BlackBook Tracks #24: Prelude To Seasonal Affective Disorder

Is it gloomy today, or what? This week’s picks ended up involving a lot of vaguely melancholic dance music, so I hope you’re into that kind of thing. This is really just a precursor to when it’s February and there’s a blizzard going on and I hate everything and start filling up this column with just covers of the Smiths.

Owlle – “Ticky Ticky”

Rising French artist Owlle doesn’t have many songs released yet, but what’s out shows plenty of potential. Her latest, “Ticky Ticky,” balances her haunting vocals against a danceable beat. Emily Kai Bock (Grimes’ “Oblivion,” Grizzly Bear’s “Yet Again”) directed its striking video.

Ava Luna – “Ice Level”

Would you like to go to a surrealist urban woodsman dinner/costume party? Minimalist funk band Ava Luna invite you to a weird world in the “Ice Level” video.

Team Ghost – “Dead Film Star”

Do you like French electro-rock? I like French electro-rock. Here’s the title track from Dead Film Star, the new EP from ex-M83 man Nicolas Fromageau.

Autre Ne Veut ft. Mykki Blanco – “Counting”

Brooklyn electro-pop maestro Autre Ne Veut will take you to a higher plane. Watch him team up with rapper Mykki Blanco in the solemn video for “Counting.”

Katy B ft. Jessie Ware and Geeneus – “Aaliyah”

Party-loving every-woman Katy B is back, and she’s announced her return with a free EP that dropped today. “Aaliyah” sees her singing with another soulful Londoner, Jessie Ware.

Chromatics – “Ceremony” (New Order cover)

Chromatics add some dramatic flair to the New Order/Joy Division classic in this pleasantly oozy cover.

Phoenix – “Lisztomania”

Phoenix have finally announced a new album, four years after the runaway success of Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. Party like it’s 2009, vive la fête!

Fort Lean – “Do You Remember”

Overheard at the Brooklyn quintet’s show last night: “I like that the singer can actually sing. You don’t hear that a lot these days.” Frontman Keenan Mitchell shows what he’s made of on this cut from the Change Your Name EP, a charming slice of indie pop-rock that flirts with nostalgia.

Baby Monster – “City Of Lovers”

Dearest Baby Monster, I am so sorry that I did not pay more attention to your City Of Lovers EP earlier this year. Your resonant, chilled-out electro-pop is really quite lovely. xoxo, Katie.

BlackBook Tracks #16: I Don’t Want to Think How It’s Already Snowing in Some Places

Hey, so, I had a rainy day mix planned out for you guys because it’s been sort of gross in New York all week, but then I walked outside my apartment (I do that sometimes) this morning and it was sunny! So this is what you get instead.

The Bewitched Hands – “Boss”

Can there ever be enough melodic indie pop loaded with vocal harmonies? The answer is no, and the Bewitched Hands are more than happy to oblige.

Fort Lean – “Sunsick”

Stark, bare bones rock from some guys in Brooklyn. Some days, you just need a little help.

This Many Boyfriends – “Number One”

This Many Boyfriends make the kind of smart, wistful guitar pop that sounds pretty good when you have zero boyfriends.

Chad Valley – “Tell All Your Friends”

Is Chad Valley’s Young Hunger one of your most anticipated albums of the year? It should be, at least if you’re into R&B-inflected electro-pop that wears its heart on its sleeve.

Darkstar – “Timeaway”

The latest act to sign to the ever-reliable Warp Records, Darkstar’s going to be on our radars. “Timeaway” is lush and layered, with reverb-drenched vocals. Take it easy.

Cut Copy – “Saturdays”

Enter the semi-nostalgic part of the playlist. The Australian electro-poppers have been delivering the good stuff for years, and here’s a memory of what first made us fall in love.

The Long Blondes – “Swallow Tattoo”

Is it okay to still be mourning the loss of The Long Blondes? The English indie rock outfit was fairly prolific for the short time that it lasted, and Kate Jackson’s persona as the retro-chic woman wronged is worth revisiting over and over again.

Belle & Sebastian – “Asleep On A Sunbeam”

This is what we all need in our lives all of the time.

Jens Lekman – “You Can Call Me Al” (Paul Simon cover)

This cover could be worthy of Nick from New Girl’s sex mix.

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