Ariana Grande Announces Launch of ‘Cloud’ Fragrance

Pop superstar Ariana Grande is now in the luxury fragrance business. The new scent, given the title “Cloud,” will be available this fall exclusively at Ulta Beauty in the US.

“I love clouds,” she enthuses, “and I love this new fragrance. It is my favorite one yet!”

Her latest single, “No Tears Left To Cry,” debuted at #1 on iTunes in 88 countries worldwide, making her the first artist in music history to see the lead track from her first four albums debut in the Top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100. Her new album, Sweetener, is out this August.

The fragrance will range in price from $20 to $59. Wear it with love.


You Can’t Buy EVERYTHING Online

Image courtesy of Le Labo

In a world where purchases can be made in one-single-click and sites like Farfetch (that we love, obvi) bring us the best of the globe’sboutiques as quickly as our wifi connection allows, it’s (for better and for worse) not often that something is only available in one place: tying it, intrinsically to our memories, good or bad, of that place.
Le Labo decided to change that this up September with their City Exclusives collections–nine scents meant to pay tribute to nine cities that host Le Labo stores–and to remind us all “that some beautiful things in life are hard to get!” Sure, on normal days, it’s a tease if you’re in NYC and just dying for Gaiac 10 (Tokyo), but, for one more week, if you’re near a Le Labo – any Le Labo – you’re in luck.

A Power Couple of English Roses

THIS is what I call a power couple. Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne, two British icons, appear together for the first time for what may be the most iconic British fashion house. This campaign launches Burberry’s new fragrance: My Burberry. The “My” is due to the fact that the bottles can be custom monogrammed to further up the luxe factor.

The fragrance is said to be inspired by the smell of an English garden after the rain, so naturally, Moss and Delevingne wear Burberry trenches. Even the bottle echoes the coats with a gabardine ribbon and horn-effect cap meant to evoke the the trench fabric and the buttons, respectively.

The whole thing is so full of all I love about England that even without a monogrammed bottle of my own, I can almost smell the (English) roses.


Images courtesy of Burberry

Get Educated at Saks’ New Fragrance Library

As a recent graduate, going to the library is associated with final exams, over-caffeination, and getting the death stare for sneezing.  Not so with Saks’ new perfume library, which provides an array of 50 best-selling perfumes in a modern and beautiful library-setting.  Targeting the contemporary floor customer, the library aims to provide a curated collection of trending perfumes and the classics in a more peaceful setting than the main fragrance department.  There, you can find bespectacled “fragrance librarians” who are specifically trained to help you sort through the collection and find the perfect scent.  A beautiful combination of library-style curation and fragrance shopping, I’ll take the fragrance library over a stuffy campus one any day.

Smell Golden: Kilian Hennessy’s Fragrance Filled Jewels

Scented jewelry from By Kilian’s Jewels of L’Oeuvre Noire collection

For Kilian Hennessy, fragrance is an accessory, like a bag or a shoe. And like a bag or a shoe, Hennessy believes you should wear your scent — visibly. It’s a dream that the executive is making a reality with the introduction of the Jewels of L’Oeuvre Noire, a capsule collection of four necklaces for women (in gold or rhodium) with special features to hold one of six By Kilian scents of choice.

The men can wear their cologne visibly, too; the Leathers of L’Oeuvre Noire come in five scents, lasting up to a year.


The Leathers of L’Oeuvre Noire

The collections launch in By Kilian stores in New York and Moscow on Sunday, with broader availability in Bergdorf Goodman, Harrod’s, and global By Kilian stores in September.

Images courtesy of By Kilian

Sexy and the Sexless: Frédéric Malle on New Stores and New Scents

Frédéric Malle in his new West Village store

“If you don’t like your boyfriend, you go” thwack, a smack Frédéric Malle mimes with a block of aluminum foam, a material that makes up the walls in Malle’s new store. For such an elegant man, he’s awfully feisty. The opening of the Frédéric Malle Greenwich Avenue store marks the first time this aluminum foam has been used in the United States. It’s a futuristic material; very light, but rigid. The foam, mixed with the walnut wood on the semi-circle display sculpture creates a very simple, Zen, unique space.

Never mind that he’s built a collection of intoxicating fragrances so luxurious and thoughtful, or that he has essentially created a publishing house for perfume, working with top perfumers to build his brand’s library — scent may be the most important thing about Frédéric Malle, but architecture follows right on top of its heels.

Malle’s first shop opened in Paris 14 years ago on June 6; his second in New York, (another is on Madison Avenue,) a West Village location, opens again on the same date, this Friday. “I’m very superstitious,” he explains.

Nestled on Greenwich Avenue, the shop contains its own uniquely warm and modern world. Step through the complex-seeming door, and it’s as if only that space exists.

“God is in the details with these things, and you have to work with god. I work with gods here,” he says, gesturing to the perfumes on display, “So I’ve got to work with gods of architecture… My idea was to put a drawer of modernity done as one piece within the building, and designed by a great architect that would do everything.”

