Estée Lauder, Courrèges, and Kendall Jenner Get #Poptimistic for an Ultra-Mod New Makeup Collaboration

Photo: Courtesy of Estée Lauder

Kendall Jenner is back for Estée Lauder in a spacey, PVC-filled, and pop-colorful video to celebrate a new collaboration with 60s fashion sensation Courrèges. The designer’s aesthetic (he was known for minimal white dresses) translates seamlessly to makeup. The collection brings mod back, in makeup form. From the ultra-modern packaging to the bright whites and subtle pastels, the colors in the Estée Lauder capsule collection are on point. And since we’re still stuck in cold temps three days into spring, we’ll take go for it and try our bests to be #poptimistic.

Check out Kendall Jenner fist-pumping and showing off the collab dressed in appropriately bright, 60s inspired looks.

A top pick? The face-brightening, uber-mod ultra white eyeliner, because why not go all the way?

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Kendall for Estée Debuted Today

Kendall for Estée is a thing that is happening for real now, and Mama Kris is v proud.

Alex Wang’s Spring Campaign is Inspired by his Natural Habitat

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Gucci’s Got a New Creative Director

Alessandro Michele’s been confirmed

alessandroPhoto courtesy of Gucci

Donatella appoints Anthony Vaccarello Versus Creative Director

“…As soon as I met him I realized immediately he was the one,” Versace said. 

Old(er) is Beautiful, Says Everyone Right Now (#FTW)

Twiggy is L’Oréal Professionnel’s UK Ambassador for 2015



A Smudge-Free Glittery Eye to Ring in The New Year

The end of 2014 is fast-approaching and we can think of no better way than to express our optimism for the 15th year of the millenium than to ring it in with gleaming, glittery eyes. Sparkly makeup as metaphor–what a concept!

However, we’ll keep the glitz to our eyes because glitter dripping down our face, or stuck to our clothes, etc. etc. is not so cute.

K, let’s go.

Step One: Prime

Have some fun (because it’s just the base) applying eyeshadow primer.

primer eye

Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden is good for a bit of illumination underneath everything else and Nars Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base is good for staying power. You could even combine the two to reap all the benefits.

Now, for the fun part…

In our holiday beauty series, we’ve discussed eyeliners that can handle tears, lipsticks made for making out, and skin that glows no matter how low the temperature drops–but our NYE eye installment is our most artistic yet. Think of your eyelids as little canvases with an infinite number of possibilities. Dark and smokey, bright and colorful, or pure, pure glitz. All are a GO for this particular debaucherous evening.

Step Two: A Smooth, Shimmery Lid

No matter how many layers and colors you plan to pile on (it’s fine, the more the merrier for this evening) you need a solid shimmery base. The options are countless, so I’ve picked favorites based on application method, because once you find what works for you, it’s smooth sailing forward.

Here are some of our favorites:

You can see (below) just how creamy Tom Ford’s Platinum Cream Color is, making it a perfect base.

tom ford

If powders are more your game, then there are endless palettes to play with. Plus, nothing like a gorgeous palette in hand to make you rock being your own glam squad.

gold 2

Estée Lauder’s Pure Color Envy Sculpting Eyeshadow 5-Color Palette in “Infamous Sky” has a perfect light base shade as well as two darker metallics.

esteeChanel’s Les 4 Ombres Multi-Effect Quadra Eyeshadow in 226 TISSÉ RIVOLI also has 4 super shimmery neutrals, any of which can stand alone or work as a dramatic first layer.


Step Three: Add Depth, Smoke, or Color

Of course, both above palettes have darker colors for adding depth but because more palettes=more fun, here are my favorites for adding the smoke-factor.

charlotte burberry

Charlotte Tilbury’s Fallen Angel palette is star-studded (literally) and clutch-sized. If you’re going for the tawny side of smoky, Tilbury’s palette is a perfect pick.

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 9.59.19 AM

Burberry’s Smokey Eye palette is classic smokeshow–the kind of palette I like to imagine Alexa Chung keeps on hand. It ranges from that illuminating neutral to its deep but shimmery grey and matte black.

Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 1.17.49 PM

…If Powders and Creams Aren’t Doing it For You

One of my favorite makeup discoveries of the last year has been the almost foolproof dual-use eyeshadow/liner sticks made best by ByTerry and Trish McEvoy. I’ve been hoarding these and they’ve made me feel far more capable of the multi-colored looks seen in glossies for nights that call for our most skilled makeup artistry.

I love these things:


Depending on the shade you pick, these can be used as a base or a detail.

Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 1.27.13 PM

ByTerry’s Ombre Blackstar in Frozen Quartz is an easy base color, but the addition of a quick stripe of the same product in Blue Obsession takes the look instantly into nighttime territory.

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 9.59.01 AM

Trish McEvoy’s 24-Hour Eye Shadow and Liner in Crystal Grey is one of the easiest and fastest routes to a more complicated looking smokey eye I’ve discovered.

…And for the Glitter Girls

If all of the above seems downright tame for you, hold tight, because we’ve got you covered too.

For those of you who’ve committed to sparkle tomorrow night, the obvious choice is Urban Decay’s Moondust eyeshadow (pictured here in MOONSPOON) for unadulterated glam (what we’ve come to expect from the brand).

Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 1.41.26 PM


For a touch of glitter in it’s purest form, try Urban Decay’s classic Heavy Metal glitter liners.

Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 1.45.40 PM

OK–flick on some mascara, bat your eyes, purse your lips, and get ready for the ball to drop! Happy 2015! 

Photographer: Justin Bridges

Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist: Ashley Rebecca

Fashion/Beauty Editor: Alyssa Shapiro

Location: Ammon Carver Studio

10 Lipsticks That Last under the Mistletoe

Ella Petrusko (Marilyn) wears Chinti and Parker intarsia hugs and kisses sweater. Photographed by Justin Bridges. Hair and makeup by Ashley Rebecca. Styled by Alyssa Shapiro.


The Premise

A few weeks ago, two unlikely events coincided in a way that suggests near cinematic serendipity.

I met a boy, who, when I told him what I do for work, made an off-the-cuff remark about my job sounding like something out of a romantic comedy. Little did he (or I for that matter) realize just how much that would please me.

I think, (subconsciously, at least), there’s nothing more exciting to me than to imagine myself a heroine in some sort of How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, 13 Going on 30The Devil Wears Prada, that is in fact, just my real life.

Around the same time, our Senior Style Editor, Alyssa, who so gorgeously styled Ella in the above photographs, told me matter-of-factly that “could I please go on some dates, kiss some boys, and report back as to which red lipsticks stayed put.”

You can imagine the look on my mother’s face when I told her about my latest adventure. I was thoroughly entertained by the proposition and then failed to do my job until the day before this piece here was due. Having gone on a number of dates in pink stains or bare-lipped, I’d totally shirked my serious duties.

This negligence resulted in the following text to aforementioned boy: “Hi, so. remember that red lipstick article I was telling you about? What are you doing tonight? It’s due tomorrow….” I can assure you the waiting period on a reply was excruciating.

Special thanks to this anonymous gentleman for being super game. (Although it’d be pretty offensive if he weren’t, right?) As for me, it’s a tough life but…someone’s gotta do it right? 😉


Seeking A True Red 


A photo posted by Sara (@sarajanenyc) on

For every five red lipsticks I examined for this story, about two were what one might consider a true red. The other three were disregarded. The following reds are legit, hues that evoke classic screen sirens—the Marilyn Monroes of yesteryear to the Taylor Swifts of today. “Too pink,” or “too orange” or “too wine” or “too berry,” were all eliminated.


I’m going to call my co-tester, A, (for anonymous). We decide to consider a number of factors: how much lipstick is on his face, how much lipstick stays on my lips, and, to a lesser degree smell/taste and other guy-friendly matters.

lipsticks 1Everything but the mistletoe!

Best Practices

The best thing lipstick-wearing ladies can do is let our lips dry, refrain from eating, drinking, and talking and let the lipstick set. (Shutting up was a challenge for me). Begin with a primer. I used Make’s as much as I could, to provide a smooth foundation for the lipstick to cover. Even the best options need some drying time before you hop under the mistletoe.

