Listen to a New Fall on Your Sword Track From Wikileaks Documentary ‘We Steal Secrets’

I first fell in love with Fall on Your Sword when their incredible score for Mike Cahill’s Another Earth took that film from a metaphysical and emotional science fiction wonder to indie masterpiece. It’s a soundtrack I’ve listened to an infinite number of times in the last two years, and since, the guys behind FOYS, Will Bates and Phil Mossman, have been in high-demand, lending their brilliant and varied musical talents to Nobody Walks, Lola Versus, 28 Hotel Rooms, etc.

And now, you can listen to piece of the score from We Steal Secrets: The Story Of Wikileaks, which they’ve scored for director Alex Gibney. The film hits theaters May 24th but you can purchase the soundtrack beginning next Tuesday. So in the meantime, take a listen to "First Release" below.


‘Another Earth’ Director Mike Cahill’s Next Feature Is In The Works

Well, it looks like writer and director Mike Cahill’s next feature is a go—and I am brimming with excitement. It’s been over a year since the release of Another Earth, his hauntingly beautiful debut feature that won him the Special Jury Prize at Sundance and established him as a rare talent to emerge in a wave of new American independent cinema. Co-written with the film’s star Brit Marling, Another Earth is a science fiction drama about the ability to forgive, the ineffiable ways of the heart, and the nature of existence in a world where there are infinitely more questions than answers. With an affinity towards the scientific and metaphysical, in speaking about his film to me last year, Cahill said, “science fiction is like the impossible metaphor. You can put another earth in the sky, and that fantasy or that twist on reality allows us to actually get closer to something about humanity so I love that. Instead of pushing us away from reality, ironically, it brings us closer.”

Last December he shared that he was currently writing a film about “reincarnation, based in science—like biometrics.” Now titled iOrigins, this film will be on a larger scale than Another Earth surely—in terms of the grandeur of the film, as well as the content. According to The Playlist, the film will tell the story of:

“A doctor, who is on the brink of a scientific breakthrough that will have historical ramifications, and he travels to India to meet a young girl, who can make or break his theory. Said to be a picture that will mine "mine the emotional side of science.”

Casting is currently underway and although this is all the information released thus far, I could not be more enthused and fascinated with the idea. Cahill is someone whose work has an aesthetic and emotional rawness to it that brings forth the beauty in everyday images, elevating them to a mystical level—much like one of his favorite directors, Krzysztof Kieślowski—and hopefully, this film will be an even more realized vision of that artistic sentiment. Now I can only assume Brit will have her hand in the film somehow, and if the planets truly align, Fall on Your Sword will compose another stunning soundtrack as they did for Another Earth. Needless to say, we’ll be watching this one closely.