Watch Fergie’s Latex-Filled ‘You Already Know’ Video with Nicki Minaj


Fergie Ferg is preparing for the release of her long-awaited sophomore album, Double Dutchess, her first new record in 11 years. The latest tease from her comeback project is the music video for lead single, “You Already Know,” featuring Nicki Minaj.

In the black-and-white vid, Fergie plays chess and ping-pong with herself, and dances around some metal frames, all in a latex bodysuit from Vex Latex. Minaj also appears in Vex, looking uber-chic. Take a look, below, ahead of Double Dutchess’ premiere on September 22.


Who’s Your Best Dressed? Our Most Stylish AMA Attendees

All photos: John Salangsang/

Award show season is just around the corner, meaning red carpet season is just around the corner—and if celebrities know how to do one thing perfectly, it’s to wear designer duds and a full face of make up. Case in point: Selena Gomez’s dramatic back, and the Jenner Sister’s looking like pin-up dolls 5 years their senior. Who gets your vote for best dressed?

1. Jennifer Lopez BFA_10902_1326539

2. Kate Beckinsale 2014 American Music Awards - Arrivals

3. Heidi Klum 2014 American Music Awards - Arrivals

4. Gigi Hadid 2014 American Music Awards - Arrivals

5. Olivia Munn 2014 American Music Awards - Arrivals

6. Kendall and Kylie Jenner 2014 American Music Awards - Arrivals

7. Nicki Minaj 2014 American Music Awards - Arrivals

8. Fergie 2014 American Music Awards - Arrivals

9. Jessie J 2014 American Music Awards - Arrivals

10. Selena Gomez BFA_10902_1326441

Listen to ‘The Great Gatsby’ Soundtrack Sampler

The Great Gatsby as told by Baz Luhrmann is a mixed bag, with 3D effects and overblown sets and probably acting adding who knows what to an already excellent story. Can you tell I’m not sold on this yet? Well, as we gleefully look forward to what will certainly be the movie event of the spring, let’s take a break from all of the trailers and posters and listen to snippets from the soundtrack. With musical direction from Jay-Z, the album is all over the place. First of all, there’s the anticipated cover of "Back to Black" performed by Beyoncé and André 3000. And there’s also a new songs from Lana Del Rey, Sia, The xx, and Jack White. Plus a ’20s-inspired cover of Beyoncé’s "Crazy in Love." (Alright, I’m officially eye-rolling over this Pastiche for Dummies collection.) But at the very end of the day, I know I’m pumped that Fergie and GoonRock finally got it together.

Watch An Even More Extravagant Trailer for ‘The Great Gatsby’

Now, I’m all for a good era-clashing juxtaposition on film—hell, I’m even okay with this new "Young and Beautiful" song from Lana Del Rey——but this new trailer for Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby is simply too much. To have a modern soundtrack for the Jazz Age tale—that features Beyonce singing Amy Winehouse, Florence and the Machine, Filter, etc.—it feels totally fine because the way in which the songs weaved into the scenes and into the trailer—working to play with our conception of a moment, using that amalgamation of new and old to show us something interesting. But this new Fergie, Q-Tip, and Goonrock song "A Little Party Never Killed Anybody (All We Got)" is pretty much insufferable and seems to be alienating anyone not looking to the movie simply for cheap thrills and the Spring Breakers Soundtrack Part Deux. So when the song blasts over the new trailer, it fills Baz’s world with the delicacy of a foghorn, ridding any sense of glamour or refinement, and sounding like a bad mashup of every song on the radio.

But you know, it’s just one trailer of many and we can only hope this song doesn’t work its way too closely into any major scenes of the film.

See the trailer HERE courtesy of NewNowNext.

Afternoon Links: Gaga’s Single Out Early, Fergie Has Doubts About Super Bowl

● Josh Brolin can officially rule out a role in Mission: Impossible 5, after telling The New Yorker that Scientology is “really fucking bizarre.” [The New Yorker] ● Watch B.o.B deliver a meta-performance of his hit “Airplane” on an airplane, giving new meaning to the term “in-flight entertainment.” Get it?! [YouTube] ● Lady Gaga tweeted that her new single, “Born This Way,” will be out this Friday. Then her boyfriend tweeted how proud of her he is. Then I sneezed. [Lady Gaga/Twitter]

● The Super Bowl was watched buy 111 million people, making it the most-watched television event of all time. [Reuters] ● On a similar note, Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas has admitted their half time performance wasn’t perfect. We could have told you that. [THR] ● Michael Moore is suing Harvey Weinstein for stiffing him on Farenheit 9/11 profits, proving that you can never have enough money, or in Michael Moore’s case, doughnuts. [TMZ]

