Weekend Roundup: Online Shopping Deals

● This is the sale you need to hit before you do anything else today. Take up to 40% off select items online and in-store during Barneys‘ private winter sale. Offer ends November 25, but the online selection is crazy good right now, so I would get on it ASAP. I’m loving this Marc by Marc Jacobs mini messenger bag. ● Stanton James is hooking up a pretty amazing deal. Enter code SAVE70 at checkout to take 70% off (really!) everything in their private sale section, which includes hot brands like Minkpink and Fremont. Offer only runs through Sunday, so hurry!

● Get 30% off plus free shipping over at J. Crew on all purchases over $150. Just enter code JCREW at checkout. Offer ends November 24. ● Erin Fetherson is offering 30% off select items handpicked by The Glamourai, plus free shipping when you enter FREESHIP at checkout.

Collabs From Erin Fetherston & Rachel Antonoff

Yet more designer collaborations to report! Rachel Antonoff and Erin Fetherston are the most recent additions to the ever-growing, 50-Foot-Woman of a trend. Fetherston, who signed on to create an upscale capsule collection for the track suit mavens at Juicy Couture earlier this year, has been hard at work on a slew of velvet pieces just in time for holiday 2010. The collection, which Fashionologie debuted images of yesterday, includes a few numbers plucked from the boudoir: the Dolman Sleeve Gown ($378) looks ripe for nocturnal lounging. A festive boustier dress ($298) and a silk and velvet dress ($298) prove the most wearable features of the collection, alongside a jeweled button jacket ($228) and Roaring Twenties-inspired headpieces, handbags, and jewelry.The collection is currently up for grabs at Juicy Couture.

Meanwhile, Antonoff has been livening up Bass, another seasoned brand that could use a bit of refreshing. The NYC-based designer, whose namesake collection is continuously chock-full of fun, uber-feminine frocks, has put forth a mini footwear line that epitomizes whimsy. There are saddle shoes with a touch of floral flair and duck booties in denim. There’s also a classic saddle shoe transformed with a two-inch heel. And, as if the collection couldn’t get cuter (refer to the tiny albino kitten above), Antonoff tapped friend and drummer of The Like, Tennessee Thomas, to play the face of the collab. Check Paper here for a full look at the line, available for spring.

Erin Fetherston: Bangless But Still Bangin’

I was a fan of Erin Fetherston even before I found out I could afford her Target line as a broke college student. Since then, I’ve paid homage at all her shows, which reminds me: Erin, what’s a girl gotta do to get front row these days? I digress. Erin usually sends a barrage of Fetherston clones down the runway, making a statement by adorning them with a thick, blonde fringe—Erin’s signature look. This year, the real statement was made by not following tradition, showcasing an easy, sleek, and bang-less style that complimented her “Birds of Paradise” spring show. “I like the idea of this woman who travels far and wide, and collects these treasures to add to her wardrobe,” she told Style.com. The easy elegance of minimal styling and shine comes courtesy of a growing backstage favorite Moroccanoil.

Odile Gilbert, the stylist who directed the look, explained, “I wanted to create an exotic look that had the mood of a woman on a tropical holiday, ready to explore something new after a morning on the beach. Her hair looks natural, healthy, straight and clean—but I’ve given it a bit of subtle drama, with texture only on the top of the hair and back from the face. The rest of the strands fall free. The texture was inspired by markings on tropical leaves. It’s relaxed yet sophisticated, perfect for a casual day or a dressed summer night.”

Flowery prose for a minimalist coif. The look is easy to pull off, even if you find yourself without a tropical beach. Odile first blow-dried hair straight using argan-oil infused Moroccanoil Treatment or Moroccanoil Light (for fine or light colored hair) to protect and prepare hair for smoothing with a flat iron. After creating a deep side part, Odile lightly moistened tops of the hair, from forehead to crown, and applied Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream, separating with her fingers. She then sprayed Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray only several inches away from the hair and further separated strands with a comb for a striated tropical effect. She then blow-dried the shaped texture and sprayed a final light misting of Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray from a distance to hold the look. To finish, Odile brushed the rest of the hair, letting it fall naturally, then tucked it behind the ears. Et voila! You’re a sophisticated traveler with banging hair.

