10 Dumb Outfits #NYFW Street Stylers Wore in the Freezing Cold

Photo: Julien Boudet/BFAnyc.com

New York during Fashion Week in February is exciting, glamorous, and…freezing. With arctic blast after arctic blast hitting the island like a wrecking ball, it’s hard to remember a time when a Moncler puffer was not needed. For these fashion loving street walkers, weather seems to not be an issue. If you’re truly dedicated to the art of wearing fashion, the elements of the world just seem to disappear! Impractical things miraculously become practical and freezing temperatures magically heat up. All jokes aside, we just hope that all of these #NYFW attendees don’t spend too much time posing for photos and get themselves inside by a fireplace stat. (Watch the faux furs, they are highly flammable.)

1. I guess we should just start saying “It’s spring somewhere” instead of “It’s 5-o-clock somewhere.” #NumbLegsNEW YORK FASHION WEEK #NYFW Street Style - DAY 4Photo: Julien Boudet/BFAnyc.com 

2. We’re not in Beverly Hills anymore, miss Gigi my love. Cover up that amazing body. Sorry, it’s cold. NEW YORK FASHION WEEK #NYFW Street Style - DAY 2Photo: Julien Boudet/BFAnyc.com

3. We know the fashion industry is tough, but this takes it to an entirely new level.  NEW YORK FASHION WEEK #NYFW Street Style - DAY 5Photo: Julien Boudet/BFAnyc.com

4. Should’ve asked that Ouija Board on your clutch if you should’ve worn pants out. It would’ve say YES. #NumbLegsNEW YORK FASHION WEEK #NYFW Street Style - DAY 4Photo: Julien Boudet/BFAnyc.com

5. What beautiful intricate leather gloves…until you scuff a model and make her bleed. MADE FASHION WEEK presents: LEXUS Street Style - DAY SIXPhoto: Ryan Kobane/BFAnyc.com

6. When it feels like -11 degrees outside the last thing you want to feel is your bare arms! In which case you wouldn’t if you were the girl on the right, because they would go numb. #NumbArms NEW YORK FASHION WEEK #NYFW Street Style - DAY 5Photo: Julien Boudet/BFAnyc.com

7. Lucky’s editor doesn’t need snow boots to play in the snow. She doesn’t even need pants! #NumbLegs NEW YORK FASHION WEEK #NYFW Street Style - DAY 3Photo: Julien Boudet/BFAnyc.com

8. I got a blank space baby, and ill write your name. #NumbLegs NEW YORK FASHION WEEK #NYFW Street Style | DAY 3Photo: Leandro Justen/BFAnyc.com

9. I get you’re trying to pull off the gladiator look, but gladiators wore a lot more armor than that! #NumbLegs NEW YORK FASHION WEEK #NYFW Street Style - DAY 4Photo: Julien Boudet/BFAnyc.com

10. Spotted: Lily Van Der Woodsen not wearing pants in below freezing weather with a mystery man who is NOT Rufus. #NumbLegs NEW YORK FASHION WEEK #NYFW Street Style | DAY 3Photo: Leandro Justen/BFAnyc.com

Honoring Oscar De La Renta: A Collection of Fashion’s Commemorations

Image courtesy of Billy Farrell (BFAnyc.com)

Oscar De La Renta, a designer whose name is synonymous with elegance and beauty, has passed away at age 82. The industry took to Instagram to share memories of the designer and his collections. Here are the commemorations made by models who walked for him, photographers who shot for him, celebrities who wore him, and everyone in between, honoring the life and work of Oscar de la Renta.

