Agency: Where Hollywood Meets Vegas

Everything about Agency is a secret; its quiet opening before the New Year, covert entrance and private patio, and unannounced performances by the world’s top DJs. But like any really good secret, it doesn’t remain so for long.

Located in East Hollywood, this 250-person covert nightclub offers what other big and bombastic late-night destinations don’t: an invite-only, front-row seat to the most sought-after house DJ performances, in a retreat teeming with sexy and creative energy – the creativity beginning the moment you walk in.

The guest first enters into an eerie, butcher shop inspired hallway that leads up a gold-painted, darkened stairway into a flirtatious, engaging retreat,” says co-owner Jordan Buky. “There’s chandeliers suspended from the copper ceilings, theatrical red walls, plush turquoise sofas, and eye-catching leopard-print flooring surrounding its secluded alcoves.”

The interior also includes a full-service bar, a giant DJ booth, and separate VIP entrance/patio attracting bottle service and A-list clientele.

Agency is built with the newest technology and sound,” says co-owner Cy Waits.” It’s the only club in LA where Hollywood meets Vegas.”

But take note: Agency is only open Tuesdays and Saturdays. Torture, right? Quality, not quantity. 

Gilt Groupe Scores Target Exclusive

Gilt Groupe‘s expansions are continuing at an extremely rapid pace, and the latest is an exclusive with Target. “For the first time ever, Gilt will be offering an exclusive advance look at select items from all three coveted collections, starting this Friday, August 20, at noon ET,” says Gilt Groupe. The collections in question are all designer collaborations that are slated to hit Target stores this fall. The lines include a collaboration with Tucker, a print-heavy, colorful women’s line from NYC-based designer Gaby Basora, housewares maven John Derian, and British luxury brand Mulberry, who is serving up substantially less expensive handbags for the chain retailer. The collaboration is the first of its kind and marks Gilt Groupe’s foray into yet another new territory.

So, not only is the flash sale site offering city-specific sale access through Gilt City while likewise spotlighting up-and-coming designers through its Sunday sales, Gilt Groupe is proving to be the only retailer to house preview sales of Target’s much coveted designer collaborations. Target too is embarking on an exciting new undertaking: a large-scale, free-to-the-public fashion show staged in the West Village. Taking place this Wednesday night at 9:00 p.m., the show “will kick off with a street-level catwalk show on Little W. 12th St. (between Washington St. and 10th Ave.). On a giant stage, 25 models will sport iconic Target brands like Mossimo, Merona and Converse One Star. Behind them, 66 Target-clad dancers will spin and twirl on a stage designed to mimic The Standard’s signature glass windows. Meanwhile, the other dance performances will take place in the rooms in the hotel,” says the New York Daily News. Save for the crowds, it’s one surefire way to whet your appetite for next month’s fashion week.