What You Need to Know About the New, CFDA-Improved Fashion Calendar

The CFDA purchased the 65-year-old Fashion Calendar back in October, and now it’s officially launched. What to know about the exclusive new service:

1. It’s members only. Annual membership will cost $550 although special memberships will also be available, such as week-long ones for market weeks at $150.

2. One of the primary goals is to avoid scheduling conflicts, hopefully helping to alleviate the whole three-fashion-shows-within-five-minutes-of-each-other scenario.

3. The calendar already has more than 650 subscribers.

4. It can be used as a web app, and can be viewed on a phone, but there is not yet an app for your iPhone or Android.

5. There is mass potential for partnerships to come, though they are not established yet, with brands ranging from Fashion GPS to Uber and the MTA.

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