Major SS15 Trend Seen at Fendi + Marc Jacobs + More

Fendi SS15 illustrated by Joseph Larkowsky

Fashion month is nearly winding down…  We’re onto Paris, but during Milan, the Italian fashion capital kicked things into swing with Gucci and Fendi. After the Karl Lagerfeld headed Fendi, famed for its furry goodies, (and  after I looked through the crafted leather and denim jodhpurs and the smallest embellished bags I’ve ever clapped eyes on,) I realized that behind the pretty pastel organza and printed orchid culottes, there was an underlying edge of rebel teens, ready to light up a cigarette behind the bike sheds or sit at the back of the bus and intimidate the new kids. The more you stare at the shredded leather jackets, you realize it’s not a degradé fade, it’s a bold stroke of black spray-paint, or the metallic gladiator sandals, reminiscent of the gaggles of girls in London’s East End.

This isn’t something just seen at Fendi. Marc Jacobs closed NYFW with a parade of military women, each of their looks becoming more adorned with cabochons, luxe materials and couture silhouettes. Selection of patch worked looks bandies together from swatches of fabric in oversized military jackets and nurses uniforms enforcing the idea of rebelling against the regime. Although it’s the spring season, there is something very dark and broody about the collections we have seen.

Back in Milan, Roberto Cavalli produced denim jackets, slit and slashed, worn and fading to reveal a punky, sequin covered second skin. Could the new trend for spring 2015 be “unleash your inner rebel,” or are these girls just pseudo rebels? Is the spray painting, the secret embellishments and the anti-normcore idea of it all a little too… twee in itself?

Donatella went full out punk a few seasons back, all PVC and spiked chokers. This season she did something we never would imagine, sports (or at least, Donatella’s version of ‘sports’). Underwear waistbands on slit skirts and a million miles of Swarovski-adorned fabric later, you have to wonder if Donatella has rebelled against her own aesthetic. Does the Versace customer want a pair of Medusa head track pants, or do they prefer the snake-headed dominatrix where she is normally seen, on crotch grazing mini-dresses? (There were still some of those, to be fair. The world hasn’t gone mad).

I can see how the idea of undercover rebels could be alluring to some. The Park Avenue Princess convincing her mother to buy her the Ralph Lauren black organza shirt, not letting it slip that the leather ties really do completely unlace…

But who am I to judge rebels? Anna Wintour just answered Vogue’s now infamous “73 Questions” in which she stated she hates seeing “all black’. I’m comfortable enough rebelling against Anna by continuing to wear the same black uniform I have for several years, but who knows, maybe next season I’ll pull a Karl at Fendi and spray-paint myself for the gods.

Lessons from Milan: Dress for the Job You Want (No Job at All)

Dress for the job you want not the job you have. For those who want to skip work all together to hang on yachts, private jets, other *glam* forms of transportation, we have Milans fashion week. It’s v rich, v sexy, v fun. The Milan girl is a diva, but she is also high drama (like red bottoms and a bandage dress simply don’t have enough of a narrative for her). In my opinion the Milan girl is really smart in an unexpected way and I always go owff for her look. Let me elaborate on who the she is.

Emilio Pucci
The Pucci woman tried pot a couple times and it wasn’t her thing, but she’s not mad about it. Her husband, however, had a big stoner phase in college and is still known to have an occasional puff. With the legalization of marijuana in Colorado, the couple relocated to Aspen where he is now making their millions in the marijuana industry. As for his wife, she’s the vice president of the company and she’s spending her cut of the profits on Pucci.

Giorgio Armani
Okay so she LOVES The Great Gatsby. The movie, not the book. That’s about it.

Roberto Cavalli 
Her boyfriend’s in a band, he plays guitar while she sings Lou Reed. His band has a lot of radio popularity, but isn’t very good. He probably sings that “Why you gotta be so rude?” song. Nonetheless she insists he is a rockstar and strives to be the Bianca to his Mick.

She is kind of like the Cavalli girl except it is all about EDM instead of rock ‘n’ roll. She doesn’t want any of your molly, but she’s backstage at the rave puffing on an e-cig and taking selfies. She looks great.

The Milan girl, she’s so cool.

Can We Talk About Gemma Ward Opening Prada?!

Image via

It’s happened before. Liberty Ross on the runway at Alexander Wang, Giselle at Wang, Kirsty Hume at Proenza Schouler… our favorite supers tend to come back now and again, and it’s always a thrill, but, YOU GUYS… Gemma freaking Ward opened the Prada show.

We have missed her dearly for ages. We’ll always have the treasure trove of archival glossies she’s appeared in over the years (up until 2008 when she quit the biz) and sure, we can catch her on film (did you know she was in The Great Gatsby?) but seeing her back in her element today? Everything.

We hope this means we’ll see more of those ethereal, doll-like features in editorials and ads soon. And in the mean time, thanks Miuccia.

Karolyn Pho References the Future without Referencing Zenon

Aine tries on a pair of Karolyn Pho x Moscot frames. Photo by Zac Sebastian

“I think everyone’s a little over space vibes,” designer Karolyn Pho mused backstage before her SS15 show. The designer’s new collection featured feminine materials, gorgeous plissé pleats, oversized paillettes,  and masculine tailoring that translated a forward-thinking vibe grounded in her tried and true aesthetic, with a healthy dose of ’90s minimalism throughout — a prevailing decade found throughout many collections this season.

