms. Roitfeld’s new issue set a record for the publication with 620 pages, many of them advertisements created specially for the anniversary,” he said of the editrix’s latest handiwork, noting that the Terry Richardson-shot spread of plus size poster-child Crystal Renn gorging herself on pasta, squid, and various semi-cooked meats, is bound to be the issue’s most controversial chapter. Roitfeld must be relishing the attention.

That’s not to say, however, that Roitfeld feels at liberty to publish whatever she wants. She says in the interview, “Now, the censoring is bigger than it was 20, 30 or 40 years ago. I think we have less freedom. Today some pictures would not even be publishable. It’s not just about the nudity, but when you talk about things politically, the military, kids, it would all be politically incorrect and not publishable today.” Roitfeld is also uncharacteristically glowing about Anna Wintour, who she calls a revolutionary. “It’s good that Anna Wintour was the one who needed to kick our butt, in a way, to do something. She did a lot in America, but in Paris, we were a bit slow. Now we understand, and we’ve seen so much return that we are going to be more and more aware to help.” Whether her editing career continues unabated, Roitfeld is looking forward to a few, rather unexpected side projects: “I have a new job now: bartender. That is my dream, and also to open a karaoke.”

Who Is to Blame for Balenciaga Blacklisting French Vogue?

In what just might be the most monumental fashion feud since Yves and Karl, Carine Roitfeld and all of French Vogue have apparently been banned from Balenciaga. And, Nicolas Ghesquière’s French fashion house hasn’t just blacklisted the magazine’s entire team from their fashion show, they’ve stopped lending clothes and advertising in the rag altogether. But, who is responsible for the bad blood? My best guess is that it has something to do with stylist Marie-Amelie Sauvé. For years Sauvé has sat behind Roitfeld at the helm of French Vogue, as a contributing fashion editor, and simultaneously been Ghesquière’s go-to stylist for all things Balenciaga. There’s no way the magazine would be banned if Sauvé was still working at both. And no word of the stylist (who likewise styled the Row’s premiere fashion show) having severed ties with Ghesquière have surfaced. So, perhaps beef between Sauvé and Roitfeld is to blame?

A comment on the Fashion Spot also points out, “the Balenciaga perfume was featured in December/January issue I believe, but I wondered (even before these news) why wasn’t Balenciaga featured in the February issue with the other brands…” Meaning, each party’s claws weren’t out until relatively recently.

Meanwhile, a blacklist of sorts has been enacted over at McQueen as well. The late designer’s heavily anticipated March 9 show (the brand’s first postmortem) has been cancelled. A select group of editors will instead be invited to the brand’s showroom to see the FW10 designs, at which all photographers and video has been banned.

Kanye West Champions Carine Roitfeld’s Freshness

Urban Dictionary describes a Fresh Kid as “someone in to the whole street culture, 90’s hip hop scene, underground rap, graffiti,skateboarding, and rare sneaker collection. So it is with great perplexity that Kanye West, himself fresher than Nobu sushi, has appointed French Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld as one. For all Mrs. Roitfeld has accomplished (making French Vogue an international harbinger of effortless cool, giving birth to a New York socialite), she certainly isn’t “fresh.”

For one thing, she’s in her fifties. For another, she’s been editing French Vogue since 2001, as West himself points out. Sure she can can casually pull off a Tom Ford fur cape, but that’s contemporary elegance, not quite freshness. Maybe Kanye is trying to secure a post-Vuitton internship , or maybe the man who made venetian blind shades de rigueur doesn’t have a clue what fresh is? It appears that his fans are on the same wavelength. One writes: “Kanye- are you trying to be funny. Oh you kidding me. You must be joking. Or you are smoking. Oh Oh you kidding me. Ohhhh you kidding me. Ha Ha! That was a good one. Your first good one in a while. Your first good one in a while. You need to stop it now.” “In the fourth picture she looks like the Geico caveman,” muses another. But then again, in the last few months, West has anointed the crown of freshness onto Ellen DeGeneres, M.I.A., and Kate Moss respectively. Maybe he’s just trying to give some relative unknowns their big break.