Fashion Showdown: Chanel Vs. Victoria’s Secret. Who Will Win?!

Cara Delevingne walks in Victoria’s Secret and Chanel. Images by Joe Schildhorn and Matteo Prandoni (

Two massive events on the fashion calendar will occur on the same day this year, which means this will be one hell of a fashion world showdown. Chanel’s Métiers d’Arts collection will debut in Austria on December 2nd, and the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show will be held the same day in London.

The two events will inevitably have to fight for the same editors, celebrity guest list, and models (Cara–who will you choose?!) Both events are known for their theatrical presentations, over the top outfits, and generally high entertainment value. Basically, it’s like if a sports person had to choose between watching the Super Bowl and the World Series on the same day (yeah sports!)

As for me, I’ll be watching the Victoria’s Secret show on TV with the rest of the fashion plebeian cast. Unless Karl wants to extend an invite.

Meet Industry Insider & Fashion Designer Carolina Sarria

“I sometimes think of myself as a vampire,” says fashion designer Carolina Sarria. “I dress in jeans and a cotton t-shirt during the day, but at night I transform into the style of my brand. Night is more fun for me.” So after dark, Sarria – the president of her own namesake brand – becomes all that her clothing encompasses: edgy, androgynous, and dark. “My brand attracts the wild girl who is fearless and loves to feel sexy,” she says. Which is perhaps why it’s been received with such applause. Ever since the Colombia-born designer launched her first collection at a fashion show in 2011, the demand for her pieces have been overwhelming, and naturally spawned the need for Sarria’s first store.

The boutique, which opened in January in the Garment District at 325 W. 38th St., showcases her latest collections. “Having your own store is a designer’s dream,” she says. “I love the direct interaction of dressing up my clients and seeing them react to each piece. The process has been stressful, but gratifying.”

Despite the stress, Sarria is expanding her brand threefold; she’s designing a shoe line for a major retail chain which launches early next year, debuting her men’s collection in the fall at the same time her women’s collection appears in commercial stores, and hosting her fall-transition runway show on May 10th.

But what would Sarria do if she wasn’t so successful at designing? “I would be a psychologist who analyzes the minds of the criminally insane. The mad are just more interesting .”

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Kelly Rowland Fights ‘Fashion Show’ Fatigue with #1 Single

imageKelly Rowland remains one of two surviving members from Destiny’s Child who has escaped Beyoncé’s mandibles alive and well (rest in pieces, LeToya, LaTavia, and Farrah). And in many ways, Rowland, very much like that new Mariah Carey song, Robert Pattinson stalkers, and pay-per-pee airplane toilets, embodies the American spirit. Reaching for the stars, Kelly Rowland has to be content with nursing the scrapes and bruises incurred while washing ashore with the rest of the rubble.

But even if into its first season, The Fashion Show has failed to capture hearts like Project Runway — and has somehow managed to present competing designers more venal than Kenley Collins and the rest of PR’s season five crew — and further, courts the storm clouds of cancellation, host Rowland couldn’t be looking sunnier. Maybe it has something to do with getting out from Father Knowles’ thumb. And the fact that since then, she’s been fronting this little gem in the UK.

You see, while she’s been parading in front of American TV cameras as a dubious authority on high fashion, she’s also been moonlighting across the pond in as a showstopping diva. Sure, the song is throwaway and eerily reminiscent of 1990 hackjobs like this. But it also looks poised to summit the top of the British charts this weekend.

Further good news is that Beyoncé’s babyphobic ways will give Ms. Kelly a notable advantage as the two compete for headlines and that space in the public’s chest cavity that once used to be occupied by a beating heart. As it turns out, one of Rowland’s deepest desires is also the exact same thing that tends to push celebrities to the top of the A-list: adoption.