Two other helpful tools:

As many Bite Lush Lip Wipes as you can possibly hoard. I didn’t have nearly enough and my skin was worse for it.

Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay in Place Lip Pencil which basically creates invisible lines to draw within when applying.

The Winners

1. Estée Lauder Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick in Scarlet Siren is a true classic red that made it through a chai latte in the afternoon and a kiss in the evening. That’s not to say there were no traces to be found on A’s lips but my look remained in tact. It’s also less drying than most longwear formulas.


so. many. selfies.


2. Maybelline’s Super Stay 14Hr Lipstick in Ravishing Rouge is a super affordable option with a fruity scent that A appreciates and also stands some tea drinking tests. Another of the less drying formulas. A calls this “sturdy.”

3. MAC’s Matte Ruby Woo is a time-tested, mass-approved favorite. If given time to set, this baby won’t budge. Shopping before the kissing appointment (seriously, though), I notice the cashier’s solidly in-place red lip. Sure enough, it’s Ruby Woo.

4. Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G. in Love Bite is a favorite for color. Its old Hollywood-esque packaging is also a draw.

5. Gucci in Iconic Red is an accessory on its own thanks to its sleek black case and internal Gucci-logo detailing. It is actually deserving of it’s name (unlike many so-called reds!)

6. Butter London in Come to Bed Red is a moisturizing, brighter classic red with a matte finish (a plus for longlasting potential).

7. Bite Cashmere Lip Cream in Rioja is a liquid lipstick (so the application experience is different). It’s not guaranteed to leave the lucky recipient of your kiss color free, but it is pigmented enough to keep your lips stained with its gorgeous, deep red color post-kiss.

8. Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick in Icon is a classic shade, but definitely a darker one. This will set like a stain—a major pro for long-lastingness, but I would use primer so it doesn’t sink into a liner-only look.

9. Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in F-Bomb is a moisturizing formula from a brand I’ve always found reliable for professional-level cosmetics. I prefer lipstick with a pointed tip as it’s easier to line the edges of the lips neatly, but this is still a solid pick. 

10. Topshop in Hazard is one of a number of solid reds from Topshop. There’s definitely a red for everyone in Topshop’s varied selection of cute black-and-white striped cases.

lipsticks 2With special gratitude to the curtained booths at The Breslin–a BlackBook approved location for a makeout sesh. 

My Life Lesson/ Non-Beauty Related Takeaway

Here’s the thing about a solid red lip: any partner worth your time is willing to pay the price of some lipstick on their face in the name of a good kiss. When A asks me if I “understand male psychology at all?” the point is made abundantly clear. (Yes, I do understand, thank you!) The making out part overrules anything and everything else. As it should. 

P.S. Fellow beauty junkies tweet us @blackbook and let me know your faves. 



Insta-Sensation Kendall Jenner is Estée Lauder’s Newest Face

Photo: Benjamin Lozovsky/

Kendall Jenner has strutted right off the runway and onto the pages of pretty much every major mag in the last year. The reality-star-turned-supermodel has now landed her first print campaign as the new face of Estée Lauder. It’s not just a coup for Kendall, (who has has made it clear that she wishes to identify as a model, and not as Kim “Break the Internet” Kardashian’s little sister,) but for Estée Lauder, too: think nearly 16 million new fans via Kennie’s Instagram account.

Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 11.09.44 PM

Photo: @kendalljenner on Instagram

She’s got fashion on her side–she walked in 13 shows last season. A major campaign is the next to-do on any rising model’s checklist.

Vogue describes the 19-year-old as such: “Along with her digital ease comes the one-two punch of her extraordinary classical beauty, worthy of a Goya portrait: huge, wide-set eyes, well-drawn eyebrows, pillowy lips, lush cheeks, feminine curves.”

Estée Lauder’s official announcement of the news came via @kendalljenner’s Instagram.

Congrats to Kendall! It seems we’re going to have to keep up now.