That great architect is Steven Holl. Holl spends his mornings painting watercolors of future projects, and for Malle’s, the idea that fragrance “feeds two parts of the brain” tied both to memory and imagery, inspired Holl’s watercolors of two semi-circles not exactly parallel to one another, a motif rendered on the floor, the wall, the door, and in the secret garden out back.

stevenhollfredericmalleA Steven Holl watercolor from the Frédéric Malle project

Holl mainly had his way; Malle’s only requirements in the shop were the inclusion of portraits of the perfumers who’ve created fragrances for Frédéric Malle, they hang above the cabinet where the refrigerated cabinet where fragrances are stored, (requirement two,) and the smelling columns that Malle invented himself.

Holl also brought in Hervé Descottes, the best lighting designer in the world, according to Malle, who lights projects and buildings for Frank Gehry. Thee lighting is still being finalized when I’m there, but the system is in place for the design to change throughout the day, depending on the light outside.

The salespeople at Frédéric Malle aren’t the kind who stand idly by as customers blindly spray perfumes in the air — you can forget blotters, too. “You won’t have the faintest idea what you will be smelling of” that way, says Malle. Customers at Frédéric Malle experience scent through one of the perfumer/publisher’s own creations, a sort of booth ventilation system built specially into the walls, made of glass cylinders that a fragrance is sprayed into. Poke your head in and as Malle says, “sense the aura.” Try it on for size, make sure it fits. There are three of these cylinders in Malle’s new shop. This after a quick analysis and recommendation based on a customer’s mannerisms, volume control, and even his or her style of hair.

Your appearance and personality may dictate a preference for perfume, who you are will have something to do with what you say through choice of scent.

“Very fresh, citrus fragrances are sexless. And they convey an idea of being clean. And so it’s like a deluxe extension of toiletry. A shower that lasts forever. Or as long as possible,” says Malle.

The anti sexless option then might be the woodier scents.

“This sort of oak musk/patchouli, woody fragrance, of even Orientals based on amber and vanilla… all of these smell of a woman’s skin, and are basically shouting ‘I smell like that when I’m naked.’ It’s sort of that. That’s what a fragrance is about when you think of it… These are very sexual.”

And they work well on both men and women.

Land somewhere in the middle and you wind up with a floral fragrance, which Malle prescribes exclusively for women.

“A white flower, a gardenia, will never work on a man. Unless you want to make a point that you smell like a woman,” he says.

A man maybe shouldn’t wear florals, but a masculine scent on a woman is another story.

“As much as you wear big Rolexes, men’s clothes, which is a way to say, ‘I have a boyfriend,’ or ‘I am so pretty that I can wear men’s clothes.’ It’s a sort of neo-Chanel type of gesture.”

Back to the architecture… The garden in the back features a fountain inspired by Carlo Scarpa and designed by Holl. Malle has created the garden as a treat for himself; it’s not for customers, though if you hang out in the shop enough, you may be lucky enough to receive an invitation for prosecco in the garden. Bonne chance.

Frédéric Malle and his Scarpa-inspired fountain

Frédéric Malle’s West Village store opens Friday, June 6 and is located at 94 Greenwich Avenue, New York.

Getting Tipsy at the Fragrance Counter: The Glenlivet-Inspired Cologne

The first time I drank an overly tall glass of Fernet, I felt most certainly that I would be permanently scented something like Tom Ford’s Tuscan Leather (they are remarkably similar to one another in smell and both have the effect of making you feel stately, grand, and quite cozy.) As the green liquid grew smaller in my glass, I found it easier to imagine a cohesively Fernet-scented life. How wonderful would it be if your signature drink and scent were the same? You could probably get away with more inappropriately early daytime drinking. Not saying you would. But you could.

Apparently I’m not the only one dreaming of the life most blotto: an artisanal fragrance house in Brooklyn called D.S. & Durga has partnered with The Glenlivet, a single malt Scotch whisky better known for its drinkability than scenting. But we all take a moment to savor those spicy aromatics before taking a sip, and now there exists HYLNDS Spirit of the Glen, a prairie-switchgrass, smelted iron, and sherry cask-scented unisex fragrance reminiscent of The Glenlivet 18 year old whisky. Not to mention the bottle is beautiful. I’m a sucker for clean packaging.

“Fragrance and whisky are both transporting liquids, their aromatic cues conjure up memories, dreams, and images in your mind,” says David Moltz, D.S. & Durga’s perfumer. Yes, dreams, dreams of perpetual Fernet or Glenlivet envelopment, apparently.

New York Opening: Dior Homme

With devoted Dior gents sartorially stranded by the ongoing renovation of the Madison Avenue flagship, this stopgap Soho store comes with a certain exigency. Located in a rather epic, neoclassical-looking building on Greene Street, Dior Homme stocks the full Dior arsenal, from accessories to fragrance to footwear to ready-to-wear.

Unsurprisingly for the neighborhood, interiors feature skylights, soaring ceilings, and exposed brick. The space’s art – a neon text piece by Scottish situationist artist Robert Montgomery – cleverly contrasts the offerings of this luxury brand.