Fratelli Rossetti is Transforming Footwear


When you think of shoes, the first thing that pops into your mind isn’t usually carpet. That is, unless you’ve seen Fratelli Rossetti‘s new striped loafers. The Italian footwear brand has teamed up with handmade rug creators CC-Tapis to debut a line of striped shoes that are equal parts classic and contemporary.

Founded just outside of Milan in 1953, Fratelli Rossetti has become one of the leading names in Italian footwear. With a focus on both craftmanship and comfortability, the brand creates stylish shoes for every season. CC-Tapis, a Milan-based brand, produces eco-friendly rugs that are handmade in Tibet and Nepal.



For their collaboration, Frattelli Rossetti and CC-Tapis created two pairs of multicolored shoes that exemplify both brands’ focus on fashion, function and sustainability. Using white, mauve, pink and black to create a signature striped effect on the soles, the “Stripes Under Your Feet” capsule is a bold, yet understated statement. And in line with both brands’ disdain for mass production, the shoes are limited edition.

So, be the best dressed of your friends and buy them while you can. We have already.


Photos courtesy of Fratelli Rossetti


Flip-Flops and Sandals: Let’s Cut Them Out, Gentlemen

Hey, you guys (and I mean that not in the familial bloggy voice but literally, I’m talking to you guys, dudes, men, whatever). We’ve got to talk. And it’s a serious subject and I want you to pay close attention. I know the summer’s here and you’re embracing shorts and t-shirts and, in some cases, tank tops (do you!), but we’re really pushing the envelope when it comes to what you’re wearing on your feet. Sandals and flip-flops? No. We have to issue a moratorium on such footwear, and I’ll tell you why.

It’s your feet, you guys. Your feet are disgusting.

Now, I’m no stranger to the fight. I love how great boat shoes and top siders look, and thank goodness they’re in style because I’ll be rocking them all summer! Yes, they’re rough on my feet, especially when I’m breaking them in. And wearing socks and boat-shoes is a big no-no, especially when it’s warm enough for shorts. You don’t want to look like your grandpa with the loafers and the tall white socks paired with your cargo shorts. (While we’re on the subject of shorts, let’s briefly touch base and all agree that shorts should have a maximum of four pockets—two in the front, two in the back, and that’s it.) And I get that you want to let your feet breathe, because summer’s hell on those encased and unsocked dogs of yours. 

But look, you can’t just let those feet out in the open, especially in their present condition. You must realize that other people can see your feet—passing you on the street, sitting next to you on the subway. Gentlemen, your feet look like hell. 

First of all, clip your toenails. Clip them! This is vital, because they’re just waiting to poke an eye out. And while you’re fiddling with your nails, might I suggest you clean them, as well? And your heels. I am worried about your heels. Moisturize, men! Your heels are about to fall off and everyone will see because you’re convinced that it’s perfectly appropriate to expose them to the wild with little protection to keep them intact save for the strap of leather keeping your woven sandals on. 

Another pro-tip: Don’t wear those kind of sandals. I have made the same mistake, but in my defense I was 17 years old and it was 2001:

tyler sandals

Basically, you have two options. Either you ditch the sandals for closed-toe shoes like regular adults, or you go ahead and get yourselves a pedicure. I know, I know, you’re a man, but if you’re going to be confident enough to bust out your feet in public, you should probably feel comfortable having someone clean them off for you since you’re so clearly against doing it yourselves. Think of the children! And also of the ladies, if you’re into the whole heteronormative generalizations and stuff. They’re worried about your feet, too. 

Why Brian Atwood Is One to Watch

‘One to watch’ is a phrase thrown around exceedingly often in fashion, but if there’s one footwear maven on the rise truly worth taking note of, it’s Brian Atwood. You may remember him as the shoe designer that cast Rene Russo for his look book. While his coveted, high-priced women’s shoes have been making a splash among fashion cognoscenti for seasons, 2010 marks a big year for the ex-model and former Versace assistant. First off, the placement of his shoes in Sex and the City 2 is giving the designer a decided boost. “The New York and Milan-based designer made four custom pairs of heels for Parker’s character, Carrie Bradshaw, for Sex and the City 2, and created 30 decadent pairs for the actress’ whirlwind promotional tour,” says All the Rage. Whether he gets name-dropped in the sequel anywhere near as often as Manolo Blahnik did in the TV series, I have yet to see.