One of the pieces of the collection that the above sentiment rang most true for were the sunglasses Pho created in collaboration with Moscot. The crystal clear frames in a ’60s/’70s boxy, masculine shape echoed this futuristic-sans-space vibe with a touch of girly thrown in– pairs either featured flamingo pink or sky blue lenses. Totally wearable, totally future, without referencing Zenon.

(Though, to be fair, we will always love Zenon.)

The 21 Best Songs of #NYFW: Your New Favorite Playlist

For this, we didn’t get half the photos we wanted because our batteries were drained from Shazaming everything good from shows and presentations. It was worth it. From Rihanna to Mø, FKA Twigs to Chris Isaak, Crowe-ther to Sbrtrkt, well you get the idea.

Just for you, with all our love — here is the best sounding 1 hour and 28 minutes of fashion week you’ll hear this season.

Diesel Black Gold Debuts Wearable Tech on the Runway

Apple might be, well, Apple, but many recent forays into Wearable Tech (or just “wearables,” because please, we’re on a first-name basis now), come backed with top designer creds. The latest example is the new Samsung Gear S wristband, which debuted on the runway at yesterday’s Diesel Black Gold show.

Diesel Black Gold Runway SS15 Featuring Exclusive Samsung Gear S Show Pieces

And while my notes on Diesel read: “sexed-up suiting, studs, and a dash of ‘90s grunge vis-a-vis lingerie influenced chemise dresses,” any ‘90s kid will tell you we didn’t have such magic in those days, micro-laptops on our wrists calculating our every move. If you want the best of both worlds: ‘90s throwback x 2014 capabilities but don’t want the futuristic flash of certain devices, the Diesel Black Gold edition might be a good pick. Creative director Andreas Melbostad picked leather in colors matching the new line to bring sophistication to this techcessory. (p.s. did I just coin that?!)

Images courtesy of Diesel Black Gold

BJ on the Runway, Miley Cyrus, and Breaking for Art: #NYFW Day 7 Highlights

Miley Cyrus with Jeremy Scott via @itsjeremyscott on Instagram

Wednesday! Tomorrow is the last day in NY before troves of editors head overseas. We are happily staying in NYC and sleeping. From Olsen-less viewings at Elizabeth and James to the dreamy Delpozo, and of course, Betsey Johnson’s infamous runway cartwheels, things are at once busy but also concluding. We are already planning our detoxes, cleanses, binge viewings, and more.

Sara: Emily–Any MK+A sightings at Elizabeth and James today?

Emily: NO actually, and I was pretty bummed. I’m actually a big fan of both their clothing lines but not gonna lie, I was really looking forward to seeing them. It would’ve fulfilled some childhood dreams.

Sara: I know. I love them, their style, and both lines as well. This is my dream bag.

Emily: Backpacks are so hot right now.  But yeah, Elizabeth and James had some good pieces, noticed some more normcore sandals.

Sara: Yeah, even though I really like Elizabeth and James clothes, I’d still want some Olsen action. The clothes were very theatrical today. In fact when I woke up, I even thought, well, if there was ever a day to wear something crazy, because I headed to Jeremy Scott where Miley Cyrus caused a massive traffic jam and some attendees received pretty cool Jeremy Scott Longchamp bags. Scott grabbed Miley from her seat and the two strutted down the runway probably causing iPhones to freeze around the room–or maybe mine is the only dysfunctional one.


At Betsey Johnson I was given three Baked By Melissa cupcakes and I ate them in about 10 seconds total.

Emily: That’s absolutely doable with Baked by Melissa cupcakes. I hear you on the theatrical clothes though–Greg Lauren had some interesting pieces come down the runway that looked like they came off the set of the Hunger Games. Everything was a little rough around the edges and utilitarian, very District 12.


Alyssa: Ooh, more entertainment themed collections.

On a different note, my absolute favorite collection that I’ve seen so far this fashion week was Delpozo today. It’s unreal how gorgeous it is. I would do illegal things to get my hands on it.

Sara: Delpozo looked BREATHTAKING. I’m still lusting over these from last year.

Emily: I LOVE those. RIGHT.

Alyssa: Oh girl, I know. But the shoes today? Best shoes I’ve seen all week, too.


Sara: I’m a shoe girl over a bag girl forever.

Alyssa: Same. Also into jewelry recently. Today was just dreamy in general. I started out the best possible way. I feel so lucky, Monique Péan held her presentation so that we each had a private viewing of Walter De Maria’s The Broken Kilometer at a Dia space… and then saw her beautiful jewels. I’ve never felt so grounded and calm going into a fashion anything. Thank you, Monique! (Who is so sweet.) We couldn’t take photos, but you should go.

Emily: Definitely have to check that out.

Sara: I got to see Betsey’s infamous cartwheels down the runway today.

By the way, the show was called Prenup and opened with two grooms and then two brides, one of whom was SoulCycle star Stacey. Betsey closed the show with her DWTS partner, Tony Dovolani and then a seriously impressive cartwheel-into-split situation with one of her adorable granddaughters. She is FIT. ALSO: I don’t watch Real Housewives, but them ladies were half the models!

Alyssa: SoulCycle instructors, so hot right now! The invite was a bag of rice. I knew it’d be wedding themed!

Sara: Wait–a. have Soul instructors made other appearances, because that’s a semi-unexpected job perk and b. did you make stir fry?

Alyssa: Sara, it is fashion week. There is no time to cook. But hello did you not see Ben Bruker on Keeping Up with the Kardashians? The cult of SoulCycle and the cult of celebrity collide…

Sara: No, but please refer me, I need some quality pre-bedtime TV tonight.

Alyssa: Ta da:

Think of it as a bed time story.