Six Iconic Moments In Soda Marketing

New Yorkers are up in arms this week thanks to Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s new plan to ban extra large sizes of full-calorie soft drinks from being served at restaurants, movie theaters, and other fat factories. Some people are for the ban while others think it’s facist, but what we’re busy thinking about is how soda, no matter how sugary, has contributed to culture.

Over the years, soda brands have made a point to hire celebrities to pimp their brands, but there’s been a special relationship between musicians and the carbonated community that’s churned out some iconic images. Of course they’re advertisements and are therefore designed to be catchy and attractive, but over the years soda brands—or at least Coke and Pepsi—have used their massive, corn syrup-soaked wallets to bring us unforgettable moments.

Check out some of our favorites below.

There was Michael Jackson for Pepsi:

And George Michael for Diet Coke:

Robert Palmer and his ladypals found Pepsi, well, simply irresistible:


Whitney Houston for Diet Coke:


Beyoncé, Britney Spears, and Enrique Iglesias for Pepsi:


And, of course, Coke’s famous sing-along:

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