NYC Gets XXXL, 24 oz. Burgers With Opening of Fatburger Next Week

Fatburger is landing in NYC. Next Tuesday the 11th, the west coast burger monster known for its made-to-order burgers that come in t-shirt sizes from small to XXXL, is opening its first New York spot in Murray Hill: an area already packed with other burger joints like Bareburger, Rare Bar & Grill, and Black Shack Burger

Alas, who can expect a restaurant called "Fatburger" to cower in the face of competition? With one look at Fatburger’s XXXL, 24 oz. burger of 100-percent lean beef – the rivals are sure to scram.

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Photo: Time Out.

Las Vegas: Top 5 Spots to Make Up for Not Eating or Sleeping for 24 Hours

imageRunning on empty? Refuel here.

1. Big Mama’s Rib Shack (Off-Strip West) – Award-winning BBQ and scrape-the-container sides. Pick up drive-thru, eat, and return to battle. 2. Noodles (Strip: Central) – Every variation of noodle Asia has to offer, served up quick and hot in a soothing minimalist setting. 3. Fatburger (Strip: South) – A kingburger with fries can probably soak up a fifth of vodka.

4. Blueberry Hill (Off-Strip East) – Waitresses with Tammy Wynette hair bring big plates of homestyle food. Local franchise is Las Vegas’ fave hangover cure. 5. Delmonico’s (Strip: Central) – Sometimes you need to eat an enormous steak in surroundings that force you to become civilized again.

Kanye West to Fatten Up Chicago via Burgers

A recent jaunt in South Beach saw me not grinding it out with Donatella on a foothill of cocaine, but instead sitting with pals at a Fatburger on Washington Avenue, scarfing on a Kingburger with a side of Fat Fries. It’s a fine burger chain — even Kanye West thinks so. The rap artist’s food appendage KW Foods LLC has the rights to open 10 Fatburgers in the Chicago area, and Kanye is wasting no time. The California-based cow-killer will have its first Windy City locale in Orland Park, with another to open in the Beverly neighborhood this January. Now it’s Jay-Z’s turn to step up and bring some of them fat burgers to New York City. Goodburger after all, isn’t all that good.