NASA Finds Use for Old Headshots

Accept it: it’s unlikely you’ll ever be able to afford private space travel, even if Branson finally gets his next project past the stratosphere. Luckily, in lieu of actual space travel, NASA is offering anyone over 13 the opportunity to send a picture of their face into space aboard one of the two remaining space shuttle missions. Why the age limit? Who besides the time capsule-burying set will want to do this? Details after the jump!

It’s called the Face in Space program. Catchy, right? After you get over the rhyming, you can go to NASA’s Face in Space website and upload a picture of yourself to be taken into space. (Well, more likely a small file of a picture of you to be taken into space.) After your likeness’s space flight, you can print out a “commemorative certificate signed by the Mission Commander.”

I’ve got to assume the pictures are traveling on a hard drive of some sort, which takes a bit of the thrill out of it. What if the space shuttle astronauts encounter some other form of higher intelligence? They wouldn’t be able to give the alien creatures these candid pics, and, even if they did, the aliens would probably have some compatibility issues.

But, we digress. The Space Shuttle Discovery launches in September and the Endeavour in November. Face in Space participants can choose which shuttle to put their face on. Best Face Forward!