I’m Flossy: Rococo’s Bossy New Nail Color

Makeup is fun. It’s a little like playing dress up. Sometimes whatever’s on tap calls for a little more sass than your normal could provide. In need of a shot of attitude? Cue Rococo’s new denim-inspired nail polish collection. Want diamonds on your neck, and diamonds on your grill? Maybe the next best thing comes in something as simple as a swipe of Flossy, an iridescent pearly pink that turns blue with the simple talk-to-the-hand gesture. Forget denim, they must have been listening to Kelis circa Bossy and taken Too $hort to heart when he said,

“Tell that man you’s a boss bitch
Make some noise, raise your hand if you’s a boss bitch
I don’t think he understands you’s a boss bitch
Get some help if you can ’cause he lost it
Ain’t no refunds, she spent the cash mayne
In your Benz with her friends in the fast lane
Flossin’, you say “How much it cost me?”
About a million dollars player, she’s bossy!”

It launches in February, so in the mean time, here’s something else to get you feeling bossy.