Photo: Getty Images

Fetherston For Juicy Couture, Chai & Scott Branch Out

Up and coming designers Richard Chai, Jeremy Scott and Erin Fetherston are all branching out with new collections this year that extend beyond their namesake brands. Chai has joined Scott in designing for Alternative Apparel. Keeping right in line with Vena Cava’s soon-to-launch line of lower-priced cotton tees and dresses and Alexander Wang’s T by Alexander Wang, these two capsule collections include solely pieces “made from crazy-soft fabrics like linen jersey and modal silk that you could easily sleep in,” says Refinery 29, who will be the exclusive retailer for the collection. Chai created three separate, dynamic tees for Alternative Apparel, while Scott worked his magic on “a sleeved dress, a hooded number and a super-fierce catsuit,” adds Refinery 29. But, the best part is undoubtedly the price point: styles start at $69. The only catch: you can’t snooze; the collection is only up for grabs for a month.

Fetherston, who has collaborated with Target in the past, is taking on a decidedly more lengthy design commitment. Teaming up with fellow California bred brand Juicy Couture, Fetherston will take on the role of guest designer and creative consultant for both the company’s SS11 and FW11 collections. “In recent months, retailers have said the apparel needs to be reenergized and move beyond the iconic track suit,” says Women’s Wear Daily. (Yes, finally someone has take on the obvious.) The move is surely a schematic one. Fetherston boats mainstream appeal and high-fashion cred (read: she’s received Wintour’s stamp of approval), so her move to Juicy Couture is likely to be sizable boost for the brand. While it may seem like an odd pairing, it turns out the designer’s relationship with velour track suits (which are approaching their 10th anniversary) began years ago. Fetherston “who grew up in the Bay Area… wore Juicy Couture in high school,” says WWD.

BlackBook Fêtes Fashion and Hollywood @ GoldBar

New Yorkers will take any excuse to celebrate themselves, and for the past Fashion Week the city has been injecting itself with Nightlife Growth Hormone, each night seeing a collection of parties devoted to the beautiful and the elite. And while we didn’t have a fall collection to celebrate, we did just release our Hollywood issue, and if anything deserves a party, it’s that.

Guests who arrived at GoldBar last night were greeted by a smiling Amy Adams, albeit in black-and-white-shiny-cardboard-blowup-form, but it was still her, so it was amazing. They guzzled a brand new cocktail made special for the event by resident mixologist, the Nigerian-born Remy Shobitan. The Black & Gold (get it?), was more like a luxury snow cone than your typical tipple, filled with 2 oz vodka, 1/2 oz simple syrup, 1/2 oz creme de mure, 3/4 lemon juice, 4 to 6 muddled blackberries garnish with gold flakes and blackberries and packed with crushed ice. Best part of the night was easily the venue itself, where it looks like the owners kidnapped King Midas, stripped him naked, locked him in the bar, and said “Go nuts.” Everyone from Salt (sans Pepper), to Olympic gold medalist swimmer Ryan Lochte, to designer Erin Fetherson (pictured above) was there. GoldBar owner Rob McKinley sums it up best: “Having the BlackBook crowd at Goldbar for the night was great. A bunch of cool creative people from the fashion, art and music worlds hung out – it’s that kind of interesting mix of people that we like to have here and defines what BlackBook is all about.”

image BlackBook editor-in-chief Ray Rogers with songstress Roísín Murphy.

image GoldBar owner Rob McKinley, Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Jessica Hart, and BlackBook CEO Ari Horowitz.


Photography by Jamie Onderdonk.

