Fashion’s Night Out Goes Digital

Although Fashion’s Night Out was generally considered a success, a common complaint was that it was just too damn packed. We have to agree. The hundreds of people snaking around the Ace Hotel for Opening Ceremony‘s “Parisian” market was the longest line we’ve seen since opening night of The Lost World: Jurassic Park, way back in ’97 (although this crowd was admittedly far better dressed). Anyway, Vogue UK has announced they’ll be co-opting the spirit of FNO while eliminating the crowds, by sponsoring an event called Fashion’s Night In. So, instead of scrambling to hail taxis and worming your way through human swarms, you’ll be able to shop your heart out in the spacious expanse of cyberspace.

“The FNI event is set for Nov. 1 from 5 pm until midnight, during which participating online retailers like Asos, Net-a-porter, and Browns will come up with initiatives, discounts, and competitions to boost online traffic and sales,” says Fashionologie. Meaning, with sites like Asos and Net-a-porter offering shipping to the States, this is a UK event that shoppers on this side of the pond can still take part in. Welcome to the Global Village! The good people at Fashionologie continue: “Net-a-porter, for instance, plans to launch a dedicated Party Boutique for the evening, filled with party dresses, shoes, and jewelry picked specifically for the occasion – and free shipping will be offered.” Added bonus: Rather than kill yourself trying to catch a glimpse of Victoria Beckham in an overflowing Armani store, well, here she is! The internet: besting real life one day at a time.