#Remembering #OscardelaRenta #photo #MichaelThompson #VogueItalia June 2006

A photo posted by Vogue Italia (@vogueitalia) on

Today we are remembering and celebrating the life and talent of Oscar de la Renta, who died last night. A photo posted by British Vogue (@britishvogue) on

The “King of Evening” will be forever remembered. #RIP #OscardelaRenta

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Fashion’s Finest Head to the White House for Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama at the Ribbon Cutting and Press Preview for Anna Wintour Costume Center and Charles James: Beyond Fashion COSTUME INSTITUTE Exhibition. Photo by Joe Schildhorn /BFAnyc.com

Fashion’s finest headed to Washington yesterday as part of First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Reach Higher” Initiative which invited 16 high school students–Parsons Scholars (a program that provides art, design, and fashion education to underprivileged youth) to take part in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Gathered amongst many of the greatest successes in the industry: Anna Wintour introduced Michelle Obama. Eva Chen, Phillip Lim, Diane von Furstenberg, Maria Cornejo, Jason Wu, and Jenna Lyons and more fashion figures were also in attendance. The students received career advice in the rare form of speeches from the First Lady of the U.S.A., and the First Lady of fashion, Ms. Wintour.

“Fashion is about so much more than just a pretty pair of pumps or the perfect hemline.  For so many people across the country, it is a calling, it is a career, and it’s a way they feed their families.  So that’s why we thought it was important to bring the industry to the White House, and to share it with all of you who are coming up in the next generation,” Ms. Obama said, in a speech excerpt that actually got me a little teary.

The young designers we’ll surely soon be clamoring for were set to task to decorate the East Room with 600 recycled books, which were transformed into table centerpieces, napkin rings, a backdrop for the speakers, and (my personal fave) a lectern specifically designed to never obstruct views of Mrs. Obama’s dress. Appropriately, the dress was an incredible student-designed piece by Natalya Koval of FIT, who clearly ran with the opportunity to show off those famous arms.

Sounds like it was a truly special occasion! #FOMO

Some of our favorite Reach Higher moments from Instagram:



Jackie, @prabalgurung, and me at the White House. #fashionedu

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Thank you for your lovely words @flotus @michelleobama today has been amazing. #fashionedu @reachhigher2020 @whitehouse Regram @bibicornejoborthwick View on Instagram


had to do it!- #whitehouse #31philliplim #fashionedu

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“We want you to see firsthand that a solid education and the willingness to work hard is really at the core of what it’s going to take to achieve your goals: education and hard work.” —The First Lady to #FashionEdu Thank you to all the leaders in the fashion industry who encouraged the students at today’s Fashion Education Workshop to #ReachHigher in their education. View on Instagram



Fashion group at the White House ! Zac , Vera, Edward, Naomi, Lazaro ! @edward_enninful @iamnaomicampbell @lazaro @zac_posen Wonderful evening ! Love Diane @michelleobama #fashionedu

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A very inspiring speech from our First Lady ! @MichelleObama #fashionedu @reachhigher2020 Love Diane

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Cutest Fashion Pregnancy Announcement Ever?

Via @evachen212 on Instagram

Eva Chen, one of fashion and social media’s most beloved darlings made what is arguably the cutest, most fashion/current pregnancy announcement in the history of Instagram.

Chen has had a news-filled few weeks. It was recently announced that she’ll also take on the role of chief creative officer when Lucky merges with Beachmint while retaining her role as editor in chief of the mag.

Part of Chen’s charm (and success) has to do with how well she interacts with her community on social media, and an example of this is the #evachenpose. It’s famous all on its own. All 225k of Eva’s followers scroll through morning snaps of her ever-chic shoes, bag, and even her morning apple – there’s no time for a cold when you’re the editor in chief of a major mag. This morning’s stakes were raised big-time when Chen posted normcore New Balance on her feet, a classic Chanel bag at her side, and yes, a piece of fruit too, matched by mini-me versions of each accessory.

She captioned the pic: “#evachenpose: like mother, like future (winter 2015!) daughter edition),” and it’s currently nearing 10K likes. Any daughter of Eva’s (with Chanel bag awaiting her at birth) has a very chic future indeed. Congrats, Eva!

Watch ice queen Anna Wintour take the #icebucketchallenge