Buy a Terence Koh Artwork on the Cheap

For those of us high on taste and low on disposable income, this past year has offered up a wealth of online shops with sales on designer duds: The Outnet, Reserve, and Privé, to name a few. So it makes good sense that the next iteration of living beyond your means, à la characters in a Bret Easton Ellis novel, would be the same e-sale model applied to art. Enter Exhibition A.

Exhibition A sells limited-edition series from a catalog of well-known artists. Catering to a previously unfilled niche, the site aims to bring high-brow art to the hoi polloi at a reduced cost. Most pieces are only available for four weeks or until sold out – no new prints will be made.

If your biggest hurdle to becoming an art collector (aside from the prohibitive cost) is the fear that your new acquisition will depreciate over time, the team at Exhibition A has done the legwork for you — they aim to feature artwork “sought after by serious collectors,” such as the currently-available print by Terence Koh, starting at $100. New artists’ pieces are added to the site every Monday, so check back often to get started on your art collection. Trust me, your retirement-age self will thank you.