Industry Insiders: Erin Fetherston, Dreamy Designer

Ever since bidding bon voyage to the Parsons School of Design in Paris, Fetherston has been making a splash among the New York fashion set. Her Autumn/Winter ’09 show took place at the Fashion Week tents on February 15 and wowed spectators with super-feminine mini frocks, amazing gravity-defying teacup skirts, two-toned tights, lace gloves, flowing dress layers, rhinestone bows and accents, floral capes, and glittery mouse masks. The new collection is every girly girl’s über fantasy.

What was your inspiration for Autumn/Winter ’09? I wanted to do something that felt very polished for the season, and I wanted to have more structure. With the economic climate and what’s going on in the world, it felt right to do a collection that really fit together. It’s more respectful and buttoned up. I looked at different things for inspiration, in particular, I looked at large images from Ballet Rouge. I’m very involved with images of the ballet and dancers.One of the other things that I really was in love with in the inspiration stage is an old black-and-white German film by a filmmaker called [Ernst] Lubitsch, named The Doll. The story is that there is this man who needs to get married in order to inherit his family fortune. He doesn’t want to get married, so the toymaker in town tells him, “I’m going to make you a life-sized doll, and you can make it your wife.” But really the toymaker makes up his daughter as the doll. So, she marries him and plays a doll playing a girl. I’ve always thought about living dolls in working on my collection.

Who is the Erin Fetherston girl? The Erin girl is really her own person, and she’s got her own style. What she wears is a reflection of her personality, her interests, her taste. She has a sense of originality. My clothes are definitely fun and playful, and the girls who gravitate to that, want those clothes, because the clothes help them tap into ideas of themselves.

Which celebrity are you dying to dress? Drew Barrymore. I feel like her whole personality is really right on with my collection. She is a free-spirited girl, and I like that she’s always smiling and always happy. There is a poppy and upbeat point of view in my collection, and I really respond to someone who is on the red carpet smiling and laughing instead of always giving that catty stare-down. I also like that Drew is really animated and adorable. So I would love to dress her. I think she would look great in my clothes.

Who are inspirational figures in your life? I take inspiration from people who are close to me. There are a handful of girls who are meaningful to me in that way. It’s always good to have real people in mind when you’re designing clothes. One example is my good friend Sophie Flicker. I really think she’s a brilliant muse, in a way. She has so much charm and vibrancy from what she’s wearing to what she’s doing to how she’s living. I love Christian Lacroix. I think he’s amazing. I think in terms of career, obviously, what Marc Jacobs has accomplished — in a relatively short period of time — is really phenomenal.

Your Target collection was a huge hit. What was different about designing for that project? I love that collection, and I loved working on it. I really just wanted it to be me, and it wasn’t very hard to be me and make it democratic. I wanted it to remain a quality fashion product. I didn’t want it to be too watered down, because then I feel like, well then, what’s the point? I think it’s exciting to offer a quality product at that price point as well. I tried to focus on signature elements for my collection in general to work those into the clothes. If you look at the Target collection, it is still going to be relevant to the feeling of my collection then, now and moving forward. I just wanted it to all be very signature.

What are some of your favorite places in New York? I really like Broadway East, Cookshop, Balthazar, Pastis, Rose Bar. I like the Greenwich Grill — they have a great sushi bar downstairs. I like the East Village as a neighborhood. There are great vintage shops there. I also like Bouley Market. I do like Giorgione.

What are some positive trends you’ve seen in the fashion industry? The level of consciousness of being green is being championed by the fashion industry. I think that’s incredibly positive.

How did you come to collaborate with Ellen von Unwerth? I met Ellen in Paris during the five years that I lived there. I met her at a party, and we kept bumping into each other socially around Paris. We just naturally became friends. Very shortly after we met, we decided to do this short film together called “Wendybird.” Doing that partnership together was a bonding experience, and I would say that project really brought us together. She has become a very strong person in my life, a really good friend, and she’s a big influence.