Meanwhile, in addition to piquing the fancy of SJP, Atwood has found fans in stylist Rachel Zoe and Victoria Beckham. “Zoe revealed she has designed a pair of over-the-knee platform boots” that’ll cost a whopping $2,915 and retail as part of the designer’s FW10 collection, says Coutorture. “I own every shoe Brian has ever made,” she adds. Atwood has also divulged that he’s collaborating with fellow designer Victoria Beckham on a project, about which details have yet been revealed. And he’s not necessarily stopping at shoes. He told Women’s Wear Daily, “for me, the sky is the limit if it keeps the integrity of the brand…Ralph Lauren started in ties and look what he has become.”

Terry Richardson Embraces Heels For Men

Believe it or not, men in stacked boots is a trend finally gaining quite a bit of steam (thanks in large part to the likes of Rick Owens). The chiseled, long locked Paris-based designer has been churning out sleek, androgynous styles including men’s shoes with a sizable lift for seasons. Following in his footsteps, Rad Hourani likewise showed stacked platforms for guys on his SS10 runway. But, the gender-bending look has been slow to take off. Men in Tokyo may be forming ‘skirt tribes‘ en masse, but heels have for seasons seemed to have a long way to go before reaching the masses. That is, until now.

Refinery 29 recently paid homage to various platform adoring gents in a post that includes a photo of Zac Posen strolling around the UES in shoes with noticeable added height (which was snapped by But, while men in highly-elevated heels and more modest wedges have made splashes on more than one street style site, the trend seems to have reached an all new level of exposure thanks to provocateur Terry Richardson’s recent endorsement of the style.

“My new Rick Owens Wedge Boots… i love them!!!” Richardson writes on his namesake virtual diary beneath a cropped photo of the photographer in at least 3-inch tall black leather wedge boots and equally fashion-forward drop-crotch, cropped trousers. Considering Richardson has long been synonymous with dark denim and flannel shirts–read: standard Brooklyn hipster man garb–the sartorial evolution is a pretty drastic one. But if Richardson’s doing it, maybe the prospect of men one day having to debate between flats or heels isn’t so outlandish after all.

Clogs Are the New ‘It’ Shoe

Chanel, Alexa Chung and Maya Rudolph all agree: clogs are the next big thing. No. 6, a fashion forward boutique in downtown Manhattan has been stocking clogs via its house footwear line for a few seasons. But just this past fall, at Chanel’s SS10 collection presentation, the Kaiser himself, Karl Lagerfeld, caught on. He sent soaring wooden versions down the runway that were so unexpected they prompted to ask, “Is this Crocs crossover?” The newly championed form of slip-on is no doubt revered for its comfort just like its perforated, plastic ugly step sister. But a Croc it is not.

Fast forward to today: Chung is already a convert. Not only did she show up on the cover of the latest issue of Vogue UK with her Chanel clog-clad feet front and center. She’s likewise been seen sporting them around town on her own accord.

As for Rudolph, she was wearing a more demure cherry red pair at a Tenacious D-hosted benefit last night in Los Angeles at the Wiltern Theater for Haiti. While there’s nothing sleek about the style itself, clogs pack a distinct jolie laide-esque charm. After all, that’s fashion for you: taking something seemingly so nauseating and repackaging it as something you think you can’t live without (read: harem pants, acid wash and countless other debatable trends that have resurfaced in recent seasons).

As Garance Dore recently wrote: “what we will first criticize, and then hate, and then give a second glance, and then reconsider, and then finally steal from all the stores and no one will be able to find them anywhere anymore: clogs.” According to street style photographer Hanneli Mustaparta, Zara is already stocking a knock-off. And, don’t worry boys, come fall Louis Vuitton will be stocking a boot version that’s just for you.