‘Once’ Is Not Enough For Glen Hansard

If you didn’t see the 2007 film Once and die a little bit inside over "Falling Slowly," the love song by then-real life couple Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova, then you’re not human. But much has changed in the years since. Hansard and Irglova split, Once is now a Broadway show that swept the Tonys, and last week, Hansard debuted his first-ever solo album, Rhythm and Repose.

Hansard fronted a Dublin-based rock band, the Frames, for over 20 years. However, most of the world met him as one-half of The Swell Season, his folk duo with Czech-born Irglova. Together they starred in Once and won the Academy Award for Best Original Song together; a Swell Season documentary captured their touring, as well as their breakup. She has married sound engineer, Tim Iseler, and put out her own solo album, Anar.

To what extent does his very public breakup with Irglova influence the album? He would only say to The New York Times that "Marketa’s in there." He is an another relationship now, one he is keeping private, and suggested that that 42, it might be time for him to settle down, both literally and figuratively:

At some point you need to have a bunch of kids and go live on a farm. That’s the deeper song. That’s when the artist goes to another level. If you’re a dude who’s doing gigs and pulling chicks, still doing that at 55, then, dude, you haven’t gone to the next place. 

Quick—how soon can we get this man on the phone with John Mayer to tell him this?

The Swell Season is currently on "indefinite pause," as Times puts it, but that will hardly matter to diehard fans who are just happy Hansard has finally put out a solo album.  

‘Weeds’ Hunk Hunter Parrish Broadway-ifies Pop Music With Debut EP

Most of us know Hunter Parrish as Mary-Louise Parker’s easy-on-the-eyes son on Weeds. But in a past life, Parrish starred on Broadway in Spring Awakening (RIP) and Godspell. Like fellow Spring Awakening actress Lea Michele, who now stars on Glee, Parrish can belt out a pop song like the best of ’em and that’s exactly what he does on a debut six-song EP, Guessing Games, out June 29.

The single Billboard.com is streaming from the album is all the proof I need of Glee‘s Broadway-ification of pop music. In Sitting At Home, Parrish belts, "It’s like we’re drinking in Paris, it’s like we’re kissing in Rome" —sunny, upbeat lyrics that you can bet will find their way to the latest rom-com near you.



Hunter Parrish’s voice is a good one, of course.You don’t end up on Broadway without a set of pipes. I just hoped for something a little more folk-y and grittier, considering the EP is being marketed as "folk."