What do you miss most about Paris? Everything. In terms of lifestyle, we have really good friends there, and I miss them. I miss taking your dog for walk and having your dog come in with you for lunch. It’s so quiet there. Everything in Paris has a sense of design. From the food to the pastries you eat, design is very integrated into everything. Obviously, I am a design-oriented person, so that makes me feel good. Even frozen vegetables are packaged in a really chic way.

Where are your favorite places in Paris? My favorite restaurant is in the 1st arrondissement, very close to rue de Rivoli. It’s called Toraya. I wish there was a Toraya in New York. I smuggle their green tea back through customs whenever we visit. It’s really quiet and charming. Anahi is great, it’s an Argentinean restaurant. Le Martel is a French brasserie we love. It’s really like a hole in the wall, because it’s in a very random neighborhood. There is this amazing taxidermy place called Deyrolle. All of the museums are so amazing in Paris. I love the Musée des Arts Décoratifs — they have the best bookstore there.

Finally, what are some things on your radar right now? I like the film that came out a few years ago called, The Squid and the Whale. I’m also really excited that MTV is re-launching House of Style.

Erin Fetherston Gets Sweet

imageCookies might be the enemy for waify models, but rumor has it that Erin Fetherston and LU Biscuits will collaborate on … something. Fetherston burst onto the fashion scene a few years ago and is known for her whimsical, otherworldly couture dresses. Recently she branched out to ready-to-wear and will present in Bryant Park four days before the collaboration will be announced. She recently gave a one-word description of her upcoming collection: “Sunset.” So what the designer and the chocolate-biscuit company could be making together is anyone’s guess.

Songs to Strut To: Fashion Week Runway Jams

New York Fashion Week topples over with model pouts, distended egos, and double-kisses. The whole circus is as fabulous as it is absurd. To usher in the Spring 2008 collections, we checked in with young, fun strut peddlers to find out what they’ll be listening to—on and off the runway.

Erin Fetherston ● New Young Pony Club, “Ice Cream” ● The Rolling Stones, “She’s a Rainbow” ● Santogold, “Lights Out” ● She & Him, ” I Was Made For You” “These are some of my favorite songs for the Spring 09 season — each one has a unique tone but they share a common theme of love and happiness.”

Jay Godfrey ● Marianne Faithful, “Sister Morphine” ● Feist, “I Feel It All” ● Hot Chip, “Boy From School” ● Junior Boys, “In The Morning” “The first one is an old rock classic, but we would remix it to speed it up and give it a modern edge. Then the last three are newer songs that are fun, youthful, and have a great beat — tunes that are sexy and modern that a woman would have on her playlist to host a fabulous cocktail party.”

Chris Benz ● JaConfetti, “Step Up” ● George Michael and Aretha Franklin, “I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me)” ● Róisín Murphy, “You Know Me Better” ● Anna Vissi, “Call Me” ● George Harrison, “Got My Mind Set On You”

Frank Tell ● “Like an Animal (Adam Crystal remix),” the Glove. “I love the lyrics to this song: ‘One mile in the air that’s where she lives / Her body looks so thin and pink and small / Dropping eggs from nervous shaking hands / And swallowing her fingers as they fall / … Fight her all you want; you’ll never win … ‘” ● “Being Boiled,” the Human League. ● “Bela Lugosi’s Dead,” Bauhaus. “I first discovered this song while watching The Hunger. Catherine Deneuve. I really don’t need to say any more.”

Rachel Comey “Anything by Hercules and the Love Affair rocks my runway!”

Charlotte Ronson ● Chester French, “She Loves Everybody” ● The Virgins, “Murder” ● Coldplay, “Death and All His Friends” “This season, my collection was inspired by The Virgin Suicides. Although Air created the music for the film, that choice would be too obvious for my collection. I want to use songs that are romantic with a more current, modern sound to them. These three songs emulate that to me.”

Alexander Wang “All I can do is hint at what we’ll play during Fashion Week … Foxy Brown and Kelis.”