W2W2: What to Wear to Lit Lounge, New York City’s Dive Bar Du Jour

The Spot: Lit Lounge (East Village) – Rock bar du jour for hos and bros of the ain’t we the shit? set. And a whole lot of messy fun in between. Blend in with the other off-duty models in destroyed denim and roughed-up leather by conjuring these rock-goddess looks.

Patron Saint of Style: Erin Wasson (pictured), who we often see stalking the sidewalks, dressed in her uniform of t-shirts and denim to the beat of an East Village tune.

Ambiance: Models muss up their runway looks with stringy, unwashed hair amid a sea of rockers and rocker wannabes. Typical of the East Village, Lit attracts a mixed crowd that’s always fashionable with a certain rough, even careless sensibility. The gritty basement is filled with chicks in grunge-inspired get-ups to match their Converse All-Stars or lace-up Doc Martens. The rocker aesthetic is important for keeping up appearances as well as giving you an edge when a dance-floor mosher threatens to knock into your Brooklyn Lager. Sure, spill on my Ksubi t-shirt dumbass, then get an Ann Demeulemeester Flat Ankle Boot in your shin as Mary-Kate Olsen looks on. If you happen to get another run in your jet-black tights, go with it and chalk it up to fashion fortune — the more rips, the better.


The Look: Channel Erin’s devil-may-care air with loose silhouettes weighed down with some heavy accessories. A light T-shirt tunic is simple enough to mix with Alexander Wang’s leather leggings, or can act as a breezy topper for a pair of torn-up jean shorts. The footwear must both look killer and also be practical for stomping around the uneven cement floors. Mini-dresses fit with sandals that are both studded and strappy, tied tight so they won’t fall off while descending the steep basement steps. If you dare to carry a bag (not recommended), make sure it’s substantial in size and girth. This will keep it from being snatched up by those ruthless East-Vill pirates. Seriously, purses get lifted left and right, mostly because models are carrying next season’s it-bag straight from the runway.

Get the Lit Look: From left to right … ● Leggings: Perforated leather leggings with zip, Alexander Wang – $1,552 ● Shoes: Black Leather Cut-Out Whole Ankle Boot, Jeffrey Campbell – £150.00 ● Bag: Billy Large Bag, Jerome Dreyfuss – $846 ● Shorts: Suzy Denim Short, Forever21– $22.80 ● Sandals: Anjah Ankle Strap Sandal, Forever21 – $24.80 ● Jacket: Studded Leather Biker Jacket, Elise Overland – $2,225.00 ● T-Shirt: Mini Pocket Tank Dress, T by Alexander Wang – $90

Erin Wasson Photos: Terry Richardson