In All The Excitement About ‘Finding Dory,’ You All Forgot About ‘Bears’

Disney and Pixar dominated a fair-sized chunk of movie-related headlines yesterday with the announcement of a sequel to beloved fishy flick Finding Nemo. Said sequel, Finding Dory, starring Ellen DeGeneres as the forgetful but lovable blue tang, will hit theatres in 2015 and feature more of Dory’s back story, taking place in part in California. That’s all well and good, but with all the hype, another movie announcement kind of fell by the wayside. Dear readers, say hello to Bears

Over the past several years, Disney has released a series of nature documentaries in the "Disney Nature" line, mostly involving regal sweeping shots and adorable animals frolicking and forming compelling narratives. These include titles like Chimpanzee and African Cats, and the films have been part of efforts to preserve natural resources across the world. And in April 2014 (timed with an Earth Day release), the latest installment in the series will be released, and it’s about bears, you guys. Bears frolicking in the majestic wilds of Alaska, slapping at salmon and wrestling and fighting off wolves and stuff, with lots of mountains and beautiful things in the background. 

"Grizzly bears are probably one of the most intelligent animals on our planet," director Keith Scholey explains in the trailer. "They’re social, gentle creatures." So, I think we can concur that Grizzly Man it ain’t. Watch the trailer below—you’ll have to bear with some touting of the series in general; skip to the second half or so to get straight to the bear footage. 

Sneak Peek – Disneynature BEARS on Disney Video