Freemans’ Truly Bespoke Menu

Just when you thought Taavo Somer and William Tigertt’s chic Freemans Restaurant  couldn’t get any hipper, they decided to have Bench-Made Bespoke Studio open up in one of their bookcase-shrouded rooms. Adding on to the already stylish clothing boutique Freemans Sporting Club, the sleek barbershop, and the cabin-in-the-woods-style restaurant, Freemans has become the go-to for the modish male looking for a trim, a suit, and lunch.

To get to the studio you have to go down Freeman Alley and into the restaurant. Then up the stairs, past deer heads and stuffed birds, and through the bookcase (with real books!) and straight into the arms of master tailor Felix Aybar. While you look at Bespoke belts and wallets, choose fabrics, and get fitted for what-have-you, you can dine on Freemans’ a la carte menu and sip cocktails, which are also custom-made to your liking.

Last night they kicked off the opening of the shop with trays of Mai Tais, dumplings and pork buns by Mission Chinese, and Sunday Paper’s video about a kick-ass Chinese chef. As well-heeled people wandered around sewing machines and cutting tables, sipping drinks and delicately munching on the street food fare, Bespoke’s studio director Alex Young announced the shop and invited anyone to come by and visit – by appointment only of course.  Watch the video below:

Mission Chinese from Sunday Paper on Vimeo.