Club Hero Unik Ernest: Having a Ball Helping Haiti

Beautiful famous people model/author Kelly Bensimon and actor Boris Kodjoe will host club hero Unik Ernest’s Fifth Annual Edeyo Gives Hope Ball taking place at 7PM on Wednesday, June 27th at The DL (95 Delancey). This year, fabulous photog Nigel Barker will be honored and there will be complimentary hors d’oeuvres, cocktails by MEDEA vodka and VEEV and a live and silent auction and music by Etienne DeYans. This gatherings of the haves will benefit the have nots…Haitian children. The press release explains: "The evening will raise much-needed funds for the Edeyo Foundation, which is dedicated to improving the future for children in Haiti through education."

Since 2007 Unik Ernest made the inspiring decision to dedicate his birthday bash and give back. In lieu of gifts for the gifted and enlightened Mr. Ernest, guests will donate to the Edayo Foundation, who are "improving the future of children in Haiti by rebuilding dilapidated schools and providing students with a safe learning environment, as well as healthy food and water on a daily basis." Edayo means "Help Them" in Hatian Creole.

I asked Unik to tell us all about it:

You’ve been using your birthday to help people in Haiti for years. Please tell us about the event coming up. What will people be treated to and what will theycome away with?
This is the 5th anniversary of Edeyo. It’s very important for everyone to feel they have seen and witnessed the growth and the development of the foundation as it relates to its unique projects. We also want everyone to feel they have made a significant contribution to that growth and that they are part of the empowerment and self-reliance of the children!

In the last five years, what has changed in Haiti?
I think a few things have changed, I truly believe we have championed the education movement in the country. Sadly enough, it took a tragedy to change the perception of the world toward Haiti and a very significant part of that has been due the earthquake. Haiti has become a lot more attractive because of it, and now the world is jumping on-board to help. One of the biggest changes has also been the sheer number of people who are less well-off today than they were five years ago.

How are the celebrities and other participants brought together for this event?
They all have stake in the growth of the foundation and have the ability to empower the children of Edeyo. Everyone involved, either as celebrity or participant, has knowledge of Haiti in some capacity due to the fact that we are educating them on the country and Edeyo’s mission.

What are you up to?
My focus is the growth of the foundation and the much-anticipated launch of my international couture espresso and patisserie brand that I’m a
co-owner of: Coco Safar.  It will be as big as Starbucks. Also, my
event for Pepsi is this July in St. Tropez.  

Just Hours Away: Asellina’s All-You-Can-Eat Gelato Bar

When an Italian restaurant announces that they’re offering a one-night-only all-you-can-eat gelato bar in the midst of scorching summer, it’s a little bit like hearing a fresh-water lake is “just up ahead” after walking through the desert for five nights with only a Crunch Bar and a packet of miso soup. But then, when we hear that Asellina’s unlimited-gelato-and-toppings bar is TONIGHT (yes, in SEVERAL HOURS), well, the feeling is just – wow, did our birthday/Thanksgiving/ the season 5, part 2 premiere of Breaking Bad just arrive on the same day? Here’s the when/where/ and flavors lowdown you’ll need for tonight.

WHERE: In the Taverna, Asellina’s back bar.

WHAT: Lots of gelato, toppings, espresso, and affogato.

WHEN: Tonight, August 8th, 6pm-8pm.

HOW MUCH MOOLAH: $10 per person for unlimited gelato and toppings.

PROSPECTIVE FLAVORS: Stracciatella, chocolate, hazelnut, passion fruit, blood orange, & more.

PROSPECTIVE TOPPINGS: Crumbled biscotti, nuts and fresh fruit, drenched in espresso and cappuccino.

ADVICE: Call Asellina and book a reservation. Go. Eat too much. It’s worth it.

Super Saturday in the Hamptons: I Missed Kelly Ripa

I missed Kelly Ripa. After driving nearly three hours to a large field in Southampton with my best friend and a bag of trail mix to attend Super Saturday, I missed the most revered guest at the Hampton’s most charitable annual summer event.

Super Saturday is what it says it is: it’s a Super event on a day called Saturday where celebrities (like Kelly Ripa, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member (and Paris Hilton’s aunt) Kyle Richards, and Tiffani Thiessen) and a bunch of very charitable folk descend upon a lawn and shop, eat, and mingle for several hours—and then tweet about it later.

The best part. Well, wait, there are two parts:

1. Top designer clothes are sold at heavily discounted prices, à la Loehmann’s. Sant Ambroeus caters.

2. All the money raised via luxury raffle, expensive entry tickets, and on-site spending benefits the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. This year, Super Saturday raised $3.6 million. 

But anyway, back to the main point: I missed Kelly Ripa. Most likely because I was too busy eating my second plate of Sant Ambroeus bow-tie pasta and/or surveying the line for psychic readings with Betsy Wahmann and/or devouring a corn husk.

The downside was that a lot of the designer clothes, such as Free People, alice + olivia, Diane von Furstenberg, and Intermix, nearly sold out within the first hour, and by hour we mean “ the secret hour,” when the people with VIP tickets were able to get into the tent at noon—60 minutes before everyone else—and snatch up all the really good clothes, leaving the ordinary guests with the not-as-good-but-still-fashionable clothes.

But that’s okay, because what’s one woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure or whatever. Just when I thought I couldn’t find anything to buy amid the soggy, muggy weather in the middle of this field—I did. Hanging on a rack at the Junk Food booth was the perfect t-shirt: a bright blue Batman t-shirt.

And suddenly, all of my cares faded away. Like the fact that it was raining and we were going to drive back in it. Or that we were probably going to have stop at a gas station bathroom to pee on the way. Or that we ran out of trail mix. But most of all, I didn’t mind that I missed Kelly Ripa. And that made my Saturday a lot more super.