Morning Links: AOL Buys Huffington Post, Charlie Sheen Dances the Night Away

● AOL’s Tim Armstrong and Huffinton Post’s Arianna Huffington jack-knifed post-Super Bowl talk last night by announcing AOL’s $315 million acquisition of the Huff Po. How about that Groupon commercial? [AllThingD’s] ● Lil Wayne helped the Wall Street Journal live blog last night’s game from the endzone, while Birdman made a milli. [WSJ/HipHopDX] ● LCD Soundsystem is bowing out, just like frontman James Murphy said they would, but not until they complete a three hour victory jam at Madison Square Garden. All guests are asked to wear white and/or black. Should be special. [Pitchfork]

● Martha Stewart thought Fergie looked great at last night’s halftime show. [Twitter] ● Meet Guy Pelly, the best friend of Prince William and Prince Harry, who’s been charged with organizing Prince William’s bachelor party. Exotic locales! Girls! Booze! Prying eyes await the scandalizing photos. [NYT] ● Looped three times, this video of Charlie Sheen dancing is almost art. [TMZ]

The 19 Worst ‘Maxim’ Cover Models of All Time

Over the last two decades, Maxim has featured a bevy of beauties on its covers, from Hollywood starlets to sexy female sports stars. But like the unfortunate souls found on Playboy’s worst cover-girl list, Maxim does suffer the occasional miscast. Although it may be interesting to see Fergie in a bra, even the mag’s target audience might think twice about incorporating her into one’s genteel nighttime fantasies. But Fergie’s hardly the only gal who maybe didn’t turn in her best work fronting for Maxim.


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image 1. Lucy Lawless (April 1999) – Stunning during her tenure as Xena: Warrior Princess, and would probably be a strong contender for the upcoming Wonder Woman film were she still in her prime. Suffice to say, it isn’t Lucy’s looks that landed her on this list; rather, it’s the Xena thing. That role was a feminist’s wet dream, reaching new levels of man-hating with each subsequent episode. Even if we were willing to look beyond that (which we’re not), the appearance of Xena in a men’s magazine contradicts her cultivated image as a feminist icon. What it ultimately boils down to is that this spread isn’t arousing unless you like having your nuts crunched.


2. Melissa Joan Hart (October, 1999) – Most children of the 90s remember her from Nickelodeon’s Clarissa Explains It All and Sabrina the Teenage Witch. It’s that nostalgia factor which makes it impossible to look at Melissa Joan Hart without recalling some of our more awkward pre-pubescent moments. For those of us who were already adults during the early 90s, it’s even harder to look at her without feeling like a dirty old man.

image 3. Lara Flynn Boyle (December 1999) – On this cover, Lara Flynn Boyle looks like she’s battling (or embracing) an impressive cocaine habit and a severe eating disorder. Who knows what got trimmed off or slimmed down in Photoshop, but still, time for a sammich.


4. Helena Bonham Carter (August 2001) – There are lots of women out there with looks that walk the fine line between strange and hot. Helena Bonham Carter is one of them. Fight Club author Chuck Palahniuk characterized Marla Singer, the character Carter played in the film version, as having “big eyes the way they have in Japanese animation.” Not only does Tim Burton’s longtime partner and muse aptly match this description, but her spread in Maxim probably fulfilled every necrophiliac’s fantasy.

image 5. Christina Aguilera (January 2003) – Despite her superior vocal skills, Christina Aguilera was always eclipsed by her former rival, Britney Spears. In a desperate attempt to surpass her, Aguilera bronzed her skin, sported a skunk tail, and left little else to the imagination. The end result left her looking more like an Orange County douchette than an A-list pop star. While her album, Stripped, was commercially and critically a hit, her Maxim spread was a sad afterthought.

image 6. Shania Twain (June 2003) – Faith Hill was hot back in the day, but we draw the line there when it comes to country musicians. Shania Twain isn’t at all bad looking, but she doesn’t belong on the cover of Maxim. Besides, she was pushing 40 by the time the magazine came to print — gasp! — and to be honest, she was always more the marrying type than ideal cover skank.


7. Michelle Branch (January 2004) – At the height of her success, Michelle Branch packed more talent than most of her Autotuned counterparts. Yet, while attractive, she was hardly a sex symbol. Her Maxim appearance seemed like a disconnect with her otherwise wholesome image, as she’s no Britney or Paris otherwise.

image 8. Marge Simpson (April 2004) – Readers flip through Maxim to ogle at ‘shopped flesh and blood, not pen and ink. Though give Maxim props for a novel idea that Playboy ripped off five years later. Still, if we were into cartoon poon, we’d buy stocking up on hentai.

image 9. Avril Lavigne (October 2004) – Like most commercially successful female artists, she’s a good-looking girl. But her mall-safe version of sk8er punk makes her both a little young and a little twee, even for Maxim.


