Los Angeles: Top 10 Chinatown Boutiques

An insatiable craving for Asian eats isn’t the only yearning that gets hipsters through the dragon gates. Chinatown is a constantly expanding fashion/art community featuring some of the city’s most diverse and interesting shopping. Pop-up stores with rotating fresh talents and highly curated concept boutiques all in a neighborhood with firecracker vendors, a wishing well, and the best dim sum to ever hit a pair of chop sticks.

Choose Chinatown – A whole lot of Swedish pride hidden in Chinatown. This extensive collection of Scandinavian line Cheap Monday makes us happy every day of the week. ● Flock Shop – Risky business fashion for hipsters looking to be noticed, remembered, and coveted while hitting the scene.

Lion’s Den – Urban kicks for tearing around a piece of ground in your home town. ● Neo Happyland Co. – Asian supermarket superstore where Hollywood kids and Chinatown locals shop till they drop. ● Ooga Booga – A provocative collection of literature, plus art ranging from appalling to cute and high fashion. ● Realm – Crouching Tiger, Hidden Frog Teapot and other obvious necessities. ● Robocon – Japanese art toys, obscure collectibles, and no sign of Robocop. ● Welcome Hunters – Mouth-watering collections of international high-fashion lines put them on par with the wondrous Opening Ceremony, while remaining intimate and underground. ● Sincere Imports – Traditional Chinatown kitsch trinket store everyone knows, loves, frequents. ● Fifth Floor – Catch the metaphorical view from the 5th Floor without having to climb any stairs.

San Francisco: Top 5 Buzz with Vertigo

imageHold tight to that cocktail stem as you drink in the SF scenery …

1. Cliff House & Sutro’s (Richmond District) – Killer ocean view perched atop the cliff. Sunsets to melt the soul. 2. Carnelian Room (Financial District) – Rotating restaurant 52 stories up with 360 views of the cityscape. 3. Empress of China Cocktail Lounge Lounge (Chinatown) – Rat Pack-style charm in the former glorious, now ironic Chinatown enclave.

4. Harry Denton’s Starlight Room (Union Square) – Crushed velvet booths on the 21st floor for Botoxed blondes and graying suits. 5. Fifth Floor (Union Square) – Happy-hour gazing into the glittering bay just a stumble and splash below.