Florence Welch Performs ‘Gimme Shelter’ With Rolling Stones

That one-year hiatus that Florence Welch is taking a break from touring? Performing Gimme Shelter onstage with the Rolling Stones on Thursday night in London doesn’t count.

The Florence + The Machine singer, who announced earlier this month that she would be taking time off to write a musical with a friend  (… just go with it, she’s rich), joined Mick, Keith and the others for one of the concerts for the band’s 50th anniversary.

You can watch the performance — which kind of looked like a really awkward dance-off between two drunk relatives at a family reunion — below: 

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Florence Welch Taking Time Off, At Work On A Musical

The dog days are over … or at least on hiatus. Florence Welch from the band Florence + The Machine is taking time off from music for an indeterminate amount of time to write a musical.

The 26-year-old songstress told London’s Evening Standard that she needs a break from touring and is looking to settle down — at least briefly — while writing a musical with one of her best friends, Sophie Hart-Walsh, a costume designer on Prince Of Persia and Pirates Of The Carribbean: On Stranger Tides. Welch has been on her self-imposed one-year break since August, according to NME. 

"I’ve been on tour since I was 21. I need a break and to have the chance to do normal things, like go to the supermarket and hang out with my friends," Welch said. "I’ve only just moved out of my mum’s house, so I’d like to settle into my new place and start getting inspired again. If I started writing songs now, all they’d be about is tour buses and hotel rooms."

What could a Florence Welch musical possibly be about? Who knows, but there will probably be excellent costumes and makeup. 

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A Brief History of David LaChapelle’s Music Videos

Famed fashion photographer David LaChapelle does more than snap pictures for advertising campaigns and pal around with the world’s most glamorous trans woman. LaChapelle has a very solid resume as a music video director.

The latest example of LaChapelle’s work is the just-released video for Florence and the Machine’s “Spectrum,” a sexy, dramatic, sparkly take on the powerful song.

But it’s been a long road getting there. From early ‘90s videos for artists like Penny Ford (we didn’t know either) through long-lasting collaborations with icons like Elton John and Christina Aguilera, LaChapelle has spent years making music videos—and some of them are pretty great. Here’s a look back at five favorites.

Amy Winehouse – "Tears Dry On Their Own"

Gwen Stefani feat. Eve – "Rich Girl"

Macy Gray – "She Ain’t Right For You"

The Vines – "Outtathaway"

The Dandy Warhols – "Not If You Were the Last Junkie on Earth"

Jason Segel & The Muppets Take Over ‘SNL’

Saturday Night Live has been on a roll lately. Jason Segel, who I am just going to assume everyone loves and thinks is hilarious, was last night’s host hosted. The Muppets stopped by to promote their new movie with Mr. Segel as the lead human, and there were surprise appearances by Paul Rudd and Olivia Wilde. 

Kermit, Miss Piggy, Rowlf, Fozzie Bear, Gonzo, and Scooter were on hand to help out with a musical number during the monoloue.

My personal favorite was the skit about who will replace Regis Philbin on Live!. Jason Sudeikis does a great Ricky Gervais impersonation, Kristiin Wiig is hilarious as Kathy Lee, and as usual, Jay Pharaoh was spot-on as Denzel. 

The Vogelchecks, that family who can’t keep their lips off each other, were back, and it was what it was: a family making out.  It includes a cameo from Paul Rudd, shared an initimate moment with his I Love You, Man costar, automatically makes everything better.

Here, Jason Segel proves that he is owner of the best Andre the Giant impression on the planet.

Florence and the Machine gave their usual all as the musical guest.  

Karl Lagerfeld Snaps Florence + the Machine’s Vinyl Cover

As Frida Giannini’s muse for Gucci FW11 and Karl Lagerfeld’s entertainment of choice for Chanel SS12, it’s safe to say that Florence Welch is this year’s most fashionable chanteuse. Following in the footsteps of fellow sartorial songstresses like Lady Gaga, Beth Ditto, and Rye Rye, designers are lining up to both dress and photograph the 25-year-old crimson-coifed beauty – not least the aforementioned Lagerfeld.


Taking a note from designer Riccardo Tisci’s album art collaboration with Kanye West and Jay-Z, Lagerfeld photographed Welch for the cover of her band’s limited-edition vinyl single, Shake it Out. This is the first cover from the designer and musician’s upcoming series with The Vinyl Factory.

Shake it Out is set to release on October 31 and is available for pre-order here.