The Filmic Musings of Cody Horn, Arizona Muse, and Amandine Albisson for Estée Lauder

Still from Modern Muse Moments featuring Amandine Albisson

For Estée Lauder’s new perfume, the beauty house enlisted the help of filmmaker Steven Sebring to create a series of short films that celebrated various the company’s muses. Chosen by spokesmodel Arizona Muse, the films feature the Paris Opera Ballet’s principal dancer, Amandine Albisson, and actress Cody Horn, whose film credits include Magic Mike and End of Watch.

The premiere was held in the theater at the Tribeca Grand Hotel with Horn (wearing a beautiful Jonathan Saunders dress) and Sebring in attendance. Guests sipped on wine in the lobby and sampled the new fragrance.

In an interview for the Estée Edit, Sebring said, “I’m really interested in story and dialogue. And no one is doing that in the fashion and beauty industry right now.” Sebring calls these distinctly different films “visual conversations,” that let each women speak for themselves about what inspires them. Check them out below.

Bloody Good Nails

The hottest colors of the new season also happen to be the deepest. When nails get a high intensity dose, the bottles don’t stand a chance. These polishes are powerful… and they’re bloody good.


Click on the photos below to view full screen.


Shop the hottest fall colors:
3.1 Phillip Lim for NARS in ‘Insidious’
Deborah Lippmann in ‘Take the “A” Train’
Jin Soon x Tess Giberson collection in ‘Farrago’
MAC in ‘Midnight Sky’
Estée Lauder Pure Color in ‘Lust’

All jewelry by Eddie Borgo

Photographer: Jacob Brown
Manicurist: Julie Kandalec (Bryan Bantry)
Manicure Assistant: Jini Lim
Special Effects: Allison Huntington Chase
Beauty Editor: Alyssa Shapiro

23-Year-Old Model Arizona Muse Lands Estée Lauder Gig

After making her runway debut in 2010 here to exclusively walk for the Prada SS11 show, model Arizona Muse has experienced nothing but success. Ranked #5 of the 50 top models in the world, the 23-year-old beauty has starred in a number of campaigns for the likes of Louis Vuitton, Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, Chloe, and Jil Sander, has walked for Stella McCartney, Balmain, Isabel Marant, Fendi and many more, and has hit just about every fashion rag cover on the planet. While she’s certainly a designer magnet, it was only a matter of time before her flawless features attracted the beauty world. 

Today, WWD reports that Muse is the latest face tapped to be a spokemodel for beauty purveyors, Estée Lauder. She now joins the ranks of fellow runway favorites Constance Jablonski, Liu Wen, Carolyn Murphy, and Joan Smalls—who we similarly celebrated here when she landed the covetable gig back in 2010.

Look out for Muse later this year in the brand’s advertisements for skincare, makeup, and fragrance. 

Joan Smalls is the New Face of Estée Lauder

Twenty-two-year-old model Joan Smalls is no stranger to the industry. She landed a prime spot in Tom Ford’s hush-hush SS11 womenswear preview, has a bevy of covetable campaigns under her belt, including Gucci and Givenchy, and was an exclusive model for Givenchy’s fall haute couture collection (alongside the equally busy Daphne Groeneveld). But the latest notch in her fashionable belt is not only major, it’s historic. Smalls has been named the 2011 Global Spokesmodel for Estée Lauder’s cosmetics and skincare line—the first Puerto Rican model for the brand.

According to Estée Lauder Senior Vice President and creative director Aerin Lauder, selecting Smalls to represent the brand was an obvious choice: “She’s confident, happy, elegant, well-spoken, and grown-up—and it really comes through in her pictures. When we pick someone to represent the brand, it’s about her personality, too. It’s not just the face. You find yourself not being intimidated by her beauty, but drawn in by her warmth,” Lauder tells Vogue. Smalls will join the ranks of other global spokesmodels Constance Jablonski, Liu Wen, Carolyn Murphy, Hilary Rhoda, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Elizabeth Hurley, and has already filmed the first television commercial for her new gig. Now that she’s a spokesmodel and sure to become a household name, it’s only a matter of time before Smalls reaches supermodel status.