Love Hits Fashion: Chanel Iman Says Yes To A$AP Rocky + Tom Ford Gets Hitched

Tom Ford quietly married his partner of 27 years, Richard Buckley, in the US, announcing the marriage at an Apple store event in London. The couple has one son together, one and a half year old Alexander John Buckley Ford.

Page Six (so take that as you will) reports that Chanel Iman and A$AP Rocky are secretly (well not anymore!) engaged. Chanel hasn’t been seen with a ring just yet, but we’re looking forward to seeing what kind of diamond the styled rapper comes up with for the model.

Congrats all around.

Image: A$AP Rocky and Chanel Iman at the 2013 MTV Awards

Why Rain Is Great News For Nightlife

As operators and employees gripe about the weather forecast, I see a silver lining in all these clouds: the weather may keep people from scooting off to oceans far away and also stop them from energy-burning daytime activities. Clubs may pack with rain refugees. The Hamptons may get washed out, the Jersey shore will surely suffer. Plus, my flowers are loving it.

This column must note the engagement of my pal Allegra Riggio to Mad Men and Sherlock Holmes actor Jared Harris. Allegra is a lighting designer known to clubland, and is an all-around beautiful person. She is gushing and spouting on social media. It couldn’t happen to a nicer person. I have RSVPd to a little soiree she is hosting and will tell you all about it after. 

Sailor Jerry Rum will celebrate the 40th anniversary of the old tattoo artist they named their brand after this coming Wednesday. Artists from Three Kings (my favorite inkers) and Matt Van Cura from invisible NYC are on board for this festival. The party will be at the Brooklyn bar with a bowling alley: The Gutter. It starts at 7pm and although it goes till 2am, it skews early.

I often consult middle employment situations. Clubs call me if they are looking for someone, and bar and waitstaff who are looking often ask if I know of anything. I am quick to give a recommendation to those who deserve it. It’s better than lending money.

I know a joint looking for a GM and am having a hard time. The reason for this is the job is one rung below owner. Investment types often team up with successful promo types and decide to do a club.

Problem with that is who is going to run it? Hire, fire, order cups, accounting, security, cleaning, repairs, legal matters: all are tedious work for a non-fabulous mindset. Promoters usually don’t learn that stuff in their travels, so GM types are offered points…ownership to make it all work. 

The GM job is therefore possibly the hardest job to fill, and although they often make way less than bar or waitstaff, it is just one small step for man (or woman) on that trip to to the moon.

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Things Miley Cyrus Won’t, But Should, Wear at Her Wedding

It’s been a mere 6 days since small Disney person Miley Cyrus announced her engagement via Twitter to hunky actor Liam Hemsworth. Chances are Cyrus, in a bout at womanhood, will wear something elegant and tasteful at her nuptuals. Lord know’s she’s already all grownsed up, as fabulously illustrated in the above Twitpic.  But there’s always hope — and ample precedent — that she won’t go the high road. So in case she wanted to indulge in inappropriateness, here are our suggestions. 


The White Trash
If we had our druthers, Cyrus would be rockin’ a stars-and-striped sequened gown. That’s probably why she didn’t call us for advice. Nevertheless, we have it for her. It’s a party in the USA with this red, white and blue sequined stunner, complete with a stars-and-stripes sash-tie in the back. All Miley needs now are some denim cutoffs and cowboy boots underneath, and we’re set for a real Nashville-style shindig!



The Class Act
"Every Rose Has Its Thorns,” and so does this gorgeous confection from Elie Saab, with its lovely chiffon rose detailing along the hem and a shredded crinoline bodice, which is so Miley circa her “Can’t be Tamed” musical tour (sans faux garter belt stockings).


The Ethnic


It’s been a hot second since we’ve seen Cyrus rock a bindi in ’10, but clearly the star still enjoys exploring Middle Eastern culture: she sports a tattoo of an evil eye on the index finger of her right hand and the word “karma” on that same finger. So, why not go ahead and don a full-out Indian wedding dress? Best of all, she’ll have the chance to expose that lovely midriff on her special day.




The Bride at the Airport
Technically, this isn’t a dress suggestion, but considering Miley’s obsession with Uggs, it’s a no-brainer. A bride’s got to be comfortable running down the aisle, right? With the new bridal collection from Ugg Australia, the newly anointed Mrs. Hemsworth can keep her tootsies oh-so-cozy in the “Sparkles I Do!” sequined bridal boot, then throw on the “Fluff Flip Flop I Do!” for later.