10. Girls of The Apprentice (December 2004) – Bottom of the barrel time, and that’s saying something. Really, what can be said about highlighting the questionable charms of a reality show that favorably depicts Donald Trump’s business acumen by comparing it with even lesser lights such as these? Even Snooki would be preferable.

image 11. Nicky Hilton (August 2005) – As if one Hilton sister wasn’t enough. If Nicky was looking to outdo Paris, then she should have done a sex tape, not a photo shoot.

image 12. Nicolette Sheridan (November 2005) – After multiple plastic surgeries, Nicolette resembles a tightly taxidermized otter. Plus, Maxim readers generally steer clear of Lifetime and Desperate Housewives.

image 13. Haylie Duff (January 2006) – Much like Nicky Hilton, Haylie Duff is the celebrity sister that nobody knew existed. While Hillary Duff has made a lucrative career as a tween idol, most readers are probably unable to remember any of Haylie’s films besides Napoleon Dynamite (2004). Her appearance in Maxim was yet another attempt to ride the coattails of her sister’s fame.


14. Lacey Chabert (January 2007) – Claudia from Party of Five grew up and really filled out. Unfortunately, most people remember Lacey as the little sister with the annoyingly screechy voice. As scorchingly hot as she grew up to be, looking at her in that way felt like acknowledging a younger cousin’s new boobs.


15. Fergie (April 2007) – Most people’s gut reaction to Fergie is that she’s good looking for her age. Sadly, this compliment crumbles when you find out she’s only 32. That’s what happens when you supposedly have a forehead lift, breast augmentation, nose job, and extreme Botox. The end result comes uncomfortably close to a West Hollywood tranny.

image 16. Sarah Silverman (June 2007) – While we love Sarah for making us laugh and for being one of the few attractive comedians out there, she could have shown more skin for her Maxim cover. What photographer thought it would be a good idea for her to pose in the remnants of a gorilla suit? No furries.


17. Lindsay Lohan (September 2007) – Oh Lindsay, how far you’ve fallen from your glory days as a Mean Girl. Her appearance in Maxim was clearly nothing more than a desperate attempt to revive her floundering career. To make matters worse, she looked less like the Lindsay we briefly loved and more like Amy Winehouse’s heroin buddy.


18. Heidi Montag (February 2008) – Someday, decades from now, someone will have to explain to the children just who Heidi Montag was — and that no, the pre- and post-surgery Heidis are not two different people. Note near identical similarity to Lara Flynn Boyle’s oh-it’s-ok-that-you’re-looking-at-my-butt pose above.


19. Ashley Greene (November 2009) – You may not care, but Ashley Greene had a role in Twilight. One supposes that enough unfortunate straight males were dragged to the movie by their significant others that they vaguely recognize her on the cover of Maxim, and hence impulse-buy.

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Links: Fergie Renews Vows With Stripper-Loving Husband; World’s First Sex Robot Premieres

The New York Daily News gossip page doesn’t need jokes, because this is a real headline: “Stripper cheating allegations behind them, Fergie and Josh Duhamel renew wedding vows.” [Daily News] ● Comedian Aziz Ansari sent a Facebook message to a girl who called him a “giant douchebag” in a Twitter update. “Are you basing this on characters I play on TV?” he asked. “That is pretend.” [ONTD] ● Yankees star Derek Jeter will marry actress Minka Kelly on November 5th. A New York Post “reporter” scored the scoop by sneaking into the “reception palace” pretending to be a bride-to-be. Is that journalism or Drew Barrymore movie? [NY Post]

● The “world’s first sex robot” debuted at the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo, featuring five “girlfriend personalities” and a $7,000-$9,000 price tag. Its creator claims his inspiration was 9/11; the terrorists win. [Gearlog] ● You can now watch video of Kate Gosselin’s 20-hour hair makeover, though the clip is condensed to under 4 minutes because Andy Warhol is dead. As are art and culture, apparently. [The Sexist]

Odd Coupling: Dame Judi Dench + Black Eyed Peas

And as much as we’d like to deny it, rarely has the phrase “like a house afire” — as in two people who get along incredibly well, like fire on dry timber, in fact! — ever been so promising. The last time the phrase was used with such verve, sources remarked about Leona Lewis and Stella McCartney getting along house-burningly well. And those rumors turned out to be true. So here we are, with rumors about one of the grand dames of Hollywood taking part in this unlikely collaboration. All because Dench and Fergie got along, “like a house on fire” while filming Nine together.

So much so that after a spirited chest-bump after wrapping production on Nine, they realized the best way to demonstrate their new creative alliance is by roping Dench into to bust a move on a BEP music video. Quite possibly their next single.

The band’s fourth single, “Imma Be” may hopefully see Dench shooting daggers at Fergie’s butterface with M-from-James Bond-like sharpness. Possible premises: a more MTV-friendly redo of Mrs. Henderson Presents. Failing, that, a sexified update of Notes On a Scandal which finds Fergie stepping into the Cate Blanchett role could also work. Obviously, an enterprise of this size is pointless unless a b-side featuring Dench reciting the BEP song as spoken-word poetry is also included on the single. Fatboy Slim’s Christopher Walken-assisted video for “Weapon of Choice” should provide an excellent blueprint either way.