Frank Gehry-Designed Foundation Louis Vuitton Sets Opening Date

On October 27, 2014, the Foundation Louis Vuitton will open its doors in Paris to the public, offering on view the works of contemporary artists, the architectural designs of Frank Gehry, and the verdant surroundings of the Jardin d’Acclimatation.

1-Fondation Louis Vuitton @ Iwan Baan, 2014

LVMH’s Bernard Arnault commissioned the Gehry-designed structure and foundation, and its first exhibition will feature a project designed specifically for the foundation by its architect. The exhibition will run concurrently with Gehry’s first European retrospective, held at the Centre Pompidou.

Images courtesy of the Foundation Louis Vuitton

See It Now: Peter Arnell’s Frank Gehry-Curated Retrospective At Milk Gallery

After years of harnessing a hobby and developing thousands of negatives and digital images, Peter Arnell decided to let the world take a peek inside his mind with his first exhibit of black and white photographs at Milk Gallery.

“This is a historical moment for the gallery, it’s definitely the exhibition of the year,” said Mazdack Rassi, the mastermind of Milk Studios. Considering Arnell’s history and creative trajectory, this retrospective series curated by Frank Gehry is an inspiring and mind expanding collection of his best work. Arnell’s spontaneous technique of shooting with whatever he has handy to capture the currency of street life and street style sets him apart from other artists.

“I took some of these with my iPhone,” says Arnell proudly, proceeding to give guests a look through his cell. “I know everyone has a phone, but not everyone has the eye. It’s an eye-phone moment I have,” he says.  Technicality certainly contributes to his masterful creations, as the ability to turn phone images into large-scale works of art most definitely comes with experience.

“I’ve been shooting for over 30 years, I have millions of images but I never thought of having a show. A friend encouraged me to do it,” says Arnell. The eclectic combination of architecture, street culture, sensuality, and the abstract make for an exciting and diverse show.  Some images are blurry, others detailed to perfection– the point is to understand and appreciate the beauty in everything.

IMG_2120 IMG_2124

PHOTOGRAPHS 1984 – 2014 PETER ARNELL will run in the Milk Gallery from March 5 through April 1.

New York Opening: La Palestra at The Plaza Hotel

Founded by Madonna’s trainer Pat Manocchia, designed by Frank Gehry, and situated in The Plaza, fitness club La Palestra is monumental.

A purely Gehry angular staircase connects floors, while multi-level ceilings and mirrors mounted away from the walls create a whole different sense of depth. Many of The Plaza’s historical features were left intact (La Palestra is located on the lower levels), but a sense of stylish futurism nevertheless prevails. A rather serious place, it combines both cutting-edge and classical equipment with training that includes consultations with internists, orthopedists, and even what’s known as behavioral therapists–and we all know a few people who could use some help with that. 
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Très Sheikh

Brace yourselves — the Louvre and the Guggenheim are moving to Abu Dhabi. A Frank Gehry-designed Guggenheim and a Jean Nouvel-helmed Louvre will soon be cultural hot spots on Saadiyat Island, a 10.4 square mile “island of happiness” (both literal translation and marketing slogan) less than half a mile from Abu Dhabi’s shores. The island, which has, until now, been totally undeveloped, will over the next 15 years become a luxury community complete with residences, hotels and resorts, museums, restaurants and shops, a performing arts center and even a New York University satellite campus. While its main purpose is to boost tourism to the UAE, developers expect a year-round population of 150,000.

image Gehry’s Guggenheim. Top, Ando’s Maritime Museum.

The island’s official website has the feel of a videogame introduction (“Great explorers passed through these desert lands in search of a dream… they discovered the property of life… ”), while the renderings of its future edifices resemble a mystical Sim City. The Performing Arts Centre, designed by Zaha Hadid and Patrick Schumacher, juts out over the sea like a futuristic amoeba. That said, Saadiyat promises to be a very real destination that bridges global cultures (case in point: France doesn’t give up the Louvre to just anyone). It’s not exactly secluded — two 10-lane freeways will connect the island to the mainland — and it is an easier trip than it seems, a mere 15 miles from the Abu Dhabi International airport. And, don’t fear, there’s plenty of time to pack: the first phases of development are scheduled for completion by 2012.

image Nouvel’s Louvre.

Bvlgari and R&R Celebrate Summer!

Reader, If I could impart one piece of nightlife advice it would be the following. Don’t start off a night with a terrible hangover when the BVLGARI Diagono Watch Collection, and Rock & Republic “Summer at The Beatrice Inn” are on the itinerary. Furthermore, it’s best not to attend an event celebrating anything having more than two consecutive consonants in its name with said terrible hangover, espcially if it’s being held at Frank Gehry’s sleek IAC Building. The elegance of it all will make you feel like the tuna tar-tar being passed around. Instead, don your best Proenza Schouler with the prior knowledge that you’ll be bumping into beautiful people like Sean Avery, Simon Spurr, and New York Jets center Nick Mangold, and that later at the Beatrice, you’ll be dancing with Kirsten Dunst, Sia, Emma Snowdon-Jones and May Anderson. A cautionary tale.

The striking IAC building is certainly a thing of beauty—the inside is stylish with minimal adornments, aside from the dazzling Diagono watches gleaming from their display cases. A gathering of gorgeous people examines the watches and projections on the large, bare walls. I take several peach and mango martinis from a beautiful waiter, knowing that imbibing should instantly make being surrounded by this grotesque amount of sophistication feel more tolerable. It works. Soon enough I’m blowing air kisses, shaking hands with the best of them, bothering Anna Wintour’s new intern/Rangers star Sean Avery, and listening to people test out fake British accents. Simon Spurr is considerate of the hangover: “I don’t understand how some people can just get up after a long night, hit the gym and feel normal,” the twenty-something designer says. The peach mango martinis work so well, I end up staying longer than expected. I try on a few of the lustrously crafted watches, and enjoy the cool summer night on the substantial back patio.

We arrive at the Beatrice much later than intended. But Rock & Republic’s “Summer at The Beatrice Inn” has been mercifully extended for the entire evening. Already enveloped in a martini haze, we dash to the all-too familiar bar, and are reunited with the Inn’s usual suspects. I recognize Sia, the dog-loving musician whose CD, Some People Have Real Problems, I’ve had on repeat on the office surround-sound these past few weeks. I say hello to the sprite songstress, and tell her I love her dog. She looks at me quizzically, and I relent to explain myself.

image James Murphy image Julia Restoin Roitfeld with friend and President of Rock & Republic Andrea Bernholtz.

I rejoin my friends as standard Beatrice whispers ensue, “Did you see Kirsten Dunst is here?” my friend B says excitedly. I look over to see the lovely ingénue dressed in a white tank and hat, waiting patiently in line for the bathroom. I walk past her, not having a good enough opener prepared, and find Andrea Bernholtz, President of Rock & Republic. I decide to do a bit of investigative journalism on the new Rock & Republic cosmetics line they are celebrating. “It’s very sexy, dramatic and provocative. But overall, we just wanted an excuse to throw an amazing party.” With LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy on the tables, Andre Balazs, Lazaro Hernandez of Proenza Schouler, Kelly Bensimon, and Julia Restoin Roitfeld, present and accounted for, and an open bar that stretched until closing time, I’d say she was successful in her excuse.

Later, we finish off our drinks on the dance floor, and at one point initiate some kind of invisible jump rope contest. It’s one of the telling reasons my first hangover never quite healed itself, and I’m faced with another, doubly worse. There will be no BVLGARI/Beatrice parties for me tonight.

image May Anderson image Revelers at the Beatrice